Top 10 Best 36-inch Gas Ranges 2023

Best 36-inch gas range

The gas oven is a reasonable alternative to an electric stove. It brings a lot of different features to the table (will discuss this in the Buyer’s Guide). They aren’t perfect, so, we will explain their advantages too.

We will provide you with the list of the bes36-inch gas range models: we will go product by product, describing their strengths and weaknesses, such as cooking features, durability, price, etc. In the Buyer’s Guide, we will talk about gas ovens in general, and what things you should keep in mind before you purchase one.

The sole purpose of this article is to inform and educate; we will describe the products and present them objectively, with integrity and sincerity. We hope the article will be both fun and educational, and that it will help you select the gas range that suits you best.

Best 36 inch Gas Range Comparison Table

ModelPhotoOven Capacity (cu. ft.)BurnersDimensions (D, W, H)WarrantyCheck Price
Thor Pro-Style With LP KitThor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG36185.21 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
3 x 12,000 BTU
26” x 36” x 38.5”2 Years Check Price
Thor Kitchen Dual Fuel
Electric Oven
Thor Kitchen 36 inch Dual Fuel Range HRD3606U5.23 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15, 000 BTU
1 x 12,000 BTU
26” x 36” x 38.5”2 Years Check Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3618U Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618U5.21 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
3 x 12,000 BTU
26” x 36” x 38.5”2 Years Check Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3609UThor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3609U5.21 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
2 x 12,000 BTU
27.5” x 36” x 39.8”2 Years Check Price
Verona VEFSGE365NDSSVerona VEFSGE365NDSS 36 inch Dual Range2.4; 1.51 x 16,000 BTU
2 x 12,000 BTU
2 x 6,000 BTU
25” x 36” x 36”2 Years Check Price
CosmoCosmo COS-965AGC Review3.81 x 17,400 BTU
1 x 8,200 BTU
2 x 6,900 BTU
1 x 5,000 BTU
23.63" x 35.5" x 35.75"2 Years Check Price
Verona VCLFSGG365BLVerona VCLFSGG365BL Gas Range41 x 16,000 BTU
2 x 12,000 BTU
2 x 6,000 BTU
23.94" x 35.875" x 37.25"2 Years Check Price
Smeg C36GGRUSmeg C36GGRU Gas Range4.41 x 15,000 BTU
1 x 10,000 BTU
2 x 6,200 BTU
2 x 3,400 BTU
25" x 36" x 35.625"1 Year Check Price
Atosa Stove ATO-6BAtosa Stove ATO-6B Reviewn/a6 x 25,000 BTU32.6" x 36" x 56.4"1 Year Check Price

Best 36 inch Gas Range Reviews

If you are still unsure about which product may be right for you after looking at the comparison table above, read on to find the best 36-inch gas range right for you.

Thor Kitchen 36” HRD3606U – Professional And Cost-Effective

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Dual Fuel Range HRD3606U

Thor Kitchen 36” HRD3606U is a freestanding stove. 36 x 27.5 x 39 inches big, powered by natural or liquid gas (if you decide to buy it, you can order the gas you want, if you want). This stove features six burners on top of it and a 5.2 cu.ft oven and requires 240V socket to function.

Three burners have 18 000 BTU (British thermal unit) power, 2 have 15 000 BTU, and one features 12 000 BTU. On top of the burners lay cast iron cooking grates, which are both durable and relatively easy to maintain.

The entire gas range is designed in a simple, classical fashion. The interface is easy to use and read. Going from right to left, you first have the on/off switch for convection fan. Then, you have seven control knobs, the middle one dedicated for controlling oven heat level.

Above the control knobs is the indicator light, which signals whether the oven is functioning or not. Also, on the left side, you have the on/off switch for halogen light, positioned in the oven. Thor Kitchen 36” HRD3606U Gas oven features two halogen lights, so you’ll be able to tell whether the food is ready or not.

The drip pan at the bottom is made of black porcelain and makes maintenance and cleaning a lot easier. Thanks to the convection fan, you can circulate the hot air and spread it evenly across the oven. On the other hand, if you wish to bake the food from one direction, leave the fan off.

Note that, if you want to use LPG, you will need a conversion kit to run it.


When you want a stove that will stand up to heavy use, then the Thor 36-inch gas range may be just what you want. We like that you can cook so much at once with the six burners. This oven is a durable product that lasts.
  • Excellent burning range
  • Two gas option
  • Durable, made of stainless steel
  • Cost-effective
  • Burner igniter might continue clicking with the flame turned on
  • Requires LPG conversion kit

Thor Kitchen HRG3618U – Stylish And Potent

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618U

Thor Kitchen Professional 36” HRG3618U is 36 x 27.5 x 39 inches big gas range and has similar features to our previous product. You have the option to run in on natural and liquefied gas. The stove features six burners, and 5.2 cu ft baking oven.

It has two halogen lamps, convection fan to make baking more efficient and rounder. However, this oven has three 12 000 BTU burners, 2 15 000 BTU burners and one 18 000 BTU burner. It also features advanced 16 500 BTU boiler, which, with the help of radiations, helps preserve the food’s moisture and juiciness. The burners feature auto reignition technology, in case the flame extinguishes.

The stove features 22000BTU U shaped burner, and the entire interior is made of blue porcelain. This not only helps transfer speed more efficiently but also makes the cleaning and maintenance a lot more comfortable. The oven racks are nickel plated, which helps prevent corrosion and prolongs durability.

I love the blue oven interior; it looks, calming, modern and stylish. Plus, it makes it easier to spot and clean stains. Note that this stove arrives unassembled (like most stoves you order from Amazon). You can follow the instruction manual to assemble it, and if you run into problems, call the support; they are friendly and will guide you through the process.

The drip pan on the top is made of black porcelain, and the cooking grates are made of heavy cast iron and will serve you for a very long time. The control panel features seven controlling knobs, the middle one intended for oven temperature control. Also, just like the previous stove, it has two on/off switches, one for the fan (on the right) and one for the light (on the left).


This range is a great option for large families and heavy entertainers because it gives you so many options. We like that it has a spectacular broiler option so that we can experiment with new foods.
  • Very durable, made of stainless steel
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Excellent versatility and burning range
  • Stylish and easy to maintain blue porcelain stove
  • You’ll need a kit to use LPG

Thor Kitchen HRG3609U – Innovative, Compact And Attractive

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3609U

Thor Kitchen HRG3609U 36 is potent, freestanding oven, which differs a lot from the two previous Thor Ovens. When it comes to similarities, this oven is 27.5 x 36 x 39.8 inches in dimensions (almost identical size), and it also has 5.2 cu ft oven capacity, paired with 22,000 BTU oven convection.

Also, this oven features 18 BTU IR (infrared) boiler; only this one is placed in the center, where you can sear the food. However, unlike the previous ovens, this one has four boilers on the top, two 15 000 BUT and two 12 000 BUT (lacks 18 000 BTU boiler).

The design is classic, stainless steel, and grey, with the touche of modernity. The oven is made of blue porcelain, which makes the stove more attractive. We have to commend the central griddle (made of stainless steel, isn’t cast iron) which will prove useful when preparing various meals.

Also, the control panel is easy to read and navigate, similar to all Thor Kitchen ovens. It features only several components, which is always favorable (makes the oven easier to clean and maintain, or repair in even of damage).

But, despite the fact that the middle griddle is very useful, it may be hard to clean, depending on how often you use it. But, the blue porcelain oven is easy to clean.


The stove, in general, is very efficiently, consistent and highly durable, perfect for those who don’t need six burners.
  • Classic and simple design
  • Simple and easy to use control panel
  • Middle griddle may prove to be very useful
  • Extremely cost-effective and durable
  • The middle skillet may be difficult to clean

Thor Pro-Style With LP Kit – Extremely Durable And Easy To Maintain

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618

Thor Kitchen 36″ Pro-style Gas Range is 26 x 36 x 38.5 inches big, featuring similar weight, dimensions, and design as previous Thor stoves. The cooktop features six burners, two 15 000 BTU, three 12 000 BTU and one 18 000 BTU.

The top drip pan is made of black porcelain, which makes cleaning more rapid and comfortable. The grates are made of cast iron and are interconnected, allowing more natural movement of bigger pots across the surface while you cook.

The oven features U shaped, 22 000 BTU burner, and is 5.2 cu ft big. Interior is made of neat blue porcelain, which makes cooking more efficient and cleaning more comfortable. This model also has a convection fan, which you can turn on if you want a more rounder cooking from all sides. Oven racks are nickel plated, rust-resistant and durable.

Oven area also has two halogen lights which illuminate the cavity. This is modern, thermostatically controlled oven. Even though the gas ovens are never as precise and consistent as the electric ones, the Thor Kitchen 36″ Pro-style oven is pretty accurate and consistent.

This product comes with the LPG conversion kit, which allows you to transfer to using liquefied gas instead of natural.

It is a beautiful, contemporary stove, fit for most modern kitchens. The only thing we don’t like regarding this gas range is the annoying clicking sound it produces when you try to ignite the burner, but the gas is on low reserves.


Other than that, we can only commend it: the build, the expensive look, and affordable price.
  • Affordable, value for money
  • Looks amazing, blue porcelain oven
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile, excellent burning range
  • The clicking sound is annoying if the gas reserves are on low

Verona Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range – Best Dual Oven Model

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36 inch Dual Range

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36″ is made in Italy, and functions as a multifunctional stove, covered with easy to clean porcelain. This gas range is made of 304 stainless steel, which makes it very durable and resistant to oxidation. Note that the product arrives with LP conversion kit.

The product features two ovens:

  1. The main oven capacity is 2.4 cu ft big, 18 inches wide, 17 deep and 14 inches high.
  2. Secondary oven capacity is 1.5 cu ft, and it is 11 x 17 x 14 inches in dimension.

Top features five burners, 2 of 12 000 BTU, 2 have 15 000 BTU and the central one with 16 000 BTU.

Note that only burners use gas; the two ovens are electric.

It also has a storage drawer at the bottom, where you can store maintenance tools and appliances. This gas range is also reasonably advanced (compared to others on the list) since it does feature a timer and digital clock, which can help you prepare food more efficiently.

The gas range stands atop of the four robust metal racks, and it also features an anti-fire device. It is a modern, gray looking gas range with a lot of potentials.

But, like any other device, it has its downsides. The main thing we want to complain about is the control knobs. They are somewhat inaccurate, marked at every 40 degrees. This makes it very difficult to attune, especially if you have to be dead accurate while cooking some meal. But other than that, we have no significant complaints.


If you love European range models, then this may be the stove you want. The best part about this stove is that it has two ovens allowing you to cook many foods at the same time. This oven does not have a self-cleaning mode either.
  • Combination of gas and electricity
  • Consistent top burners burn evenly and consistently
  • Features two dedicated ovens
  • Will fit contemporary homes, stylish
  • Helpful digital timer
  • Controlling knobs may be difficult to tune

Cosmo 36” Gas Range – The Most Cost-Effective Gas Range

Cosmo COS-965AGC Review

Cosmo 36” Gas Range is stainless steel, five burners standing gas range. The oven capacity is 3.8 cu ft, with notable Cosmo rapid convection. Oven features four modes: convection mode, which is rounder and even, broiling, baking, and roasting. The stove has two holding racks, granting you total of 4 different cooking positions.

Cosmo 36” Gas Range has five burners, ranging from 5 000 BTU to 17 400 BTU. The grates are cast iron, heavy duty, allowing fantastic heat conservation and transformation. This gas range is also very prices (regarding cooking temperature), aligned with the controlling knobs.

The knobs are ergonomically designed, and won’t heat up even if you use the oven at the same time. You also have the built-in digital timer, which you can set up to control your cooking. We suggest you try broiling since the top broiling burner delivers juicy and crispy results.

Oven interior features stable ventilation system, which will help you disperse the heat and odors.

You can use liquefied gas, but the conversion kit isn’t included in the price (though you can add and pay for it additionally).

This gas range is very modern looking and looks as if it will blend in any environment, which is always a plus.

The only problem we noticed with this gas range is that the oven doesn’t distribute the heat evenly. However, keep in mind that this is the second least expensive stove on the list, so don’t expect it to be the most sophisticated one.


But aside from this minor technical issues, we can’t complain too much about it. It looks smooth and operates smoothly, and is quite durable despite the low cost.
  • Very inexpensive (second least expensive on the list)
  • Stylish will fit in virtually any kitchen
  • A lot of different top burners, wide burning range
  • Four cooking options
  • The oven may heat a bit unevenly

Verona VCLFSGG365BL – The Most Sophisticated Gas Range

Verona VCLFSGG365BL Gas Range

Verona VCLFSGG365BL 36″ Gas Range is 28 x 40 x 40 inches in dimensions, made of 304 stainless steel. The oven has convection fat, which allows rounder, more even cooking. The surface is covered in blue porcelain, which makes the cleaning and maintaining less stressful and tedious.

The controlling knobs are very smoothly and elegantly designed, and the blue porcelain breath freshness into the room. But for Verona, it is more about the functions than about looks. The central burner is potent, 16 000 BTU, suitable for cooking food in large and heavy pots. Two side burners have 6 000 BTU, and the other two have 12 BTU.

Grates are made of cast iron, also porcelainized for easier maintenance. Much like the previous Verona product, this one also has the built-in flame failure security system.

The oven capacity is 4.0 Cu ft., with 29 x16 x 13 inches in dimension (width, depth, height.) It has two heavy duty racks that hold the elements in place. The oven burner power is 21 000 BTU, while the broiler offers 15 000 BTU.

Much like the previous Verona Model, this one offers a lot of versatility. Though it doesn’t mix with electricity, the gas range is quite big, with a lot of options in between the minimum and maximum cooking option.


Most people commended the top gas range and having so many different options to choose from when it is time to cook. The stove is also very accurate and consistent, with the ability to maintain the cooking temperature on the desired level.
  • Stainless steel, cast iron and porcelainized, very durable
  • Consistent and accurate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent gas range and cooking options
  • The most expensive stove on the list

Smeg C36GGRU – The Most Accurate And Consistent Gas Range

Smeg C36GGRU Gas Range

Smeg C36GGRU 36″ Gas Range is 25 x 36 x 35.6 inches big, free standing gas range. The product is made of stainless steel, features sealed burners, and is available in red color.

The product feature six burners, burners ranging from 3 400 BTU to 15 000 BTU. Virtually every burner offers different power, allowing you to prepare various dishes. Grates are heavy duty, made of cast iron, with the full width so that you can slide the pots across the top.

Each burner is sealed, has safety valves, and is turned on with the automatic electric ignition. It is also worth mentioning that this is a dual gas burner and comes with LPG conversion kit.

The oven has 4.4 cu ft capacity, the boiler being 19 000 BTU, and the baking device being 18 000 BTU. You have three cooking modes (defrost, broil and convection), the fan allowing convection mode.

The stove interior is enameled and has four different shelf options so that you can position the pan carefully. It also has two lights that illuminate the interior.

The stove is also pretty safe, having automatic reignition system, sealed burners, and valved oven. This oven is very accurate, and we have to commend the versatility regarding the top burners. Having that many options will not only allow you to cook with precision, but also save on gas if the burners are appropriately used.


It is a bit expensive than most products on the list, but also gives you a lot of room for maneuverability while cooking. Other than the price, there’s no real complaint concerning this stove.
  • Amazing cooking precision
  • Smooth controlling knobs
  • Versatile gas burners on the top
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Somewhat expensive

Atosa Stove ATO-6B – The Most Inexpensive Gas Range

Atosa Stove ATO-6B Review

Atosa Stove ATO-6B 36” is the most inexpensive gas range on our list. It is 32.6 x 36 x 56.4 inches in dimensions, made of stainless steel. The burners are heavy duty, made of cast iron, up to 25 000 BTU per hour. The oven is even more powerful, being 27 000 BTU per hour.

The good thing about the top burners is that they are sealed, and a top of them are the interconnected grates, which makes cooking more convenient (you can slide the pot if you want to adjust the position or change the burner).

Atosa Stove ATO-6B 36” has its own, unique design. The controlling knobs are shiny and elegant, and the legs are stainless steel and adjustable (regarding the height). The grates are cast iron and interconnected, and the entire tubing system is stainless steel.

The interior of the oven is porcelainized, black, illuminated by two lights. It is the cheapest on the list but is unique when it comes to style and design. Moreover, It will fit in every home.

However, this gas range doesn’t give you a lot of options regarding top burners, and you can’t choose between different BTU powers, though, you can adjust the burners (naturally).


Though the oven is quite spacious (5.4 cu ft, being 26 x 26 x 14 inches big), it has some issues with even heat distribution. However, not every customer reported this problem.
  • The cheapest gas range on the list
  • Interconnected cast iron grates
  • High capacity oven
  • Stylish, uniquely designed
  • The oven may heat unevenly

KUPPET Professional – The Master Of Broiling

KUPPET Professional 36 ” HRG3617U differs a lot from the stoves we reviewed thus far. For starters, it has only four burners, two with 18 000 BTU and two with 15 000 BTU.

It has all the common gas range features (automatic reignition, safety device, etc.). The stove elements U shaped 22 000 BTU burner, which heats the 5.2 cu ft oven. Oven capacity is quite significant and commendable, especially if you compare it to others on the list.

So, this gas range has less top burners, less optionality (regarding top burners, the weakest one being 15 000 BTU). It also has the convection fan, which turns on with convection cooking. The stove is covered with blue porcelain, easy to clean. The stove is controlled via integrated temperature measuring devices, meaning that it will always pertain the optimal cooking temperature.

Top grates are cast iron, easy to maintain and excellent for pertaining heat. Controlling knobs are made of metal but are covered in high-quality plastic, and resits heat surprisingly well. And, it is also worth noting that the stove features two lights, and two adjusting racks, both nickel-plated, allowing more easy adjustment.

The burner features 16 500 BTU capacity and is recommended for preparing juicy and moist food since the burner uses IR technology to broil the food.


Finding any downsides concerning this gas range is hard. I guess my only downside is limited options with the top burners.
  • Sturdy, value for money
  • Excellent oven capacity
  • Very accurate, built-in temperature control
  • Perfect stove for broiling
  • Top burners are somewhat limiting

Best 36-inch Gas Range – Buyer’s Guide

When you choose a range, you may want to look at all the features before you make a final decision on which one to purchase to ensure that it meets all your needs.

Quality and durability of the materials are often high on the list when it comes to deciding factors. Size is a huge consideration for some people.

Whether you want an import or made in the US stove, buyers often agree that functionality is one of the biggest considerations before they purchase a new gas range. You may not want to buy a dual gas oven model when you need to cook large meals like whole turkeys and chickens.


The internal size of the oven makes a huge difference when purchasing for a family. If you entertain a lot throughout the year, then the size of the oven is vital to making the dishes you want to serve your guests.

Some people are happy with the European models that have two ovens like the Verona with five burners. You can make several dishes at once and cook on two separate temperatures at the same time. The main decision depends on the dishes you like to prepare.

If you are happy serving smaller recipes to an intimate group of friends, then the European model may fit into your lifestyle the best, but if you are a Southern cook that has to have the biggest ham or turkey at holiday meals, then you may want to go with one of the Thor Gas Ranges with more than five cubic feet of cooking space.


Do you live in an apartment or structure that needs a light range or stove? Our list covers a wide range of models from around 200 pounds all the way beyond 400 pounds. If weight is no issue, and you have the help to slide the stove in place, then you can choose practically any model on our Top Ten List. If you have a tight fit, you may want to measure where the gas lines run to make sure that the stove will go into place the way you expect it to fit.

Number of burners

What kind of cooking do you do the most? Are you a person that barbecues or grills food a lot? Do you prefer to boil or bake more meals than most? How you cook should steer your decision about whether to get a four, five, or six burner stove. The four-burner models often have griddles in the middle so that you can sear meat or grill up some burgers.

You can saute, roast, and make pancakes on the center cooktop. If you cook a lot of pasta and soups, then maybe the six burner is a more fitting option for your household.


How do you plan to use your stove? Are you going to cook for small or large groups most of the time? Do you need to cook for large groups regularly? Do you want something that is easy to clean or looks nice in your kitchen? All of these functions are important if you want to be happy with your purchase. For a bold look in your room, you may want to go with the Red SMEG range we list last.

Electric or gas igniters

The only thing to consider between gas and electric igniters is whether you want to have the ability to light the stove when the power is out. If so, then you want to go with a gas ignitor. Most of the models on the list have automatic re-ignition if the pilot light goes out, but some do not.

Construction material

How durable do you need your stove to be for your family? Are you an avid chef that is constantly trying out new dishes? A stainless steel model might be just what you want for easy cleanup and a stylish fit. The Italian models have charming details that add character to the range. It just depends on what you want to look at and clean when you are in the kitchen.

Extra features

If you are the cook that loves to roast a nice hunk of meat, then you may like the range with the rotisserie where you can cook whole chickens if you want. Five oven rack slots versus four can make a huge difference when you are a baker. Easy to clean ovens and removable doors are other options that give you the opportunity to cook and clean the way you want.

The Final Word on Best 36-inch Gas Ranges

We think all of the ranges on our Top Ten List have features and capabilities that will intrigue the amateur and professional chef alike. We study various models to provide you with a broad range of products that have features that will fit into your lifestyle and give you the options you need to make a solid purchase.

Figuring out whether you want a flashy model or a more functional item is one of the first considerations you should make before you begin to look at the available ranges. You want to make sure that you choose a stove that will last under heavy use if you cook several times a day. Your choice is an investment in your home and your family life. You are likely to use your stove for many years, so you want to be sure to choose wisely.

Function is the key to making the best choice for your kitchen. You may find that baking bread for your bakery delivery service is much easier in a European model, where the aspiring chef can get much more use out of one of the pro models on our list. For instance, the Kucht range has several burner options that cook at different heat levels. The oven has five rack positions giving bakers plenty of space to make desserts and cookies.

Deciding how you will use your stove is one of the best ways to guide your decision. For instance, if you like to cook steak, then our top broiler pick may be just what you need to sear steaks and melt butter and garlic on breadsticks. The time you spend using your oven and the way you cook should be the primary considerations for your range along with size. Another tip is to check where the gas hookup is to make sure it fits correctly in your kitchen.

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