Top 10 Best Hot Water Dispensers 2023

Best Hot Water Dispenser in 2022

Each home needs a hot water dispenser. They are ideal when you need a hot cup of coffee or tea immediately, and you have no time to wait for the water to heat on the stove. There are standalone models, countertop models, and other models that connect to your sink to produce hot water for you when you are washing.

Choosing the right hot water dispenser makes the difference between efficiency and paying huge electricity bills. There are a plethora of models on the market today, a fact that may be overwhelming especially to first-time buyers. This guide shows you how to choose the best hot water dispenser of 2023.

Best Hot Water Dispenser Comparison Table

(cups per hour)
TemperatureWattageTank CapacityCheck Price
InSinkErator H-WaveC-SS
Editor's Choice
Tank and faucet60160 to 210°F750⅔ gallon Check Price
Westbrass Velosah Tank and faucet100145 to 190°F1,300⅔ gallon Check Price
Franke HT-300 Little ButlerTank only
60up to 194°F1,300⅝ gallon Check Price
Ready Hot RH-200-SSTank and faucet60up to 190°F1,300⅝ gallon Check Price
Waste King H711-U-SNTank and faucet100140 to 190°F1,300⅝ gallon Check Price
Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CHTank and faucet
60up to 190°F780⅝ gallon Check Price
Anaheim AH-1300Tank only100140 to 190°F1,300⅝ gallon Check Price

Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

InSinkErator H-WaveC-SS Involve Series – Top Pick

InSinkErator H-WaveC-SS Review - Best Hot Water Dispenser

If you search the internet for the best instant hot water dispenser, one of the most popular models that will appear is from InSinkErator. We decided to review the H-WAVEC-SS from the Involve series to find out what makes this brand well-liked by customers.

Let’s start first with the faucet. What we have had a chrome-finish which we think matches any kitchen style. However, you have 5 styles and 13 finishes to choose from if you have a specific look that you’re going for.

Do it Yourself Installation

Installing the deck mount faucet is easy. Because of this, you can quickly replace the model you have in case you decide/need to change it. You just simply thread the faucet in a hole ranging from 1-¼ inch to 1-½ inch in diameter.

However, if your countertop is thicker than 3 inches, you have to recess it, which can be a drag, especially for those with granite tops.

What about the tank? Among our review, the tank of the InSinkErator and the succeeding model from Westbrass are the ones with the biggest capacity by having a ⅔ gallon. Its durability is not questionable because it is made of stainless steel to ensure that it will not get corroded, thus, having a long service life.

No Plumber Necessary?

If you’re a fan of DIY, you might enjoy how simple it is to install the H-WaveC-SS tank. Depending on the material of your sink cabinet, all you need is a hand screwdriver and some quick pilot holes to get it mounted. However, you have to buy the parts that you’ll need for mounting the tank to your water line separately such as the compression sleeve, adapter, and those for T-fitting.

InSinkErator boasts that this unit does not require you to hire a plumber which can be true depending on your own knowledge. Our tip is, while shopping for the parts that you’ll need, have a chat with the clerks at the home improvement center to know more about the water line parts.

How instant can I get my hot water?

The H-Wave C-SS is a 750-watt dispenser. The higher the wattage of the model, the quicker it takes for it to produce hot water. But the compensation for the lesser time taken is that it means the dispenser will consume more energy.

For us, the InSinkErator’s 60 cups per hour capacity is just right for most families. However, you can check our comparison table if you prefer something with smaller tank capacity and higher wattage if that fits your lifestyle better.

We should also mention that before installing the tank, you should consider that you will need 1.25 inches of clearance for the control knob that moves backward. The tank comes preset at 200° F, but you can adjust the temperature from 160 to 210°F depending on your preference. You can even add a water filtration system if you want to be extra confident with your drinking water.

Be Careful With…

A common occurrence with hot water dispensers is if you go higher than, let’s say 200° F, the boiling water will result in a build-up of steam. This will cause the water coming out of the faucet to split and spray, which is dangerous. We notice that all of the models we reviewed result in this “problem,” but it is understandable since these dispensers are designed for hot water, not boiling water.

Self-Closing Valve

The InSinkErator also has a safety feature because its valve will automatically close to prevent the tank from burning out. For us, having a safety feature is essential for all tanks in order to extend its lifespan and to keep you worry-free.

If this unit happens to be unavailable or if you prefer something similar, you can check the H SS Invite Contour from the same manufacturer. The only difference it has is it comes with a twist top handle faucet.

Now, if you prefer a dispenser that costs a tad lower, InSinkErator has the H-HOT150SN-SS Invite Hot150. It has the same features except for the faucet spout and a shorter faucet lever. And for its lower price, you will only get a 1-year warranty compared to this unit’s 3-year in-home service with free parts and labor.

Lastly, we think that the InSinkErator is able to provide a longer service if you do simple counteractive measures. What we mean by this is refrain from putting it at the maximum temperature and have a definite schedule for turning it off and on. Keeping it unplugged when you’re not home can also help.

  • Multiply faucet styles and finishes to choose from
  • Straightforward mounting and installation
  • 60 cups per hour capacity
  • Adjustable temperature from 160 to 210° F
  • Self-closing valve
  • 3-year in-home service with free parts and labor
  • Varying lifespan from users

Westbrass Velosah – Best Hot Water Dispenser for Heavy Users

Westbrass Velosah - Best Hot Water Dispenser for Heavy Users

Our next unit in this review is the Westbrass Velosah 1-handle hot water dispenser. Like the InSinkErator, it also has a ⅔ gallon-capacity tank. However, we would prefer it if the inside of the tank is also made of stainless steel instead of rubber bladder for a longer lifespan.

1,300 Watts + ⅔ Gallon Water Capacity Tank

Westbrass Velosah also differs from our previous model because it has a higher wattage of 1,300 watts. The combination of the tank capacity and wattage is excellent for those who need a lot of hot water in a short period of time.

Similar to other dispensers, you can also add a filter between the tank and water supply, especially if you’re using the water for food and consumption.

Auto-Off Lever and Temperature Control Switch

For your safety, the handle has a spring-piston assembly complete with the auto-off lever. But what we like most is inside the tank is a temperature control switch if you want to turn the dispenser off manually.

The tank has a dial to let you adjust the water temperature from 145 to 190 degrees. But even if the highest is only at 190, we advise you to be careful because this high temperature can cause the water to spew. This is relevant information because we found out that a drawback of this unit is, sometimes, its water pressure is uneven.

It is also worth noting that you cannot modify this model to dispense cold water. If that is a feature that you must have, you can get the D2051HFP-07 from the same brand.

Stylish Faucet with High Sink Clearance

Sometimes, buyers also consider the overall look of the faucet. Whether they want it to match with their interior or if they want a specific design (e.g., the position of the handle, faucet spout, etc.), it is an advantage if the unit offers multiple faucet styles and finishes.

Westbrass Velosah has a range of finishes including oil-rubbed bronze, matted black, antique copper, and polished chrome. There are also various designs such as the Victorian, but personally, we like the minimalist faucet in this review because of its high arch. This design is an excellent example of being stylish yet functional because the arch gives you a 9-inch sink clearance. This way, you can put any containers underneath easily.

For the installation of the faucet, the unit comes with mounting materials, and it requires 1 to ⅜ inches of hole diameter. Westbrass recommends using silicone seal and never a plumber’s putty as well.

  • High wattage and high capacity tank
  • Has auto-off lever and temperature control switch for manual control
  • 9-inch sink clearance faucet
  • Multiple faucets and clearance designs
  • Comes with faucet mounting materials
  • Rubber bladder tank
  • Uneven water pressure

Franke HT-300 Little Butler – Best Compact Tank

Franke HT-300 - Best Compact Hot Water Dispenser

If you have limited space in your under-sink cabinet, you can consider the HT-300. It only measures at 8 x 8 x 8 inches, so you can keep it conveniently hidden.

The great news is this tank is compatible with all Franke faucets whether it’s for dispensing only hot water only or for both hot and cold. We recommend that you purchase the Franke LB9200 Hot and Cold faucet to give you the flexibility of both water temperatures.

It can heat up to 60 cups per hour at 194° F perfectly suited for everyday use such as defrosting and sterilizing milk bottles. There is also a knob at the front to control the temperature for your needs.

How does it install? For connecting it to the faucet, you will get a hose connection kit with the unit. We like how flexible the hose is because this can be useful for those with a lot of pipings under the sink. However, we recommend that you hire a plumber to avoid any leaks unless you are already experienced with installations.

  • Compact
  • Can be modified for hot and cold water dispensing
  • Installation is somewhat complicated

Ready Hot RH-200-SS – Best Hot Water Dispenser for Families with Children

If you have children at home, your ideal hot water dispenser has to be equipped with safety features. We choose the RH-200-SS from Ready Hot as the best unit for families with children because it has an automated heater protection along with a safety feature for the hot water flow.

Safety Features to Prevent Burnout and Getting Burned

You see, if the element starts with no water surrounding it, it will get too hot and will burn up. This event can also be dangerous because it can cause pressure to build up inside. Fortunately, with the RH-200, this is something you shouldn’t be worried about.

The unit comes with a dual lever faucet with choice of a chrome-finish or, in this case, brushed nickel. The arch of this model measures 12 inches at the top and 9 inches at the bottom. Like the faucet from Westbrass earlier, these measurements give you reasonable clearance for a safer and more comfortable use.

But because the faucet can dispense both temperatures, you don’t want to risk your child accidentally turning the hot tap on and get burned. We like how you have to push down on the hot water handle for it to stay flowing. This is a great safety feature, especially for curious children. The cold water handle, on the other hand, stays on for practicality uses.

Is the RH-200 the best hot and cold water dispenser? Well, besides the safety features, this 1,300-watt tank is also capable of dispensing 60 cups of hot water in an hour. You can even modify the temperature according to your liking using the dial knob at the front. However, there are users who report that the thermostat loses its sensitivity over time.

Not for First-Time Installers But…

Upon installation, we notice that it will be difficult for those without much experience in plumbing; we recommend that you get a plumber just to be sure. But don’t worry, Ready Hot includes almost everything that you’ll need except for some basic tools and physical junction for your existing pipework.
  • Has safety features
  • Good clearance faucet
  • Comes with almost everything that you’ll need for the installation
  • Thermostat loses sensitivity over time
  • Not for first-time installers

Waste King H711-U-SN – Best Backup Tank

Another dispenser that prevents a dry start using a self-resetting fuse is the H711-U-SN from Waste King. As we have discussed earlier, it can cause burnout if there is no water inside the tank. It can even result in leaking because of the separation from the unevenly heated metal.

Insulated Tank Without Pressure and Dripping

However, you don’t need to stress yourself from these incidents because the tank of this model is insulated and not under pressure. Other than these features, the self-contained expansion chamber of the H711-U-SN also lessens dripping.

How does the Waste King perform? At 1,300-watts, you can get 100 cups of hot water in an hour. The dispenser allows you to choose your temperature with a range of 140 to 190° F. For us, this performance makes this unit a good backup tank or additional tank.

Safety Feature with a Drawback

The H711-U-SN uses a deck mount satin-finish faucet that is reasonably easy to thread in a hole. However, there are issues with leaking from time to time because of the faucet’s safety feature. What this function does is it allows you to increase or decrease the temperature but without having to fear that the bladder will over-expand.

Another comment we have about the faucet is that you can move its spout easily. If you happen to bump it slightly, it can turn to that side easily. We think this is an issue because the direction of the hot water can burn your hand if it is in the path. You should also note that depending on the pressure, sometimes the water jet gets split into multiple jets.

What about the dispenser? It comes pre-installed with a power cord, and Waste King has also provided the quick-connect fittings both with and without filter. These fittings will help you get a neater-looking water line, but you have to buy separate tubings.

  • Can produce 100 cups of hot water in an hour
  • Self-resetting fuse
  • Insulated tank without pressure
  • Self-contained expansion chamber
  • Provided quick-connect fittings
  • Needs separate short tubings for the quick-connect fittings
  • Instructions are difficult to understand
  • Issues with leaking and water pressure

Ready Hot RH-100-F560-CH – Best Affordable Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

An Affordable RH-200

If you like the hot and cold water dispenser from Ready Hot earlier, but prefers something that is more affordable, you can consider this unit from them as well. The RH-100 is like the RH-200’s younger sibling, who bears the same characteristics except for the lower 780-watt tank. But surprisingly, the RH-100 can also provide 60 cups of hot water in an hour.

You can choose the faucet to have a brushed nickel-finish or chrome-finish depending on your preference. The water flows quickly from it but similar to other dispensers; we advise you not to use the model at the highest temperature as it builds up steam and causes the water to spew.

For the unit’s installation, Ready Hot has also provided the quick-connect fittings along with the hose clamp and adapter. The installation is relatively easy, and the instructions are well-written as well.

We also like that the tank itself is not pressurized and prevents a burnout similar to the RH-200. And speaking of pressure, the faucet valve’s position even helps in avoiding the build-up of pressure inside the tank as well by the ventilation it created.

However, there are some users that report their water as having “plastic” taste.

  • Energy-efficient 780-watt tank
  • Can provide 60 cups of hot water in an hour
  • Quick water flow
  • Coms with quick-connect fittings, hose clamp, and adapter
  • Tank is not pressurized with automated heater protection
  • Open vent faucet valve
  • Reports of plastic taste

Anaheim AH-1300 – Best Affordable Unit

Anaheim AH-1300 Hot Water Dispenser

Besides the Franke HT-300, our last model is also a tank that you can modify for both hot-only and hot-and-cold dispensing. In fact, you can purchase a faucet from a different brand such as the RH-F560-BN Dual Lever Faucet from Ready Hot.

Heater Protection Control

What we like about this model is because it is reasonably affordable, you can easily replace it or use it as a backup tank.

The AH-1300 is a 1,300-watt unit that can give you 100 cups of hot water per hour. You can choose your temperature from 140 to 190° F, and because of its capacity and wattage, you will literally get instant water whenever you need it. The switch also allows you to turn off the tank in case you’re out of town. And for added peace of mind, the tank utilizes a self-resetting thermal fuse.

For the installation, the AH-1300 requires plumbing. But similar to the other unit we reviewed from Waste King, you will also get quick-connect fitting and filter fitting upon purchasing.

  • Affordable
  • Can produce 100 cups of hot water per hour
  • Has heater protection control
  • Comes with quick-connect fitting
  • Requires a plumber for installation
  • Consumers have mixed reviews about the unit’s lifespan

Other Products

InSinkErator F-H3300SN – Best Hot Water Dispenser Faucet Only

InSinkErator F-H3300SN – Best Hot Water Dispenser Faucet OnlyTrue to its name, you connect this dispenser to your conventional sink faucet to dispense hot water right from your sink; it is convenient. The F-H3300SN Indulge Instant Hot Water Dispenser produces near-boiling water, 200 degrees Fahrenheit, at the touch of a button; this makes it ideal for use when you are preparing pasta, melting chocolate or removing candle wax among other tasks.

This unit is created for use with the new model of InSinkErator’s Hot-Water Tank and Filtration System, HWT-F1000S, which is sold separately. It is offered with stunning clean lines that make it easy to blend with your room with a convenient swivel spout that makes dispensing easy. After the water is hot, the dispenser automatically shuts off to save on power. You find it easy to use control and dispensing buttons for convenience.

This unit comes with a durable brass construction that ensures you do not go back to the shop soon. Even better, you are offered a 5-year in-home service warranty. This dispenser is recommended if you are looking for a durable instant hot water dispenser that is easy to use.

  • Easy to use control buttons
  • Easy installation
  • 5-year warranty
  • Highly durable thanks to brass construction
  • Great price for its value
  • Instruction manual not clear
  • Filtration system sold separately

Avalon Top-Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser – Best Hot Water Dispenser For Office

Avalon Top-Loading Hot and Cold Water Dispenser - Best Hot Water Dispenser For OfficeTrue to form, this is a top loading water dispenser designed with two separate spouts; one for hot water and another for cold water. When using this dispenser, you have the option of choosing between crisp cold water and piping hot water and as such, it is ideal for toasty beverages and cool refreshments.

This UL and Energy Star approved dispenser comes with a child safety lock fitted on the hot water dispensing spout; you can thus use it without worry that your baby will get burned.

The system is innovative and stylish. First off, it is slim to save on space and long with a glass compartment at the bottom where you can store your glasses or mugs. This unit dispenses water directly into your cup or mug with a simple push-down switch. It has a faster flow rate dispensing near boiling or chilled water. Inside the sleek system, there are two stainless steel tanks; one for hot water and another for chilled water.

The system is top-loading and this makes it easy for you to track the level of water and plan for refills. This free standing dispenser is recommended if, besides hot piping water, you love cold/chilled beverages.

  • Design looks great for an office, home or hospital setting
  • Great as a cooler and also a heater
  • System does not require much in terms of installation
  • Top loading feature makes it easy to spot the amount of water remaining
  • Child safety feature great with most homes
  • Poor customer support from the manufacturer
  • The outer construction of the dispenser less durable
  • Lacks temperature controls

Mr. Coffee SunBeam Hot Shot – Best One Cup Hot Water Dispenser For Tea

Mr. Coffee SunBeam Hot Shot – Best One Cup Hot Water Dispenser For TeaThis is a compact unit ideal for office or home countertop. You will love the space saving design of the hot water dispenser especially if you love moving your dispenser from one room to the next. According To the manufacturer, this dispenser heats water faster than any microwave and dispenses water directly into your bowl or mug.

Offered with an auto shut-off feature, this dispenser saves power and works conveniently after you have loaded it and switched it on. It heats up to 16 oz of water. At the base, the unit has easy to use buttons that allow you to regulate the heating and dispense the water. Its cord storage, at the base, fits neatly further enhancing the look of the dispenser and its convenience.

The dispenser measures 10 x 6 x 8 inches; compact enough to fit on kitchen table tops, desktops and even dorm counters.

You can use this to prepare coffee or tea water, heat noodles, make baby food and much more. It is highly recommended thanks to its compact size and its performance.

  • Space saving design
  • Easy to use control buttons
  • Automatic shut-off saves energy
  • Takes relatively less time to heat and dispense water
  • Great price performance ratio
  • Low quality plastic build
  • Relatively low amount of water
  • Buttons can at times be stiff

Best Hot Water Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

There are basically three types of water dispensers with each type having its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a water dispenser, you chose based on your needs.

A bottom or a top loading hot water dispenser is fitted with a jug or container that continually feeds water to the dispenser. They are easy to fill and you can monitor the water level.

Point or bottle water dispenser fits into your water tap faucet and provides water directly from your mains allowing you to continue enjoying the same great services through a conventional tap. This type is relatively challenging to install. The dispenser may be offered with the faucet or you may be required to buy a faucet.

Portable dispensers are countertop dispensers compact in design and hold water for daily use. These produce low volumes of water but their performance is great. Choose one based on your needs, your space and your budget.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Dispenser

Water Volume

The size of the tank will vary from one dispenser to the next. While some can hold up to 2 liters, other can only hole 1 liter or less. However, a tank that holds up to 1.5 liters should be sufficient of all you need is one cup of water at a time. For those with a large family and would like to use the dispenser for cooking and cleaning purposes, a dispenser with a large tank is needed.

The amount of water that a dispenser can dispense at once should also be considered. While some dispensers have set amounts, others offer you control over the amount of water you need. This is important when you are in a home or office setting and there are lots of people that need hot water at once. The tank may have a high volume and yet produce a low amount of water at a go.

Temperature Control Settings

Some dispensers lack temperature control settings and instead offer a constant level of temperature for hot or cold water. Others have temperature control settings up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature just below the boiling point of water.

You can choose between a number of heat settings. Temperature settings are particularly important when you want to brew herbal tea, which tastes great at specific temperatures. Again, by use of temperature settings, you will know the right temperature to add milk so as to enjoy your drink at the right temperature.

Temperature control may sound extravagant for some but for those who enjoy their beverages, being able to control temperature is a necessity.

Wattage and Heating Time

The one thing that most people like about hot water dispensers is that they are instant. As such, they must live up to their reputation. The wattage of a dispenser determines the time it takes for the dispenser to heat up your water. When some dispensers are as instant as 5 seconds, others will take as much as 45 seconds. However, this does not mean that the one that takes less time is better as this depends on how quickly you need hot water.

High wattage means more energy consumption but the good thing is that less time is taken.

Energy Efficiency

One standard feature among water dispensers is the automatic shut-off feature. Immediately water has been heated, the dispenser switches off to save on power. A few brands, however, lack this feature and you have to be there to monitor your water.

Energy efficiency impacts the environment and impacts your finances more. If you have a small family, you will need a small dispenser, one that is designed to heat low volumes of water as a big tank will waste energy. Consequently, having a small dispenser in a large family or office setting will waste energy.

Water Filtration

While boiling water will eliminate chemicals and microorganisms, there may still be particulates and odors that remain. A hot water dispenser fitted with a water filter will dispense high quality drinking or cooking water. If you are very sensitive to odors, tastes and impurities in water, you might consider one with a water filter. If you are not and you are going to buy a dispenser without filter, you are strongly advised to fit it with alkaline water filter. This filter is claimed the best one for your health.

There are lots of dispenser brands with no water filters and instead focus on boiling water alone.


Each water dispenser makes a hissing sound, something not distracting at all. However, some make loud whirring and beeping sounds that are distracting. A loud dispenser will distract your family every time you are making coffee in the morning or your workmates when you need hot water. You will not find an entirely soundless water dispenser but there are lots of models that operate quietly.

Ease of Use

Most water dispensers are easy to connect; connect to the power outlet, load water and heat the button to start dispensing. However, the point water dispensers, one connected to your sink faucet, are relatively challenging to install. It is not logical to spend a lot of money on a device you will never use because its operation is very technical.

Operation should come first; ensure that the tank is easy to remove and wash, it is easy to refill, you understand the functions of different buttons on your water dispenser and you can easily install or connect it. Having a variety of settings is good, but in most cases, you only need a single-touch button.

Ensure that the dispenser you buy comes with a manual stop button allowing you to control the amount of water you dispense at a time.

Drip Tray

Dispensers are marketed as “no-mess” water heaters and cooler. But, this may not always be the case and at times, there will be spills and mess. To this end, you will need a dispenser that sports a drip tray that collects spills for later emptying. The tray should be detachable from the dispenser for hygiene purposes.


Nowadays, everything has to be quick and easy. For everyday use, having a hot water dispenser can help you save time and effort. You will get the exact amount that you need with less energy consumption and without the need for separate appliances such as kettles. For us, hot water dispensers deserve the term “instant” because of how fast they can deliver.

The best hot water dispenser will vary depending on your lifestyle. Will you use it for cooking? Thawing? Perhaps jumpstarting a pasta for boiling? Or is your family composed of tea drinkers? Do you need a model that allows you to get both hot and cold water? Or do you only require the dispenser for sterilizing your baby’s items? Whatever your primary uses are, you can revisit our buyer’s guide so that you can create a criteria for your priorities and needs.

Our top pick is the InSinkErator H-WaveC-SS because of its self-closing valve, 3-year in-home service warranty, and ease of installation. We think that its performance is suitable for most households and the consumption of 750 watts is energy-efficient for daily use. However, if you prefer a dispenser for both hot and cold water, we can also recommend the RH-200 from Ready Hot.

Got any questions? Leave them below, and we’d be happy to help!

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Hot Water Dispensers 2023

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello Matthew,

      Manufacturer claims that everything you need for installation, except tools, is included in the package. You will need teflon tape for the hot water pipe connection. Non-switched outlet is necessary too. You are able to plug the InSinkErator HC-WaveC-SS under your sink. That’s all.

  1. Michael Simmons says:

    Hello Amelia,

    On the front of the heater you can find a full range thermostat, that can be used for water temperature regulation. There are 9 setting options, so you are able to choose one.

  2. Linda C. says:

    Thanks for this review, Michael. I’m very interested in replacing our unit at home, but I’m looking for the best hot water dispenser in terms of installation. I’m quite knowledgeable with tools, so I think I can install or replace a unit myself. Which model can you recommend?

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello Linda,

      Excellent question, and to answer your request, I can recommend the InSinkErator H-WaveC-SS Involve Series. The method is simple because you’ll just thread the faucet to a hole, and you’re good to go. But as I have mentioned in the review, you may need to recess your countertop if it happens to be thicker than three inches. Other than that, this is a stress-free model to put yourself.

  3. Robert says:

    Perfect! I am not sure that I need a hot water dispenser. However, I still don’t have a good feeling about this appliance because of potential hazards. What feature should I list as my priority?

    • Michael Simmons says:

      It’s not unusual for homeowners to think thoroughly before installing a hot water dispenser. The good news is that these are modern models, and they have safety measures to help you feel at ease. For example, some models have a so-called self-closing valve that will do the locking for you. This should protect the tank from burning out and make you feel more relaxed if you happen to forget to close the valve.

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello, absolutely! The Franke HT-300 Little Butler is meant to be compact but still performs well, so those with small spaces can still benefit from having a hot water dispenser. To save you the trouble, I recommend measuring your under-sink cabinet beforehand. Remember that this model measures 8 x 8 x 8 inches, which I think will easily fit most cabinets. Also, hire a professional to install this model because it’s quite tricky to put together.

  4. Manuel says:

    Hello Michael! Thank you for this. By the way, what made you pick the InSinkErator as the best hot water dispenser among the list? I’m originally planning on buying a portable dispenser or a classic loading unit. However, I’m actually influenced by your feedback on a dispenser that will fit on my faucet directly. It looks like the models in the list have safety features. Still, I have a five-year-old who is quite curious. Would it be safe? I’m worried about the hot water spewing at high temperatures.

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hi, and my pleasure reviewing helpful kitchen appliances for my readers. It’s understandable to wonder about the safety of hot water dispensers, especially for homes with children. The InSinkErator itself is a reliable brand, so you shouldn’t worry about safety issues. The particular unit in the review has a self-closing valve. But as an additional safety reinforcement, please keep the dispenser at a reasonable temperature and schedule its usage. The Westbrass Velosah unit also has a lever that will automatically shut it off, so it’s work checking out. But if your child is naturally curious and active, why not check out the Ready Hot RH-200-SS? It will need consistent pressure to release hot water, and it has two handles for different water temperatures. I hope this helps!

  5. Kristoph says:

    Okay okay, thank you for this review. My roommate and I finally decided on getting a hot water dispenser for our apartment. We also have two other roommates that share the place with us, so we should get something durable and high-capacity, right? What do you think about the Westbrass Velosah? And if we chose that, should we hire someone to install it for us? We’re all in college, so we are on a budget, haha. Thanks in advance!

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello and congratulations on adding the best instant hot water dispenser to your kitchen! I would also recommend Westbrass Velosah for your situation because it is high capacity and well-made. All four people will have enough hot water, and you can ensure that you’re getting value for money because this model will last long. It even comes with materials for mounting the faucet. However, I recommend hiring a professional to install it for you, or you can gauge the installation instructions if you find it comfortable to do. Another unit I can recommend for college students is the Anaheim AH-1300. It is safe, does the job reasonably, and very affordable. However, it does require plumbing, so it can’t be done for DIY installations.

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