Top 10 Best 36-inch Gas Ranges 2018

Best 36-inch Gas Range

Stoves do not always get the credit they deserve. Cooking a great meal for yourself, loved ones, or a group of friends begins with gathering the best ingredients. Should you include your range in that mix? We think so! Buying a range is an investment in your home, your family, and your lifestyle. You may find that the better your stove, the better the food you serve. In our experience, we find that quality equipment puts out the best products. We’re going to cover ten of the best 36-inch gas range picks available in our article and review each product’s main pros and cons.

Your stove can be a focal point in your kitchen if you want. The style and features can help you when redesigning a room or upgrading appliances. Choosing the range that fits the rest of the kitchen appliances is something you may feel is important to the design, so picking an option that goes along with the refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave might be the best way to go about selecting a new stove.

How do you know whether to get a gas or electric stove? Vectren says that gas stoves require about half the energy as electric ranges. This savings is money you can spend on other utilities or more parties and great food. We look at several of the top ranges on the market to give you the Top Ten Best Gas Ranges below.

Best 36 inch Gas Range Comparison Table

ModelPhotoWeight (lbs)Dimensions (D, W, H)BurnersCheck Price
Thor Kitchen 36-inch dual fuel RangeThor Kitchen 36 inch Dual Fuel Range HRD3606U315 26” x 36” x 38.5” 3 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15, 000 BTU
1 x 12,000 BTU
Check Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3618U Freestanding Gas RangeThor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618U29026” x 36” x 38.5” 1 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
3 x 12,000 BTU
Check Price
Thor Kitchen HRG3609U Four Burner StoveThor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3609U28027.5” x 36” x 39.8”1 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
2 x 12,000 BTU
Check Price
Thor Pro-Style Six Burner Gas Range With LP KitThor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG361866126” x 36” x 38.5” 1 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
3 x 12,000 BTU
Check Price
Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36-inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel RangeVerona VEFSGE365NDSS 36 inch Dual Range27525” x 36” x 36”1 x 16,000 BTU
2 x 12,000 BTU
2 x 6,000 BTU
Check Price
GE DRGB3601 36-inch Gas Range with Convection OvenGE DRGB3601 36-inch Gas Range41128.88” x 36” x 40”4 x 15,000 BTU Check Price
Kucht KRG3618U Professional Natural Gas Range with Convection OvenKucht KRG3618U 36-inch Gas Range29628” x 36” x 36”1 x 18,000 BTU
2 x 15,000 BTU
3 x 12,000 BTU
Check Price
Cosmo COS-965AG Gas RangeCosmo COS-965AG Gas Range18023.63" x 35.5" x 35.75"1 x 18,000 BTU
1 x 10,200 BTU
2 x 7,000 BTU
1 x 5,000 BTU
Check Price
Verona VCLFSGG365BL Gas Range in Light Blue PorcelainVerona VCLFSGG365BL Gas Range26023.94" x 35.875" x 37.25"1 x 16,000
2 x 12,000
2 x 6,000
Check Price
Smeg C36GGRU with Three Cooking ModesSmeg C36GGRU Gas Range23525" x 36" x 35.625"1 x 15,000 BTU
1 x 10,000 BTU
2 x 6,200 BTU
2 x 3,400 BTU
Check Price

Best 36 inch Gas Range Reviews

If you are still unsure about which product may be right for you after looking at the comparison table above, read on to find the best 36-inch gas range right for you.

Thor Kitchen 36-inch dual fuel Range – Best Hybrid Pick

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Dual Fuel Range HRD3606UDo you cook all the time? Perhaps you like to host parties and treat friends when there is something to celebrate. Using a small stove or one with just a few large burners makes it difficult to enjoy the party because you may find you are always at the stove heating something back up or finishing up the cooking because it is taking too long.

The three foot Thor Range has six gas burners on top instead of just four so that you can cook more dishes at the same time. Families with more than four people find that this stove is helpful because cooking for larger groups is easier with more burners. You may find that you can cook more food and have it all ready at the same time rather than getting something done and taking it off the burner to put something else on that needs to cook.

This range uses two sources of fuel for the cooktop, liquid gas or natural gas. You can choose which one you want to use when you purchase the 36-inch Thor range. The oven uses electricity to cook with, and there is a convection fan to circulate the warmth for more even cooking.

When you want a stove that will stand up to heavy use, then the Thor 36-inch gas range may be just what you want. We like that you can cook so much at once with the six burners. This oven is a durable product that lasts.
  • Six burners in stove enclosures
  • Commercial grade convection fan
  • Two halogen lights for easy viewing
  • Black porcelain drip pans make stains less visible
  • Automatic reignite feature if the pilot light goes out
  • Uses two methods to cook food

Thor Kitchen HRG3618U Freestanding Gas Range – Best Quality Broiler

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618UWhile similar to the above Thor range, this version might be more your style if you are the type that cooks steaks and finishes foods off under the broiler. The top-grade cooking unit is a u-shape that can help you when keeping casserole dishes warm or heating large pans.

With six burners on this Thor model stove, you can make sure that your meal is all hot when you are ready to serve the family. You may also get more time to spend with party guests because six cooking surfaces make it quick to finish off a meal. The oven has more than five cubic feet of cooking space giving you room for a large ham or turkey during the holidays.

This range is a great option for large families and heavy entertainers because it gives you so many options. We like that it has a spectacular broiler option so that we can experiment with new foods.
  • Automatic relight feature
  • High-quality broiler
  • Commercial grade convection fan
  • Uses electric oven that some may not want with gas burners

Thor Kitchen HRG3609U Four Burner Stove – Best Range with Griddle

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3609UAre you always cooking sauces or dips? Do you like to fry up fresh fish, pancakes, or bacon on the weekends? The Thor Four Burner with Griddle may be just the stove for you if you like to experiment with different foods and glazes.

People that enjoy a good barbecue will get plenty of use out of this Thor model because it has a center grilling surface where you can crisp up red peppers, caramelize onion slices, and fry up plenty of flapjacks for the whole crew. You are likely to find new uses for this range option every week because the stove is so versatile with twin burners made for varying heat options letting you customize your cooking experience.

We love this range for the ability to sear roasts before adding them to the crockpot! The center griddle gives you room to flip the meat and get all the sides nice and crispy. The burners are set up in a high and medium or medium and low fashion so that you can saute veggies and boil pasta at the right temperatures to get your meal done altogether.
  • 5.2 cubic feet of oven space
  • Commercial grade convection fan
  • High-heat griddle
  • Convection oven with 22,000 BTU’s
  • Requires LP conversion kit to switch to propane

Thor Pro-Style Six Burner Gas Range With LP Kit – Best Combo Pick

Thor Kitchen 36 inch Gas Range HRG3618Do you love the way gas cooks your food, but you may be adding propane in the future? Do you already have propane and just need a range that will work for your family? Amateur and professional chefs both may enjoy using products like the Thor Pro-Style range because it has features made for serious cooks.

The infrared broiler is an excellent way to finish off a steak or get that thick slab of fresh mozzarella a nice golden brown. Black drip pans made of porcelain make cleaning much easier than metal drip pans. Six burners give you plenty of space for large pans and reheating casserole dishes.

The easy sliding oven racks make it simple to access your dishes even when they are heavy. One neat feature you may enjoy is that you can light this stove with a match or a lighter when the power is out so that you can still cook. This ability may be extremely helpful when the electric is out for long periods, and you need to cook up the food that is in the refrigerator before it goes bad. This model has the infrared broiler for quick searing also.
  • Infrared broiler
  • U-shape burners on cooktop
  • Blue porcelain inside the oven
  • 650 BTU simmer capability
  • Manual cleaning only

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36-inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners – Best Dual Oven Model

Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36 inch Dual RangeAre you a fan of Italian quality and manufacturing? Do you feel that you need two ovens because you cook and bake so much? If so, then the Verona Pro-Style range might be what you are looking for in a range. This model features five burners and a set of ovens made to European standards for baking several dishes at once.

While you get two ovens with this option, they are both much smaller than the other 36-inch models with more than five cubic feet of space to use. This stove is not the ideal option for people who cook large items like turkeys, meatloaves, and racks of ribs.

If you love European range models, then this may be the stove you want. The best part about this stove is that it has two ovens allowing you to cook many foods at the same time. This oven does not have a self-cleaning mode either.
  • Two ovens for cooking at varying temperatures
  • Large burner for big pots on the cooktop
  • LP kit included for easy conversion
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Only five burners, not six
  • Smaller oven size

GE DRGB3601 36-inch Gas Range with Convection Oven – Best Infrared Broiler

GE DRGB3601 36-inch Gas RangeDo you want a durable range that holds up to years of use? This GE stove has cast iron grates made for much cooking. If you like to whip up a batch of French Toast for the kids or fry up bacon often, then the griddle may end up being your favorite feature on this stove.

More than five cubic feet of cooking room in the oven gives you ample space for 25-pound turkeys. The griddle has more than 18,000 BTU’s of cooking power that lets you saute, grill, fry, and sear to your heart’s content. If you are a chef, then you may like that this range gives you the ability to cook souffles and other fragile dishes because it has a convection fan that you can switch on or off. We felt that stainless steel cleaner was the best product to keep the range shiny and clean.

This range has electronic igniters on the cooktop and in the oven. You cannot light this stove when you have a power outage like some models.

If you like to cook and experiment with food, then the GE Gas Range might be helpful in your endeavors. The wide range of features gives you more options than a four-burner stove.
  • Convection oven cooking
  • Gas burners with a middle griddle
  • Stainless steel design
  • Manual cleaning only

Kucht KRG3618U Professional Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven – Best Pro Model

Kucht KRG3618U 36-inch Gas RangeWith six burners of varying cooking temperatures, you have many options for making sauces, fried dishes, and sauteeing foods. You may find that you like this model because it has an automatic ignitor for the times when the burner goes out, and you may not realize it.

The burners come in one 18,000 BTU, two 15,000 BTU, and three 12,000 BTU units to let you use the best option for the dish you are making at the time. The versatility gives you the ability to cook stews, fry potatoes, or boil pasta at the same time. Five slots for the oven racks let you add items in large pans or cook closer to the center of the oven.

When you want a classy model range of range to put in your home, then the Kucht Pro Range might be a fitting design. You can soften the style of your kitchen and get the tools you need as a chef to make the dishes your family and friends love. We love the look of the stove and make great use of the professional features of this model.

  • Old-world style
  • Heavy duty grates and burners
  • Automatic reignition
  • Does not have a griddle

Cosmo COS-965AG Gas Range – Best Pro Feature

Cosmo COS-965AG Gas RangeDo you like luxury appliances? We love them too! This Italian burner and European design combo have a unique feature that can help you out a ton when you want to cook racks of lamb, whole chickens, or large pieces of meat. The motorized rotisserie rod makes broasting and roasting an easy task.

The six burners on the Cosmo Range give you a 15,000 BTU, a 10,200 BTU, two 7,500 BTU, and two 5,000 BTU burners that let you cook various dishes at once. The stainless steel top may be an easy cleaning option with a little stainless cleaner to keep it shiny as a whistle. This model is a lighter version weighing in at around 180 pounds versus the 400 pounds of other models like the GE range.

When you want an oven that helps you cook all the meals your family likes, then you might want to go with the Cosmo because of the rotisserie rack. The cooling drawer gives you a place to put pies and cookies when they need to stay away from prying hands.
  • Cooling drawer below the oven
  • Gas oven
  • Stainless steel griddle
  • Only four oven rack positions where some ranges have five

Verona VCLFSGG365BL Gas Range in Light Blue Porcelain – Best Italian Model

Verona VCLFSGG365BL Gas RangeIf you need a stove that will handle many years of use, then you may want to consider purchasing the Verona Gas Range because it has heavy-duty grates and legs. The design features a bevel on the edge of the legs and the oven door. Cast iron grate construction and leg caps ensure that your stove will last for years.

This Italian stove is made of 304 stainless steel that is easy to wash with a stainless cleaner. The convection fan helps ensure that all your meals come out tasty with an even brown coating. There is no hot or cold spot in this stove model. A full-size drawer makes storing hot items easy by simply placing the dish in the cabinet below the stove.

If you need an oven that has racks that are easy to slide in and out, then you may be happy with this Verona model and the EZ glide application. An LP kit comes with the range in case you decide to add propane as your main fuel source. We like this stove because it has a stunning design, and it slides into place easily.
  • Porcelain surface for quick cleanups from spills
  • Automatic reignition in case of blown out pilot lights
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Four cubic feet of oven space instead of five in some models

Smeg C36GGRU with Three Cooking Modes – Best Easy Clean Pick

Smeg C36GGRU Gas RangeDo you need an adjustable stove? Do you wish your range was easy to clean? With the E-Z clean system on the SMEG stove, you do not have to worry about spilling pies in the oven or finding a way to scrape the pizza cheese off the bottom of your oven.

This lightweight stove has an automatic flame-out protection system in case your burner goes out while cooking. Triple-glazing on the doors keeps the heat in your oven, and when you need to clean it, then you can always take off the oven door and get to work without it being in the way.

When you are looking for a range that has some pizzazz and is made from quality materials, then you may want to consider the Smeg C36GGRU stove. It has three cooking capabilities allowing you to broil foods, roast meats, or keep food warm. The Wok ring and Moka ring allow you to use different pieces of cookware on the stovetop.
  • Ever-clean interior with enamel for fast cleanups
  • Lightweight
  • Red color
  • Four rack spaces and a smaller interior space at 4.4 cubic feet of oven room

Best 36-inch Gas Range – Buyer’s Guide

When you choose a range, you may want to look at all the features before you make a final decision on which one to purchase to ensure that it meets all your needs.

Quality and durability of the materials are often high on the list when it comes to deciding factors. Size is a huge consideration for some people.

Whether you want an import or made in the US stove, buyers often agree that functionality is one of the biggest considerations before they purchase a new gas range. You may not want to buy a dual gas oven model when you need to cook large meals like whole turkeys and chickens.


The internal size of the oven makes a huge difference when purchasing for a family. If you entertain a lot throughout the year, then the size of the oven is vital to making the dishes you want to serve your guests. Some people are happy with the European models that have two ovens like the Verona with five burners. You can make several dishes at once and cook on two separate temperatures at the same time. The main decision depends on the dishes you like to prepare. If you are happy serving smaller recipes to an intimate group of friends, then the European model may fit into your lifestyle the best, but if you are a Southern cook that has to have the biggest ham or turkey at holiday meals, then you may want to go with one of the Thor Gas Ranges with more than five cubic feet of cooking space.


Do you live in an apartment or structure that needs a light range or stove? Our list covers a wide range of models from around 200 pounds all the way beyond 400 pounds. If weight is no issue, and you have the help to slide the stove in place, then you can choose practically any model on our Top Ten List. If you have a tight fit, you may want to measure where the gas lines run to make sure that the stove will go into place the way you expect it to fit.

Number of burners

What kind of cooking do you do the most? Are you a person that barbecues or grills food a lot? Do you prefer to boil or bake more meals than most? How you cook should steer your decision about whether to get a four, five, or six burner stove. The four-burner models often have griddles in the middle so that you can sear meat or grill up some burgers. You can saute, roast, and make pancakes on the center cooktop. If you cook a lot of pasta and soups, then maybe the six burner is a more fitting option for your household.


How do you plan to use your stove? Are you going to cook for small or large groups most of the time? Do you need to cook for large groups regularly? Do you want something that is easy to clean or looks nice in your kitchen? All of these functions are important if you want to be happy with your purchase. For a bold look in your room, you may want to go with the Red SMEG range we list last.

Electric or gas igniters

The only thing to consider between gas and electric igniters is whether you want to have the ability to light the stove when the power is out. If so, then you want to go with a gas ignitor. Most of the models on the list have automatic re-ignition if the pilot light goes out, but some do not.

Construction material

How durable do you need your stove to be for your family? Are you an avid chef that is constantly trying out new dishes? A stainless steel model might be just what you want for easy cleanup and a stylish fit. The Italian models have charming details that add character to the range. It just depends on what you want to look at and clean when you are in the kitchen.

Extra features

If you are the cook that loves to roast a nice hunk of meat, then you may like the range with the rotisserie where you can cook whole chickens if you want. Five oven rack slots versus four can make a huge difference when you are a baker. Easy to clean ovens and removable doors are other options that give you the opportunity to cook and clean the way you want.

The Final Word on Best 36-inch Gas Ranges

We think all of the ranges on our Top Ten List have features and capabilities that will intrigue the amateur and professional chef alike. We study various models to provide you with a broad range of products that have features that will fit into your lifestyle and give you the options you need to make a solid purchase.

Figuring out whether you want a flashy model or a more functional item is one of the first considerations you should make before you begin to look at the available ranges. You want to make sure that you choose a stove that will last under heavy use if you cook several times a day. Your choice is an investment in your home and your family life. You are likely to use your stove for many years, so you want to be sure to choose wisely.

Function is the key to making the best choice for your kitchen. You may find that baking bread for your bakery delivery service is much easier in a European model, where the aspiring chef can get much more use out of one of the pro models on our list. For instance, the Kucht range has several burner options that cook at different heat levels. The oven has five rack positions giving bakers plenty of space to make desserts and cookies.

Deciding how you will use your stove is one of the best ways to guide your decision. For instance, if you like to cook steak, then our top broiler pick may be just what you need to sear steaks and melt butter and garlic on breadsticks. The time you spend using your oven and the way you cook should be the primary considerations for your range along with size. Another tip is to check where the gas hookup is to make sure it fits correctly in your kitchen.

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