Best Cotton Candy Machine in 2023

Whether you call it fairy floss or cotton candy, this melt-in-the-mouth confectionery definitely brings kids and kids at heart a sudden rush of happiness. The cloudy texture and how it quickly dissolves in the mouth brings back the nostalgia of summer funfairs. Ergo, you just can’t blame the kids if they immediately went for the cotton candy cart at a party.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for fairs and parties. And even if you can’t find a cotton candy cart on the street, you can treat yourself, your family, and friends by purchasing your own. You read that right, your personal cotton candy machine!

Nowadays, it’s no longer surprising that kitchens are getting equipped with different appliances for specific purposes. From snow cone machines to juicers for greens, you can satisfy your cravings right in the comfort of your own home. And it’s also a bonus that you get to make them yourself.

There are actually a lot of models to choose from. How can you find the perfect unit for you? Like the sugar spinning inside the cotton machine, you’re going back and forth multiple tabs to compare each model.

What if we told you that we have already reviewed 10 best cotton candy machines? We even equipped our buyer’s guide with various information to help you in your decision further. So what are you waiting for? Drag the page down and let’s help you find the best cotton candy machine!

Best Cotton Candy Machine Comparison Table

ModelPowerCapacityInclusionsCheck Price
Paragon Classic Floss
1370W200 cotton candy cones per hourNettings and clips Check Price
Great Northern 6303950W-1050W1 cotton candy cone per 30 seconds2 spare belts and scoop Check Price
Olde Midway SPIN 2000
950W1 cotton candy cone per 30 seconds2 spare belts and scoop Check Price
Funtime FT1000CCP950W1 cotton candy cone per 30 secondsCart, scoop, 2 spare belts Check Price
Great Northern 63101000W1 cotton candy cone per 30 secondsScoop Check Price
1030W2-3 cotton candy cone per minuteScoop and spare parts kit Check Price
Cotton Candy Express360W1 cotton candy cone per 2-3 minutesFloss Sugar, 50 Paper Cotton Candy Cones Check Price
BELLA 13572N/AN/A4 reusable cones, scoop, and plastic lid Check Price
The CanderyN/AN/A10 cones and a scoop Check Price
Nostalgia PCM805N/AN/A2 reusable cones, 1 scoop, and 1 extractor head Check Price

Best Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

Paragon Classic – Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Paragon Classic Floss Cotton Candy Machine Review

All-Metal Construction

Our first cotton candy machine is the classic model from Paragon. Unlike the other machines in this review, this 19 x 12 x 21 unit does not come with a colorful look. Instead, you will be getting a 26-inch aluminum bowl over a metal motor without the typical pink carnival design. There are no bells and whistles, and the machine is ready to perform.

Because of its all-metal construction, the Paragon Classic will work ideally for commercial use. The casing of the motor, which is a 12-gauge stainless steel, will surely not let you down in terms of durability. And even though it’s the most expensive in our list, we still think that this is a reasonably priced commercial cotton candy machine.

No Clogging

When you’re looking for a heavy-duty cotton candy machine, the other part that you should check other than the bowl is the head itself. With this unit, Paragon uses a 5-inch all metal head that feels as sturdy as the machine’s body.

The brand decided not to use ordinary ribbon-style heating elements, which results in fewer problems with cleaning and clogging. To give you an idea, cotton candy machines can either use ribbon-style or tubular heating elements.

The former heats fast in the expense of trickier cleaning and maintenance. Novelty users may end up damaging their unit because of their unfamiliarity with ribbon-style heating elements. The tubular type, on the other hand, takes longer to heat but is easier to maintain.

With the Paragon’s ribbon, the heating element itself is wrapped and soldered twice to the screen. And according to the manufacturer, this design helps in preventing clogging, ergo, easier maintenance.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Speaking of easier maintenance, the Paragon Classic’s head part is also easy to disassemble. Of course, this is advantageous because it allows you to be extra meticulous in cleaning any sugar residues. We should also mention that the motor of the machine itself is shielded so it wouldn’t be exposed to sugar as well.

Comes with Netting and Clips

As we have mentioned earlier, you will also get a metal aluminum bowl along with the machine. Its size is large enough to last you for a while before it needs refilling. Another nice addition is that Paragon even includes the netting and clips that you can use with this bowl.

Straightforward Operation with Heat Control

To control the machine, simply press the buttons for the motor and heat at the front of the unit. Paragon also has a dedicated control knob for the heat, which is a plus for better cotton candy production. Being able to control the amount of heat will allow you to raise the temperature to melt the sugar and then lower it once the machine starts producing the floss. This way, you’ll get the perfect consistency and amount of cotton candy.

Produces 200 Cotton Candy Cones per Hour

The Paragon Classic uses a 1/12 hp motor, which can provide 3,400 RPMs of power. For commercial use, this simply means that the machine can produce up to 200 cotton candy cones per hour. Of course, power and speed are essential for efficient production and customer satisfaction.

Besides the bowl and the machine itself, you can also purchase a cart and a bubble top separately. If you’re using the model for business, the cart will make it easily portable from place to place. And the bubble top, on the other hand, will allow you to shape the floss easier and prevent it from spilling off the machine. Otherwise, adjust the machine’s leather floaters, so you don’t get as messy.

Lastly, Paragon backs this machine with a one year warranty. They also have a US-based customer service team to assist you in case of queries and problems.

And as for a drawback, the machine tends to smoke and set off smoke alarms, especially in closed environments.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • With nettings and clips
  • Heat control
  • Powerful motor can produce 200 cotton candy cones per hour
  • Tends to smoke
  • Does not come with dome lid and scoop

Great Northern 6303 – Best Cotton Candy Machine for Parties

Great Northern 6303 The Vortex Cotton Candy Machine Review

The next model that we have is The Vortex cotton candy machine from Great Northern Popcorn Company. And in contrast to the previous unit, the Vortex comes with a pink body for a more traditional cotton candy machine look.

Large Capacity Bowl

Other than the cute look, The Vortex does not also come short when it comes to durability. In fact, the company opts to use a premium grade steel, which is 30% thicker than other brands. Now, to give you an idea about the model’s capacity, The Vortex uses a 20 ½-inch bowl. While the machine itself measures 20.25 x 19.5 inches.

Overall, the device is capable of producing one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds. Combine this capacity and the aesthetically pleasing look, this machine will undoubtedly be a favorite in every party.

With Built-in Drawer

What’s unique with this machine is that it comes with a removable 3-Grid stainless steel drawer. You can use this compartment as additional storage for the cotton candy ingredients or even spare parts and scoops. Because it has three divisions, you will also be able to organize the pieces of equipment and ingredients inside.

Has Volt Display and Fuse

Using the machine itself is also as straightforward as the previous model we reviewed. The switches to turn the machine on or off is at the front panel. And along with them are also the volt display and built-in fuse. Great Northern recommends that you warm the motor for as long as 2 minutes first before you pour the mix in the sugar cap.

The gauge is always useful so you can monitor the voltage on your cotton candy machine. And of course, the built-in fuse provides added protection for you and the device itself. It serves as a safety measure in case the voltage reaches higher than the recommended.

Safety Feature

We’re pleased that the belt of the cotton candy machine works quietly during usage. And according to the company, they also designed it so that the model does not vibrate as vigorously. And as a safety feature, you will only be able to turn the device on if you have locked the stainless steel pan on the base. You have to secure this pan in place using the four clamps to trigger the safety switch.

Comes with 2 Spare Belts

The Vortex even comes with two spare belts, which we appreciate. The belt of a cotton candy machine is typically prone to breaking over time, so getting the spares included adds convenience. And other than these belts, The Vortex also comes with a stainless steel scoop for the sugar.

You can buy the cart for the machine separately. And it even has a similar pink theme to the machine. It has two wheels, which are easy to maneuver and extended ends for holding ingredients or tools. The cart also has a handle at the end to move it comfortably.

Unfortunately, the cotton candy machine does not include the dome lid and mesh. We recommend that you purchase the former if you don’t want to end up cleaning cotton candy everywhere. On the one hand, some users mention that the mesh is unnecessary since it doesn’t work that well in shaping the cotton candy. We should also mention that the sugar sticks on the sides of the machine, which is a waste and an additional effort to clean.

  • Large capacity
  • Has volt display and built-in fuse
  • 3-grid drawer
  • With spare belts and scoop
  • Safety lock-in feature before startup
  • Dome and mesh sold separately
  • Sugar sticks to the sides

Olde Midway SPIN 2000 – Runner-Up Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Olde Midway Cotton Candy Machine Cart Review

Comes with Scoop and Two Spare Belts

Do not confuse our next cotton candy machine to the previous one from Great Northern. This time, we’re taking a look at another pink-themed unit from Olde Midway. The Spin 2000 does share a lot of similarities with The Vortex. For example, the machine itself also has a 3-bin storage drawer, and the company also includes 2 spare motor-drive belts and a scoop for the ingredients.

With Built-In Fuse and Volt Gauge

At the front of the machine are the switches for the power and heat. This panel also contains the fuse and volt gauge for added ease of access, which again is similar to our previous cotton candy machine. As we have said earlier, having a built-in fuse and volt gauge will notify you in case the voltage level gets too high. And the safety feature that the fuse offers will lengthen the lifespan of your model.

Heats Fast

For the performance, the machine is capable of making one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds. It owes his capacity to the fact that Olde Midway uses a 950-watt heating element. What this means is that it will only take you 2 to 4 minutes to heat the machine before use. And then immediately, you can start making the cotton candy.

Safety Locking Bowl

Similar to The Vortex, the machine does not vibrate harshly or make too much noise during usage. You also don’t have to worry about the stability of the bowl because the four clamps that hold it in place are well-designed.

Take note that the machine will not start until you’ve locked the bowl in place. And when it’s time for clean-up, removing this bowl is also reasonably easy.

Do take note that the Spin 2000 does not come with a dome and netting to catch the candy inside the machine. However, if we compare how messy it gets during usage, The Vortex produces cotton candy more haphazardly.

You can opt to purchase the cotton candy with a cart, as well. In particular, the cart uses 13-inch ball bearing wheels that are seamless to control. Both sides are also extended to hold other items, and the end opposite to the handle contains three slots for holding cotton candy.

Lastly, the common negative comments that users have with this machine is poor customer service. It’s difficult to find who to contact in case a part of the device broke.
  • Comes with a scoop and 2 spare belts
  • Has a 3-grid drawer
  • With built-in fuse and volt gauge
  • Heats fast
  • Stable and quiet
  • Safety lock-in feature before start-up
  • Dome and netting sold separately
  • Customer service is difficult to contact

Funtime FT1000CCP – Best Value for Money Cotton Candy Machine

Comes with Cart

Up next is another cute looking cotton candy machine from Funtime called the Candy Cloud model. This particular machine already comes with its own wheeled cart that has cotton candy holders and a handle on the sides.

Large Capacity Bowl

As for its bowl, the Candy Cloud uses a 20 ½ inch stainless steel bowl. The size is similar to The Vortex, and we think this capacity is excellent for commercial production. The stainless steel construction is also way better than plastic or aluminum in terms of durability.

With Drawer and 2 Replacement Belts

You’ll also get a stainless steel drawer at the front built into the machine. This inclusion is always appreciated for added storage and safekeeping. Funtime also included two replacement drive belts in case the existing one broke. And lastly, you’ll even get a scoop for the ingredients when you purchase the machine.

Volt Display and Built-In Fuse

This cotton candy machine is also at par with the safety features of the previous pricier models. What we mean is that it also has a built-in fuse and volt display at the front. The latter will alert you if the machine is receiving its intended power supply, and the fuse will be your safety feature in case it goes higher.

Heats Quickly

When it comes to performance, the machine uses a 950-watt spinner that can produce one cotton candy cone as quick as 30 seconds. It also takes only 2 minutes to heat up, and then it’s ready to use. We found no problem in using the machine continuously, and you can bypass scrubbing off sugar residues with one trick. Keep the machine on so that it’ll turn the leftovers into floss.

Secured Clamps

The Candy Cloud is stable and quiet because it utilizes four clamps for holding the bowl securely. It also helps that it has rubber feet underneath to keep the machine in place. And if you use the cart, we’re pleased to say that it has a brake system so it won’t move around during usage.

The only comment we have with the machine is the included instructions. They are somewhat lacking, especially for troubleshooting.
  • Comes with cart
  • Has volt gauge and fuse
  • With built-in drawer
  • 2 replacement belts and scoop included
  • Stable
  • Heats fast
  • Dome sold separately
  • Instructions could be better

Great Northern 6310 – Best Yielding Cotton Candy Machine

6310 Great Northern Popcorn Cotton Candy Machine Review

A More Affordable Version of The Vortex

We are halfway on our review, and what we have here is another cotton candy machine from Great Northern. This time, we’re reviewing the blue-colored Flufftastic Floss model. If you compare it to the pink-colored The Vortex machine, it lacks a volt gauge at the front panel. And this model also has the fuse at the side instead of the front. However, the Flufftastic Floss seems to have more ventilation for the motor.

Durable Built without the Drawer and Belt

The craftsmanship of the Flufftastic Floss is similar to The Vortex. For example, it is also made from premium-grade stainless steel that is 30% thicker. And its stainless steel bowl even measures 20 ½ inches as well. It’s a shame that it has no built-in drawer, although Great Northern offers this machine with a cart as well, which has shelves on both sides.

Good and Fast Yield

Upon purchase, you’ll also get a long sugar scoop but expect not to get spare belts since this model does not use a belt to work. Nevertheless, the 1000-watt heating element performs well and can warm up within 2 minutes. We are actually pleased with the speed of production. But not only that, the yield size that the machine is capable of is also pretty nice.

Easy to Clean

The highlight for us with the Flufftastic Floss is how easy it is to clean. You can use hot water or even heated dishcloths to wipe the bowl down. And as you can assume, the only part that will consume more time to clean is the area where you put in the sugar. You will have to scrub inside thoroughly to make sure you get rid of any build-ups.

As for the downside, sugar tends to stick at the sides, which is quite wasteful if you think about it.

  • Good yield and produce cotton candy fast
  • Stainless steel built
  • Easy to clean
  • Dome is not included
  • Sugar sticks to the sides of the interior

VIVO CANDY-V001 – Editor’s Choice

VIVO Cotton Candy Machine Review

Minimalistic Look

Our sixth cotton candy machine is the CANDY-V001 from VIVO. This unit comes with a 20-inch stainless steel bowl, a sugar scoop, and a pink-colored machine. However, besides the color, this model looks minimalistic and not as flamboyant as the other machines we reviewed.

With Volt Gauge and Fuse

Regardless of its simplicity, the CANDY-V001 is our top pick among others. Similar to the pricier previous models, the front panel of the machine has a volt gauge, fuse, and the switches for heat and power. We don’t want to sound redundant, but having a volt gauge, and fuse are always excellent features to have with regards to safety.

Can Be Used with Hard Candy

Ever wonder if you can turn your favorite candy into a melt-in-the-mouth cloud? With this model, you certainly can. But of course, you can only use hard candies that are made from corn syrup and not pressed candies (as well as butterscotch) to prevent clogging. Nonetheless, the head of this machine can take in bite-size candies or larger ones cut into smaller pieces to melt faster. This ability is excellent to have since kids and adults alike can turn their favorite brands into floss.

Fast Output

You have to wait for the machine to warm up, which is at least 5 minutes. Afterward, the CANDY-V001 is capable of producing up to two cotton candy cones per minute. We are also pleased that the head and motor are both shielded away from sugar debris during usage. This way, you don’t have to worry about clean-up and possible damage to the parts.

Safety Switch

This unit even requires you to trigger the safety switch for the bowl before you can use it. This feature is similar to The Vortex and Olde Midway SPIN 2000, which means the machine won’t turn on if you haven’t locked the bowl in place.

Be One Step Ahead

However, a common drawback with the CANDY-V001 is that users report that the machine emits sparks. We think the solution for this is to always check the carbon brushes inside the machine. These parts supply the power to the heating element. Therefore, if they are dirty, then they’re prone to sparking. On the bright side, VIVO already includes one spare belt in case your existing one gets damaged.

Another maintenance tip that you could use is to get the dome shield for the bowl. Similar to the other cotton candy machines, this will make clean-up much easier. Otherwise, you can also disassemble the unit and take the top plate off. This way, you can clean the inside more thoroughly.

If there is burned sugar, try to use vinegar as recommended in the manual. You can also wash the pan with hot water and flush out all the residual sugar. Nevertheless, VIVO has excellent tech support, and upon purchasing the unit, you’ll get one year of warranty.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use
  • Has volt gauge and fuse
  • Safety switch before usage
  • Heats fast
  • Quick candy output
  • Can be used with hard candy
  • Detachable for clean-up
  • Needs meticulous maintenance
  • Dome sold separately

Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S – Best Home Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Express Machine CC1000-S Review

Ready to Use, Comes with Ingredients and Cones

The next cotton candy machine we have is the CC1000-S from Cotton Candy Express. And what’s unique with this unit is that you’ll also get the ingredients for making the fairy floss itself. Cotton Candy Express includes 5 flavors of floss sugar in the form of cherry, grape, blue raspberry, orange, and pink vanilla. You will also have 50 kraft cones and 8 colorful striped cones for holding your candies.

Impressive Floss Output

Each flavor comes in a jar holding 11 ounces of product. To give you a better gist of how much you can make, one jar is enough for up to 30 cotton candy servings.

Otherwise, you can also use hard candy with this machine just like our previous model from VIVO.

Other than the ingredients and cones, Cotton Candy Express also includes the scoop so you can put in the sugar mess-free. However, you will certainly need some practice until you can have perfectly fluffy cotton candy on the cone. But don’t worry because the machine’s directions are easy to understand.

Cleaning the machine afterward will also require attention to detail. But if you think about it, this is true for all models anyway. If you fail to remove all the sugar residues, then you can end up burning the equipment. Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier on to prevent this, let the machine run so that it will turn the leftovers into candy. After this, you can let it cool and then soak the parts in warm water to get rid of all the residues.

The Drawback…

The CC1000-S itself is easy to disassemble, which makes up for a drawback we noticed. The cotton candy machine performs better if you don’t use it continuously. What we mean by this is to not let too much floss accumulate in the head. Otherwise, your succeeding servings will end up sticking to the sides of the machine.

You also have to be quick in collecting the floss because the machine produces fast. Nonetheless, this might not be a major turn-off with a bit of practice. You can distance the floss mix from the heating element to slow down the melting.

  • Already comes with cones and mixes
  • Excellent candy output
  • Heats fast
  • Reasonably priced
  • Making continuous servings gets tricky

BELLA 13572 – Runner-Up Best Home Cotton Candy Machine

BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker Review

Nostalgic Design

The word “bella” can be related to words meaning beautiful. And with our next cotton candy machine, the company stays true to that fact. This red and white cotton candy machine from Bella is indeed a beautiful-looking equipment complete with a base reminiscent of fairs and carnivals.

Comes with a Rim

Although the machine does not come with flavored mixes like the Cotton Candy Express, you will still get a sugar scoop and 4 reusable plastic cones upon purchase. And as you can notice on the model’s overall look, it comes with a plastic rim as well. Although this lid is not in a perfect dome shape, it’s still enough to provide coverage. This will lessen the candy that might fly out, and you will also have an easier time shaping the fluff.

Practice Makes Perfect… Cotton Candy

Compared to our previous cotton candy machines, Bella takes longer to heat up. Specifically, it will need around 10 minutes and at least half of this time if you’re using hard candy. But the good news is if you’re just refilling sugar, you don’t have to pre-heat the device. We just advise you to switch it off temporarily when you fill the head with sugar so that they wouldn’t melt as quickly.

Another useful technique to stop you from chasing floss thrown by the machine is to time your sugar refills. The perfect timing to put the cotton candy mix is right before the spinner stops. Once you’ve put the mix, you can restart the machine again. This way, the spinner is at the ideal speed to keep the mix inside.

Getting the cotton candy into the cone will also take some practice. Some users prefer to wait for the machine to make enough amount before they start putting the cone in the machine. And others recommend to keep the cone hovering above the machine as you start wrapping the candy strands on the cone.

As for the clean-up, you can remove the metal spinner from the top and put the bowl in the dishwasher. However, make sure that you have removed any sugar build-up on the spinner since it is prone to clogging. We recommend soaking it into hot water to get rid of the melted sugar.

  • Fairly affordable
  • Cute design
  • With protective lid, scoop and cones
  • No need for reheat with next batch
  • Takes practice to use
  • Needs diligent cleaning

The Candery – Best Gift Idea Cotton Candy Machine

Similar to the previous cotton candy machine, The Candery’s model also includes the rim along with your unit. Again, this is a nice addition to have for easy clean-up and shaping of candy. And since both rims are transparent, you don’t have to play a guessing game when making floss.

Good-Looking Gift Idea

Other than the rim, you will also get a sugar scoop and 10 candy cones. Overall, The Candery also provides an aesthetically pleasing model with a white and red theme. The look is enticing, thus, making it an excellent choice for a gift.

The Wait is Worth It

You can use ordinary cotton candy mix, as well as hard sugar with The Candery. But just like the previous unit, it will take about 10 minutes to get the machine hot and ready. The good news though, is that once you’ve done this initial heating, the floss production is continuous and efficient.

Of course, the longer you’re using the machine, the less time it will take for the sugar to melt into floss because of the existing heat. And we’re actually pleased with the floss yield that the machine is capable of even with just one scoop.

A helpful tip when using the machine is just to wait for the cotton candy to accumulate before you put your cone at the top of the machine. Similar to BELLA, this “harvesting” of cotton candy does not require much effort and gives better results, a.k.a shape, and amount of floss.

Over time, we notice that the machine gets loud during operation. This may be due to the fact that the plastic rim sits loosely at the top.

And lastly, make sure that you’ve scraped the remaining sugar at the sides of the machine and let it turn them into floss. This usually happens once the machine stops making cotton candy. When you scrape the leftover sugar and let it fall into the applicator, it will be easier to clean the machine.

  • Affordable
  • Good-looking
  • Comes with rim, cones, and scoop
  • Good floss yield
  • Rim fits loosely
  • Sugar sticks to the sides

Nostalgia PCM805 – Best Cheap Cotton Candy Machine

Nostalgia PCM805RETRORED Cotton Candy Maker Review

Retro and Nostalgic

Our last and most affordable cotton candy machine is the Retro model from Nostalgia. From the name itself, this compact equipment screams retro vibes all over from the bright red color down to the font style. And upon your purchase, you will also get two reusable cones, an extractor head, and a sugar scoop.

Can Be Used with Sugar-Free Mixes and Candies

With the Nostalgia Retro, you can use flossing sugar, hard candies, or even sugar-free mixes. Sugar-free cotton candy might seem impossible, but because of continuous innovation, everyone can now enjoy fairy floss even without sugar. And if you have your own favorite sugar-free candies, they can work with this model as well.

Similar to the previous cotton candy machines, heating the Nostalgia Retro will also take 10 minutes. And if you remember our tip in The Candery Cotton Candy Machine, let the floss accumulate for a while before hovering your cone then rotate it to gather the candy. This way, you’ll have an easier time collecting the cotton candy onto your cone.

What We Don’t Like

Sadly, a scoop of sugar does not yield a good amount of floss for one serving. We recommend using at least 3 scoops if you want a considerable amount. And as for the rim, make sure that you’ve scraped its sides to get all the remaining sugar.

The machine has a suction cup base, which helps in preventing it from falling off the counter. However, we still recommend to put it over a towel to minimize the vibration.

Overall, we still think the Nostalgia is an excellent consideration for this price point. It takes some time to practice so that you can get a good amount of cotton candy. But nonetheless, this eye-catching piece will surely be liked by sugar and non-sugar lovers.

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable
  • Can be used with hard candies, sugar-free or not
  • Comes with two reusable cones
  • Small floss yield

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Best Cotton Candy Machine Buyer’s Guide

Cotton Candy Machine ReviewsTypes of Cotton Candy Machine

Home Cotton Candy Machines

You can assume that these cotton candy machines are smaller than the commercial type. However, home cotton candy machines still vary in sizes depending on the brands. Therefore, their capacities also differ, and some you can even use for small parties and barbecues. They are also easy to use and don’t have a lot of parts and ingredients needed to create cotton candy.

Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

The main difference of commercial cotton candy machines to the previous type is their capacity. Consider them as heavy-duty models that are capable of producing cotton candy quickly. Consequently, they are not as portable and would need space, unlike tabletop home cotton candy machines.

Are There Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Machines?

As you have seen in our review, there are models like the Nostalgia PCM805 that they advertise as a sugar-free cotton candy machine. We all know that cotton candy is basically sugar that is melted and then spun, so how is it possible to create one without sugar?

Well, sugar-free models use special sugar-free cotton candy mixes. If you can’t consume sugary foods, sugar-free cotton candy machines are a nice option to consider.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine Buyer's GuideConstruction

The first factor that you should keep in mind is the overall built of the model. First, do you intend to use it commercially, or would you rather have something smaller for family events? If you are looking into making large volumes of cotton candy quickly, then you need something sturdy and heavy-duty.

Opt for a metal construction, stainless steel bowl, and a large motor if you will use the machine for business. These materials will last you for a long time, and the machine can perform according to your demands commercially.

On the other hand, a plastic and smaller cotton candy machine can usually suffice for home use and occasional parties. These machines will be easier to move around, and they are also cheaper compared to the one we previously mentioned. The only drawback to smaller cotton candy machines would be the lack of features and questionable lifespan. Nonetheless, if you’re not using the machine more than its intended capacity, it can still last you long; even if it’s made of plastic.

Lastly, always check if your machine is compatible with the ingredients that you want to use. There are different types of cotton candy mixes, which also means that you have to use the machine intended for them. These may include flavorless or sugar-free cotton candy machines.

Capacity and Speed

Capacity and speed are somewhat related to our first factor. These features will also depend on your intended usage of the machine. First, do you need a larger-sized bowl? Of course, you will be limited by the bowl on the amount of sugar/mix that you can place on the machine. If you’re using a large capacity bowl, then you can make cotton candy faster.

The truth is, cotton candy does not really require a lot of sugar to make. Therefore, a large-sized bowl with more sugar inside will produce a lot of cotton candy for longer. You won’t need to reload sugar/mix as frequently compared to a smaller machine.

Other than capacity, cotton candy machines also vary in their motors. More specifically, with the speed that they can perform. If you have a large capacity model, it is only right to check if it can produce candy fast. Faster machines are usually capable of up to 6 servings per minute. On the other hand, those with weaker motors can only create 1 or 2 cotton candy per mine.

Heavy-duty models are going to be faster than home cotton candy machines. And depending on your intended use, going with a slower machine may not be a big deal. All in all, we think that performance is a factor that you can never compromise if you’re using the machine for business.


Depending on the model, some cotton candy machines will already come with accessories upon purchase. From an economical standpoint, you get to save money from these inclusions. At the same time, you wouldn’t have to search for the parts that are compatible with your machine.

A useful inclusion that you can get with your unit is a dome. This is a bubble-shaped lid that you place on top of your machine. This way, the cotton candy that your machine makes won’t spill out and give you an additional chore of cleaning up. Other than a dome, smaller models might also utilize a rim guard for the same purpose.

You will also have an easier time shaping the candy around the cone or stick when you have a dome. And sometimes, other models even have a separate mesh to create an evenly fluffy spherical cotton candy.

Speaking of which, you can also choose units that come with the ingredients that you’ll need. They include the recipes themselves, flavorings, colorings, as well as the mixes and cones.

Do note that sometimes the mix will already have the color and flavor of the candy. And depending on your preference, you can choose between a paper or a plastic cone.

Some people also use sticks for “holding” the cotton candy. And while we’re at it, you can also look for units that have a scoop for the sugar when you add it to the heating unit. This way, you’d get accurate measurements without needing to guess.

Care and Maintenance

Like with any other equipment, you would have to clean and maintain your cotton candy machine properly. If you are able to keep the unit in pristine condition, then you’ll also get the best value for money because of its long lifespan.

If you think about it, a cotton candy machine is one of those kitchen equipments that you will only use on special occasions. Consequently, you will end up storing your model for some time before using it again. And if you’re using it every day for your business, then its caring and maintenance will be doubled for you.

Allocate time and effort in cleaning and checking your machine. You might need a cloth and hot water to remove all the sugar residues in your unit. Just make sure that you’ve read the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you’re not damaging the model during clean-up.

For us, home cotton candy machines are easier to maintain and clean. They probably owe it to the fact that they have fewer parts that need extra attention or tools. You can even look for models that you can dismantle easily so you can diligently check each part. It will also be a bonus if the pieces themselves are dishwasher safe.

Customer Support and Warranty

Right there with maintenance, you will have an easier time taking care of your model if the manufacturer provides excellent customer support. Be on the lookout for brands that answer quickly on queries and those that you can quickly reach by phone or mail. As for the warranty, pricier machines usually offer a longer warranty period. It might also be a sign about the manufacturer’s trust in their product’s quality if the warranty period is extended.


The size of the cotton candy machine can also be a deciding factor for some families. Especially when you’re only looking for a model for personal use, it should be easy to store and relocate. Most home cotton candy machines are compact enough that you can place them on countertops. And afterward, you can store them neatly in a cabinet.

But with commercial cotton candy machines, expect them to be bulkier. And to solve portability issues, some units already come with their own carts. It’s a bonus if the model you have comes with this inclusion because both of them will have a guaranteed fit. The cart will also allow you to move the cotton candy machine around parks and expand your customer base.


Lastly, the overall aesthetic of the machine is also worth considering. The more enticing the device looks, the more drawn people will be towards it. And this feature is especially helpful both for home and commercial use.

If you’re using your cotton candy machine for parties, you might as well find an attention-grabbing model. And when it comes to commercial use, this same characteristic will make the machine stand out from the rest of other food carts. Therefore, customers will want to know what you offer.


How to Make Cotton Candy

Different cotton candy machines may have different instructions on how to operate them. We advise you to stick with the manufacturer’s instructions to lengthen the lifespan of your model. But to give you an idea, making cotton candy is as easy as follows:

First, add the sugar (flavored or sugar-free mix) onto the middle part of your cotton candy machine. Then, you would have to distribute the sugar evenly on the spinner head. Once you’re content with the distribution, you can turn the machine and heat on. Lastly, collect the cotton candy using a cone or a stick.

How Long Does Cotton Candy Last

Let’s say you’ve made too much cotton candy. How long can you store it safely? Your cotton candy can stay cloudy and fluffy for as long as three to four days. However, this duration depends on the temperature of your surroundings. This also includes that you have placed the candy in an airtight container. Otherwise, too much heat and moisture can cause the candy to lose its original size and shape.

How to Preserve Cotton Candy

As we have previously mentioned, an airtight container can keep cotton candy fluffy for as long as four days. This is true if it is refrigerated so that the air and humidity can’t affect its state. But if you need to keep the candy longer, you can place it in the freezer for up to two months. To make sure that air won’t get inside, place the candy in the freezer bag and then put this bag in another sealed container before you put freeze it.

Note that once you’ve opened refrigerated or frozen cotton candy, you can’t restore it anymore.

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Other than eating them, cotton candies are one of those foods that are fun to make. You can get a heavy-duty model for commercial use, and it can surely deliver efficiently for long queues of customers.

Otherwise, the market also offers home models perfect for every random cravings or party. And what’s great is that there are even brands that allow sugar-free mixes and candies. This way, all “sweet tooths” can get whatever cotton candy they like.

Our personal top pick is the VIVO CANDY-V001 Candy Floss Maker. It may not look as eye-catching as the other models, but in terms of performance, we’re very pleased with this machine.

It comes with safety measures such as a volt gauge and fuse, and it requires proper bowl placement before turning on. We also like that you can use it with hard candy, and the fact that it heats up fast and turns sugar into floss seamlessly.

However, you can also check out other cotton candy machines that are reminiscent of summer fairs and carnivals. Models like the Cotton Candy Express CC1000-S even already comes with cotton candy mixes so you can create candies immediately upon purchase.

Nonetheless, be sure to keep in mind the factors that we’ve pointed out in our buyer’s guide when choosing a cotton candy machine.

What about you? What’s your favorite cotton candy machine?

If you have any questions, leave them below, and we’ll get back on you. 

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