Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Filter Machines 2023

Best Alkaline Water Filter in 2022

If you don’t already have some water filtration system at home, it is time you started shopping for one. And if you are in the market for one already, you need to look at Alkaline Water Filters. So what is so special about these filters then? Not only do they sieve out harmful contaminants and bugs in your tap water, but they also make the water healthierWith one of these installed in your kitchen, you no longer have to spend money buying bottled mineral water.

Alkaline water machines use multiple filters to remove contaminants from your tap water. They then increase the pH level and alkalinity of water using unique methods. Low pH water is usually acidic and has a foul taste. It is also often a sign that your water is contaminated with heavy metals. By raising pH to healthier levels (between 7 – 10), alkaline water filters give water a pleasant taste while making them healthier as well. To learn more about how alkaline water heaters work, and their potential health benefits, check out our buying guide at the end of this review here.

We have compiled a list of the best alkaline water filters available at the moment. These range from highly affordable filter models to sophisticated purification systems. To help you figure out which model is right for your home, I’ve compiled a list of the best alkaline water filters in 2022. Here is a handy comparison table highlighting their features:

Best Alkaline Water Filter Machine Comparison Table

ModelPhotoBasis of DesignPH LevelWarantyCheck Price
Life Ionizers M9
Life Ionizers M9Ionizer Machine2.5 to 11.0Lifetime Check Price
Tyent UCE-11
Ionizer Machine2.0 to 12.0Lifetime Check Price
Bawell Platinum
Ionizer Machine2.0 to 12.0Lifetime Check Price
Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0
Ionizer Machine3.0-11.5Lifetime Check Price
Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0
Ionizer Machine5.0 to 11.05 years Check Price
Cosan USA
Cosan USA Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water IonizerCountertop9-9.5Lifetime Check Price
Zen Water Systems Zen Water Systems Countertop Water FilterCountertopIncreases the pH level by roughly 130 days Check Price
Countertop8.0 to 9.51 year Check Price
Express Water ROALK5D
Under-Sink Reverse Osmosis7.0 to 10.01 year Check Price
iSpring RCC7AK
iSpring #RCC7AK 6-stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Alkaline pH Filter and Brushed Nickel FaucetUnder-Sink Reverse OsmosisiSpring brings the pH down by 1.0-2.0 levels and the alkaline sistem will bring it back up 0.5-1.51 year Check Price

Best Alkaline Water Filter Machine Reviews

There are countertop models, reverse osmosis systems, water ionizer machines and other interesting devices. So let’s consider top models and define what is the best alkaline water filter in every category.

Best Alkaline Water Ionizers

Life Ionizers M9 – Best Alkaline Water Filter System

Life Ionizers M9Sleek sophistication is what you get when you are willing to fork out a tidy sum for an alkaline water filter! This baby has everything, all metal finish with no plastic in sight, a digital touchscreen display, and a lovely metallic gray and black finish. And event the alkaline water faucet uses a state of the art touch mechanism to function.

Since this is a top dollar product, the packaging and everything is top notch. Installation is streamlined and very easy to DIY. Life Ionizers offer a lot of offers and features with this product, ranging from customized pre-filter systems to optional EFT, Mesh plates, and UV filtering protection.

The performance is quite remarkable. The alkaline filter offers customizable pH levels, ranging from a very low 2.5 to a high 11. The system uses nine platinum covered plates for efficient ionization. The taste of the water is quite pleasing.

The downside of such a top ranked product is almost entirely down to economy. It is quite expensive, and the maintenance costs can also be quite high. That is the cost of some of the more affordable water filters on this list.

If you are okay with those kinds of numbers, this machine comes highly recommended. After all, you cannot put a price on good health now, can you?! If you want the best experience with alkaline water, Life Ionizers M9 is an excellent choice.

  • Uses nine plates for ionization.
  • Sleek and stylish looking product with futuristic interface.
  • Excellent performance in purifying as well as controlling pH levels.
  • Lots of extra features to choose from.
  • One of the most expensive units on sale.
  • High maintenance costs.

Tyent UCE-11 – Best Under Sink Alkaline Water Filter

Tyent UCE-11Efficient water ionization requires a lot of power, and that is something that the UCE 11 delivers aplenty. With 11 platinum plates, and using 750 watts of power, this is quite the behemoth among our test models. As a high-end model for modern kitchens, it has interactive touch screens and multi-lingual voice control.

The device has two huge filters eleven platinum plates inside, making it quite bulky. There are no complaints regarding the packaging. And the installation itself is quite hassle-free. All you need to worry about is making a hole in your sink/counter to house the smart faucet. Since this is an under counter model, it can be installed discreetly beneath your sink.

The UCE 11 offers several pH levels to choose from. The filters are high quality and remove contaminants efficiently. The result is pure water with little or no flavors. A large number of platinum plates result in a very efficient ionization process.

There are very few negative points regarding the Tyent UCE 11. They all relate to the cost of the device and its maintenance. This is one of the most expensive devices on our list. And the maintenance and power costs are also quite high.

Regarding performance and features, the Tysent UCE is a stellar device. If it fits your budget, we have no issues in recommending this excellent alkaline water filter.

  • Best in class ionizing capabilities with a maximum number of plates.
  • Has features like touch screen and voice control.
  • Relatively easy to install.
  • Lots of options in pH levels.
  • Robust filtering capabilities.
  • Expensive product.
  • High maintenance costs.

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer With 7 Plates

Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water IonizerBawell scores high in the looks and features department with their Platinum Water Ionizer. It’s shiny metallic silver body, and small profile is highly suited for a modern kitchen. This is countertop machine with a feature rich LCD touch screen. The controls are easy to use, and you have a wide range of options regarding the pH level of your water.

The product is delivered with perfect packaging. The installation is easy and you have two choices: you can either connect it to the faucet directly or to the water line below the sink. Either way, the machine will have to sit on your kitchen counter.

The performance of this machine is satisfactory. The advanced touchscreen controls and preprogrammed water pH levels work well. The taste of the water is much better than tap water. The available pH ranges are between 2 and 12, which is among the best in class. You also get the option to buy extra external filters to go along with the two already inside the machine.

The only major issue with the device is regarding the input water pressure. The Bawell Platinum requires a constant water pressure of 20psi to work properly. This may not be available if your source is well water. And in places where the psi level is low or fluctuating, the device may malfunction.

At half the price of some competitors, the Bawell Platinum water filter is an excellent buy for those looking at a feature packed alkaline water filter. It doesn’t break any promises and delivers a good performance with its seven plates and two filters.

Alkaline Water Filter Installation

  • LCD touch display with advanced settings
  • Wide range of water pH levels to choose from
  • Compact and sleek looking device with metallic finish.
  • Easy to install and maintain, with lifetime warranty.
  • A tad expensive.
  • Can have issues related to low water pressure.

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 – Countertop Water Ionizer With 9 Plates

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0This model is mainly an upgrade on the other Air Water Life Ionizer reviewed above. That one had five plates for ionization, while this Deluxe 9.0 model has, you got it, nine plates. The extra plates improve the ionization process, resulting in more alkaline water. You get a wider range of options regarding water pH, though the number of settings is still restricted to seven.

The device costs more than 5.0 model for the increased number of titanium covered plates. All other functions and features are mostly identical between the 9.0 and 5.0 versions. This one is also a countertop model, but you do have the option to install it under the sink. And if you want advanced filtering, the company does offer three stage filtering setup at an extra cost.

So, how good is this product? The Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 makes perfect sense for those who want to try out the ionized alkaline water lifestyle. More plates equal better ionization. And the company also has a fantastic customer care service. If you want to buy your first proper water ionizer, this model comes highly recommended.

  • Full fledged ionizer with nine plates.
  • Excellent customer care.
  • Wider alkaline pH options to choose from.
  • Easy to install, can be installed both as countertop and under counter device.
  • Rather expensive.

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 – Digital Countertop Water Ionizer

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0This is the first proper ionizer on our list, from the rather ponderously named Air Water Life brand. Available at a rather low price, it is an absolute steal. For that price, you get actual control over your water pH levels. You can choose from seven water settings, ranging from acidic (pH 5) to high alkaline (pH 11). And being a compact countertop design, it doesn’t take up much space and is quite easy to install as well.

The ionizer arrives well packed and ready to install. You don’t need expert assistance to hook this up to your faucet. The machine can even be hanged on the wall near your faucet.

Since this is an electric device, you need access to 110V electrical point to power it. Though this one has activated carbon filters to purify water, it does not work with good water. So if you are not hooked to a public water supply, you may want to look elsewhere.

It has only five platinum coated plates to handle the ionization process. That is a low number, but entirely understandable on a machine at this price point. The Air Water Life ionizer has a self-cleaning ability, which helps increase its longevity. The manufacturers claim that the device can purify a maximum of 4000 liters of water, worth over a year’s supply, before needing filter replacement.

Okay, this alkaline ionizer is not a bad choice. It provides tasty alkaline water and gives you multiple settings to choose from. The purification process is competent, and the device has few reported drawbacks. But you may want to look at more feature rich options that are available for just a marginal increase in price.
  • Proper ionizer with multiple pH options.
  • Digital filter comes with a pH reader.
  • Looks compact and very stylish.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Has only five plates for ionization.
  • Countertop device may not be suitable for every kitchen.
  • The filter elements are not easily accessible.

Best Countertop Alkaline Water Filters

Cosan USA Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water Ionizer

Cosan USA Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water IonizerThis is a very sleek looking standalone machine. Despite its looks, this is not an electronic water filter. It has regular multi-stage water filters stocked inside the box. It is easy to hook this one up to your faucet. And it is also incredibly compact.

The packaging is quite secure on this device. It comes ready to install. The sleek metallic box houses the four different filtration cartridges. The faucet is a foldable contraption located on the top of the case. Overall this is one of the best looking alkaline water filters we have seen, especially at such an affordable price.

The performance of the Cosan ionizer is on par with many other systems in this list. Though you miss out on advanced controls, the pH level is usually maintained at a steady 9, which is quite safe and healthy. The purity levels are satisfying, and the overall taste and mouthfeel of the water are also quite refreshing.

There are few important problems or issues with this device. Some users had trouble hooking up the machine to their faucets. The device comes with two installation options out of the box, which can be a bit confusing. The main concern is regarding the filter cartridges. They use a proprietary design and need frequent replacement.

All in all, this is a great looking device at a very accessible price point. It costs more than filters with similar specifications, but offer a compact and good looking device in the bargain. It is a good choice if you want a small alkaline filter to handle your daily drinking water needs.

  • Looks great, takes up very little space.
  • Pretty easy to install and use.
  • Maintains a stable pH level close to 9.
  • Filter elements are proprietary design, cannot use standard filters.
  • Small capacity with no storage options.

Zen Water Systems Countertop Water Filter – Best Natural Alkaline Water Filter

Zen Water Systems Countertop Water FilterYou simply cannot hope to get a cheaper alkaline water filter. And it also uses comprehensive five-stage filtering, much like the APEX model above. But unlike the APEX, it has its massive water storage and dispensing system, with 4, 6 and 8-gallon variants.

On the plus side, the water tastes great initially, thanks to the Maifan mineral stones used in filters. It imparts a balanced flavor to the purified water, making it taste like good quality bottled spring water.

But there are problems galore with this device. There are complaints about shoddy build quality and broken pieces. The filter elements have a tendency to accumulate algae/moss after a few weeks. However, it happens if the filter sits on the countertop where the sunrise reaches the device easily. The system also takes a very long time to filter the water. The ceramic dome filter at the top of the device is also prone to cracking. Make sure the device in a shadow and you might be quite satisfied.

As for another disadvantage, the system also takes a very long time to filter the water. The ceramic dome filter at the top of the device is also prone to cracking.

All taken into account, this alkaline water filter with rocks is good product for such cheap price.
  • Very cheap pricing.
  • Available in multiple capacities.
  • Does not require extra plumbing or complicated installation.
  • Flimsy design, parts have a tendency to break.
  • Filter system accumulates algae.
  • Prolonged and inefficient filtering process.
  • Takes up a lot of space.

APEX Countertop – Best Affordable Alkaline Water Filter For Home

APEX Countertop Drinking Water FilterStanding just 12 inches tall, this is one of the most compact countertop filters in the market. At an affordable price, you have a compelling package here. Despite the small size and low price, the filter also manages to do a decent job of removing odors and awful flavors from your regular tap water.

The filter is a cylinder that stands on the countertop and connects to your faucet using pipes. It requires no extra plumbing or installation. The APEX filter is available in various colors, with opaque and transparent body options. In the clear body models, you can see the different filters used to purify and increase the pH of tap water.

The taste of the water is improved considerably after using the APEX filter. You don’t have any control over the pH level since this is not an advanced electronic device. But you can expect a regular pH level between 7-8 from this filter.

Since the device uses industry standard filter housing, finding replacement filters is a straightforward process. This device is designed to work with standardly sized faucets. If you do not have those in your home, this device may not function properly.

Disliking the APEX countertop alkaline filter is hard. Sure, it is a low budget device that lacks any advanced features. But it is available at a rock bottom price and provided excellent value for money. And add that compact footprint, and you have the perfect little filter for small homes and apartments.
  • Available at an extremely low price.
  • Offers adequate purifying capabilities.
  • Raises the pH to safe and healthy levels consistently.
  • Extremely compact design that takes up little space.
  • Lacks any advanced features.
  • Tiny capacity.
  • Not very sturdy suffers from minor leaking issues.

Best Alkaline Water Filters For Reverse Osmosis

iSpring RCC7AK – Best Alkaline Water Filter Machine With RO

 iSpring #RCC7AK 6-stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Alkaline pH Filter and Brushed Nickel FaucetiSpring is a very popular brand in alkaline water filters. Their RCC7AK model is one of the highest rated and best selling devices in the segment. The low price is a key factor, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. At an affordable cost, you get an RO filter that adds healthy alkaline minerals and raises the pH of the water. This is a made in USA product with very responsive customer care services.

As an affordable product, you only get plastic components, with solid build quality. You do get a brushed nickel drinking water faucet. The product is delivered well packaged and comes ready to install. You do not require any expert assistance, but the option is available but at extra cost.

Regarding performance, the RO and six stage alkaline remineralization setup do get the job done satisfactorily. You get the foul taste of chlorine out of the water, and iSpring claims that this filter can remove fluoride as well. The water has the taste of good quality bottled water. Tests show results anywhere between 10-25 PPM, which is quite nice for a system that costs only a few hundred bucks.

On the downside, you don’t get full control over the pH level of the water. But for that kind of control, you will need a higher end digital water ionizer model. Still, the final pH level is on the lower side. And for an under counter design, this one is rather big, with a 3.2-gallon tank added to the multiple filter housings.

Upon final estimation, the iSpring filter delivers in several key areas while failing somewhat in others. The water purification part is handled pretty well by the RO system. But the alkaline levels are rather underwhelming. If you are not too particular about your pH levels, this is an excellent product at a very affordable asking price.
  • Competent pricing.
  • Excellent build quality despite being all plastic.
  • Fine performance by the Reverse Osmosis system.
  • DIY installation is easy.
  • Lower pH levels when compared to other filters.
  • The filter elements will require frequent replacement.

Express Water ROALK5D Alkaline RO Water Filtration System

Express Water ROALK5D Alkaline RO Water Filtration SystemFor a system that incorporates both Reverse Osmosis as well as a 10 stage alkaline filtration, the Express Water filter is quite cheap. This is also an easy-to-install under counter water filter. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

The items are packaged quite well and come partially assembled. The filter mechanism is quite compact and should fit snugly under most kitchen sinks. There are multiple cylinders and parts, but they all come color coded. This makes installation quite a breeze and should also facilitate easy maintenance.

As to the performance of the filter elements, the overall result is quite satisfactory, though not without fault. The combination of RO and 10-stage filtration does an excellent job of removing impurities and the chlorine taste from tap water. The mineralization process can deliver a water pH level close to 10 with this setup.

Coming to the flaws, there are a couple of notable ones with the Express Water filter. There are some minor leaks, often due to missing O-rings that are often not delivered along with the package. And the filtration process is also quite slow, contrary to the claims of the company. Expect to take anywhere from 5-6 hours to get 5 gallons of pure water. That comes to around a gallon an hour.

In conclusion, this is not a bad option if you want a budget RO alkaline water filter. It does a decent job of filtering your tap water and increasing the pH level noticeably.

  • Compact system that stays out of sight under the counter and saves space.
  • Excellent pricing.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Comprehensive 10 stage filtering process.
  • No advanced alkaline ionization
  • A lot of filter elements that will need periodic replacement.
  • Some concerns regarding leaks and missing parts.

Best Alkaline Water Filter Buying Guide

Let’s start with the basics. You know the deal with water filters. They use a variety of methods, from physical filtration (using stuff like charcoal/activated carbon), to reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and pure old distillation to purify water.

Now, alkaline water filters go the extra mile, by not just removing stuff from water, but adding something extra. And that little something has got to do with the pH level and alkalinity of water. If you can think back to 4th-grade chemistry, you might remember about acids and alkalies and how one turns the litmus paper blue and the other red.

Acids reduce the pH while alkaline substances raise it. And pH is short form of “potential for hydrogen.” The pH scale goes on from 0 to 14. You would have battery acid at 0, and household lye would be around the 14 pH mark.

Pure water has a pH of 7 which is at the halfway point and considered very neutral and safe. In fact, pH levels between 7 – 10 are considered the safest. Extremes above and below that level can be harmful in the long term.

Full disclosure, there is a lot of hype around the alkaline water benefits. But a lot of the claims made by proponents and manufacturers involve quite a bit of exaggeration and marketing gimmicks. Claims that drinking alkaline water will cure diseases like cancer have no basis in science, yet. More studies are needed to verify the benefits of alkaline water on human health.

But we do know that alkaline water is safe, as long as the pH is not too high. And several studies do indicate that there is a link between alkaline water and positive effects on the blood after exerciseimproved longevity, and the benefits against chronic diseases.

These alkaline water filters boost the pH of tap water to beneficial rates using two main techniques.

  • The more affordable ones use remineralization filters to raise the pH level or purified water. These filters contain minerals that dissolve in the water and do not require any electricity to operate.
  • More advanced and expensive filters are water ionizers (or alkaline ionizers) that use a process known as electrolysis. The water is treated with an electronic current to split the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Water rich in hydrogen ions is acidic (low pH) while the remaining water is alkaline (high pH).

In the purification method used to remove contaminants, there are again two different methods that popular alkaline water filters employ:

  • The cheaper devices use multiple filter elements to remove dirt, dissolved chemicals, heavy metals, and microorganisms.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration is employed on the high-end devices powered by electricity. The water is passed through a fine membrane to remove impurities including bacteria from the water.

Further, there are two major designs of alkaline water filters available in the market at the moment:

  • Countertop Filters: These sit on your kitchen counters. They take up more space but are comparatively easier to install. They are also probably the cheaper of the two designs.
  • Undercounter Filters: Discreet devices that can be stowed away out of sight. They use less space but have rather more complicated installation procedures. They are also generally more expensive than countertop designs.

Factors to consider when buying alkaline filters include the following:

Price: Usually, higher price indicates better performance. But in the market of alkaline water filters, you can find capable filters at every price point from $100 to several thousand dollars. The higher prices machines may use advanced digital technology and offer more control over the pH levels.

Number of filters: The greater the number of filters used, the better the chances of purity and high pH. Low-end devices that do not use water ionization can have a lot of different filters, between 4-6 or more.

Filter capacity: It denotes how long the filters will work before you need to buy replacement filter elements. The lesser the capacity, the more your maintenance costs will be.

Number of plates: This feature is available only on water ionizers that use the electrolysis method. They use metal plates (usually titanium) to pass electric current through the water. The higher the number of plates, the more efficient the electrolysis process.

Digital controls: these are only available on the more expensive water ionizers. They have features that display the actual status of the purified water, including its current pH levels. Many models also offer users the option to set their required pH level.

Design: As already explained, the two major options are countertop, and under counter water filters, They have their pros and cons. The suitability of a particular design is entirely dependent on your budget and space constraints.


Does anyone these days seriously think that tap water is safe to drink? Sure, we have some of the best drinking water safety standards on the planet here in America. Well, at least on paper, that is. For years, the “experts” have been telling us that the EPA standards have kept public water supplies safe and healthy. Yeah, the same EPA that is being sued by citizens of Flint, Michigan over blatant mismanagement.

And besides who likes drinking tap water anyway? It tastes just weird. Depending on where you live, the flavor could be anything from bleach, to pennies, or even dirt! And if that wasn’t bad enough, recent reports suggest what many of us have been fearing for years. Despite all the EPA regulations, contamination of water is on the rise. And with poor reporting, your water could contain anything from heavy metals to germs that come from poop.

Alkaline water is generating a lot of buzz in these days. With increasing concerns regarding the purity and safety of public water supplies, the demand for quality alkaline water filters is on the rise. Thankfully, the alkaline water filter industry is very mature and advanced. There are competent filters available at every conceivable price point. We have tried to reflect that fully in our shortlist of the best alkaline water filters available online right now. Hope you found this review useful. Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Filter Machines 2023

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello Joel. There are four various cartridges in the unit. They are:

      1. Сation resin cartridge (for heavy metals disposal). It makes water more smoothly.
      2. Solid ceramic cartridge (for filtering down to 2 micron).
      3. Solid carbon filter cartridge. It is made from coconut husk (for molecular hydrogen production).
      4. Coconut husk and KDF filter cartridge. It has a mineral chamber (for rising of pH rate of the water).

  1. Mason says:

    Hi. I did like the review of Cosan Pure Hydration Water Ionizer. Now I’m going to buy it. Please answer some questions about this device. Is there any warranty? If yes, what it includes? Can the water be used in cooking?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello Mason,

      Cosan Pure Hydration Water Ionizer comes with a lifetime guarantee. According to the manufacturer, it includes:

        1. For the first 5 years: cost-free for any manufacturing faults repair.
        2. Starting from the 6 year: repair or replace unit for manufacturing faults.

      Of course, water can be used in cooking. This filter makes everything taste better. You can cook pasta, rice, vegetables or making coffee. So, you may use it both for eating and drinking.

  2. Albert W says:

    Hi. Thanks for the useful review. I would like to ask, does Air water life aqua ionizer deluxe 9.0 work properly with hard water?

  3. Michelle says:

    Wow, I wish that I had this resource when I was water filter shopping! Thank you. I bought a Tyent UCE-11 in 2012 after being diagnosed with brain cancer. We have well water. It gives off a sulfur smell but my regular well water doesn’t. The company said to have a chlorinator attached to get rid of the bacteria. Is this safe? Changing the filters only works for 1-3 months and the filters are expensive.

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello, Michelle.

      Sorry, couldn’t answer earlier. I have no idea why your comment was placed in the spam folder. I found it only now. Probably this is because of frequent spammer attacks.

      Thank you for your feedback about my work.

      As for your question, yes, you’re right, drinking chlorinated water is dangerous for your health. If you want to clear water from bacteria only, not from contaminants, then you can consider one of the following points:

      1. Boiling chlorinated water destroys chlorine. It is absolutely safe for drinking after this process.
      2. Boiling raw water kills most bacteria. So, if you boil water, there is no need to chlorinate it.
      3. You can also use ultraviolet filter to get rid of harmful bacteria contained in water. It kills bacteria effectively without filling the water with any harmful contaminants.

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