Hi, everyone and welcome! It’s such a great thing to know someone is interested in me and my work. My name is Michael and I am the author of this blog.


So, why I started blogging

I was born in a really big family, in which women (that includes my mom, grandma and aunt) were taking turns in making delicious things in the kitchen. I can assure you they did it perfectly well. When I was free from playing with my brothers in the garden I would certainly love to watch them creating some tasty dishes. So it’s no wonder cooking food has been my passion since childhood.

When it was time to choose my future profession I didn’t have any doubts about what it should be, so I entered Kendall College in Chicago practically without effort. After graduation I had been working as a chef in several restaurants. That’s what I still do for a living.

Then I realized that chefs provided surprisingly little information about kitchen appliances and cookware they use every day. What I did next was creating of this web-site in order to improve the situation.

The way I write

I really like cooking both at home and at work, and you can imagine a great number of cookware and appliances in my kitchen that I have to use every day. When a brand-new model appears in the market, buying several items for a proper testing is a good thing I usually do.

Let me be honest with you here and say that not all the appliances and cookware described in my articles I personally used. Sometimes I don’t need to do it, because seeing the picture of a kitchen tool and finding information about it is enough to guess where it can be used and when other models could be of better help. Reading customers’ reviews is really awesome here. I can always easily tell whether the author is honest or the user simply could not figure out how to use the thing properly. Seeing the difference is not a big deal if you have good education and impressive experience.

Very often I buy kitchen appliances and cookware to test them and see what they are really capable of. If the tool proved to be a good thing, it becomes a welcomed guess in my kitchen or a wonderful present for my relatives. I’ve already bought a huge number of them, which made my brothers and sisters extremely happy as they know they will surely get one from me. In case I didn’t like the models, they would end up in a trash bin and the blacklist as well.

Regardless of the brand or product category, whether it is an alkaline water pitcher, crepe pan, manuka honey, manual meat grinder or a 36-inch gas range, I will not ignore any important criteria.

Objectivity is the key

I don’t work with any manufacturers as well as I don’t try to raise or lower the model’s rating deliberately. All I want is to give my readers the most objective and valuable information possible.

Feedback is essential for me

It would be really great if reading my articles helps the readers in choosing appliances and cookware for their kitchen. If you find my blog helpful, the best way to thank me is to make a repost on your social network account. Every repost is essential, it helps me to figure out whether this or that post was useful. After I get the feedback I always reread the text and make necessary changes if needed.

If you have any questions or difficulties concerning choosing kitchen appliances and cookware described in my articles, feel free to ask me about this in your comments, I will answer them with great pleasure. Your comments give me a clue about your needs and interests, so that I could write about something really useful next time.

So, go ahead and share the posts, leave your comments and ask questions. Once I know my articles and reviews are helpful I get incredibly motivated to move on and write more for my readers.