The 2023 Complete Buyer’s Manual to the Best Slide In Gas Range

Best Slide-In Gas Range

It is safe to say that the brain of the kitchen is its range. It’s the location of the stovetop and oven, which are the workhorse of every cook. But more than efficiency, a good range also adds to the overall aesthetic of any kitchen.

Right now, chances are you have a freestanding gas range. It is affordable, and you won’t need any customization or modification when you put it in the kitchen. However, if you want a more seamless and modern look without sacrificing work quality, a slide-in gas range is what you need.

It blends well on cabinetry, leaving no gaps for food spills or debris. Not only does it look good, but you’re also going to have an easier time cleaning after cooking. However, there are a lot of units in the market. How will you know which is worth buying?

We have written a comprehensive buyer’s guide, so you can create your own criteria when choosing a model. You can also find the 10 best slide-in gas range below and choose which suits your kitchen the most.

Best Best Slide-In Gas Range Comparison Table

No. of BurnersOven CapacityCheck Price
Samsung NY58J9850WS
Editor's Choice
3052.4 cu.ft. (Upper)
3.3 cu.ft. (Lower)
Check Price
GE Cafe CGS995SELSS3062.4 cu.ft. (primary)
4.3 cu.ft. (secondary)
Check Price
GE PGS960BELTS3054.3 cu.ft. (primary)
2.4 cu.ft. (secondary)
Check Price
GE Cafe CGS986SELSS3065.6 cu.ft. Check Price
GE Cafe CGS700P2MS13065.6 cu.ft. Check Price
Samsung NX58H9500WS
3055.8 cu.ft. Check Price
GE PGS930BELTS3055.6 cu.ft. Check Price
Bosch HGI8054UC 80031.554.6 cu.ft. Check Price
GE PGS930SELSS3055.6 cu.ft. Check Price
Empava EMPV-36GR013653.9 cu.ft. Check Price

Best Slide-In Gas Range Reviews

Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS – Editor’s Choice

Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS - Best Slide-In Gas Range Review

Our first slide-in gas range is the NY58J9850WS from Samsung. We have actually included two units from Samsung in this review. However, this particular model is our top pick. And like all the slide-in units in this review, you can blend this range onto your existing cabinetry for a seamless look. We also like that it has a stainless steel finish because this makes it easier to match any kitchen theme.

Convection Flex Duo Oven

Let’s talk first about the oven feature of this gas range. You will get an upper and lower oven, with the upper one having a 2.4 cubic feet of capacity and the lower one at 3.3 cubic feet. Samsung calls this overall design as their Convection Flex Duo Oven.

Convection Feature

You hear that right; this gas range uses an electric oven with convection technology. We have been a fan of convection microwave ovens because they produce evenly cooked food at a short amount of time.

That is why we are excited to find out that Samsung uses a convection oven for this range. Even though it doesn’t have a microwave function, it still manages to cook food fast without any cold spots. The heated fan system is ideal from baking to broiling without drying out the food.

Flex Duo Door

But a favorite feature of ours is the fact that you can cook two dishes at two different temperatures with this oven. The secret behind this is Samsung’s removable Flex Duo Door. Because the unit has two doors, you can control each oven compartment independently.

Independent Temperature Control

You won’t have to worry about time management because you can cook simultaneously. At the same time, there will be no lingering smell that will affect the next dish as you would if you have a single compartment oven.

You can opt to use the larger oven compartment if you’re cooking a large batch. And in contrast, the smaller chamber is enough for smaller meals. This way, you get to save energy in case you’ll only be needing a smaller compartment. However, note that the upper compartment is convection only. And this can be a turn-off for some users because it limits them on the recipes that they can do.

Removable Smart Divider

With this unit, it’s like getting two ovens in one purchase. But another useful feature that you will enjoy with these ovens is that in reality, they are really just one oven. Feeling confused? Well, Samsung just included the Smart Divider inside one large oven, so you’ll have separate compartments.

What you’ll gain from this feature is that you can just simply remove this divider if you’ll be needing a bigger compartment. You’ll now get one large oven compartment with three racks. Overall, we just like that regardless of this design, the unit offers separate temperature controls if you do use the Smart Divider. Therefore, we think this is also the best double oven slide-in gas range because of its flexibility.

Bottom Warming Drawer

Now, if you don’t have to cook food, you can use the oven’s warming drawer. Yes, besides getting double ovens, you will also have a warming drawer. This is always a fantastic feature to have because you can use it to reheat or maintain the temperature of your food before serving.

The warming drawer is also located at the bottom of the unit, which is convenient if you’re still cooking other food items at the oven. And for checking your meals, you can also use the temperature probe included by Samsung.

Proof Mode and Sabbath Mode

At the front, you’ll see the illuminated touch sensor control panel. It includes a digital temperature display, timer, delay start, proof mode, and Sabbath mode. Basically, the proof mode is useful for rising dough. While the Sabbath mode, on the other hand, allows Shabbat-observant Jews to use the oven on constraints during Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Five Burners with Different BTUs

Samsung NY58J9850WS Burners

What about the cooktop? Samsung uses a dual fuel range with 5 sealed burners ranging from 5000 BTU to 2,200 BTU. Burner one has the highest BTU, and burner four has the lowest. Burner 1 is a 22,000-BTU brass burner and it did well in boiling water quickly.

However, we recommend using other burners if you’ll just be simmering. We also understand that with cooktops like this that have varying BTU burners, it can be confusing for some users.

Removable Cast Iron Griddle with Reversible Surfaces

If you have large pots or pans, you won’t have to lift them up when transferring because the unit has continuous grates. The oval burner of the stovetop is also excellent for these oversized cookware.

But if you want to make grilled food or other breakfast staples such as pancakes, you can use the included removable cast iron griddle. This griddle is reversible, meaning you can use the smooth surface or ridged surface depending on your meals.

Auto-Clean and Child-Lock

Lastly, the NY58J9850WS uses two cleaning features and a child safety lock. The SteamQuick feature of the unit is a 20-minute cleaning function, but you can also use the standard auto-clean setting. This is very useful for the oven, especially for busy households. The child safety lock, on the other hand, is, of course, essential to keep curious fingers from playing with the range.

  • 2-door oven
  • Removable divider
  • Independent temperature control
  • Convection feature
  • Sabbath mode
  • Proof mode
  • Warming drawer
  • Powerful stovetop
  • Reversible and removable cast iron griddle
  • Self-cleaning
  • Child lock
  • Multiple BTUs on burners is confusing
  • Upper compartment is convection only

GE Cafe CGS995SELSS – Best Slide-In Range with All-Glide Racks

GE Cafe CGS995SELSS Review

Rolling Racks

Our next unit is also another double oven. This time, we have the GE Cafe CGS995SELSS. Its primary oven has a capacity of 2.4 cubic feet, and its secondary oven is higher at 4.3 cubic feet. You’ll get one rack on top and two on the bottom. They are all roller-types, meaning you can just glide them in or out when putting/getting food items.

Separate Controls on Oven

Like the previous oven, you can control both ovens separately. This means your settings for each can be unique, which is always useful for multi-tasking recipes. But unlike the Samsung earlier, you can’t remove the door completely with GE Cafe. But with regards to the other oven features such as a lighted interior and stainless steel handles, this unit feels well-made.

Convection Cooking

The oven also offers a lot of functions that can save you time and effort. The panel at the front is sensitive as well, so even a light tap will activate your chosen setting. You can choose from 2 cooking modes, which are convection bake and convection roast. And as you can assume, the convection technology distributes the heat evenly inside the oven. You’ll even get a temperature probe to check on your meals.

Sabbath Mode and Delay Bake

GE Cafe’s oven is also capable of other features such as Sabbath mode and delay bake. Delay bake is a great feature if you want to provide the time when you want to start cooking. You can also take advantage of the automatic oven timer, and get notified by the oven’s signal if it has finished preheating. However, speaking of pre-heat, we notice that this unit’s oven takes quite long.

WiFi Controls

As you go on in this review, you’ll notice that most of them have taken advantage of modern technology. For example, this particular slide-in gas range allows you to control it remotely via WiFi. This means you can actually preheat the oven even if you’re not in the kitchen yet. You can also sync your time and range elements with the surface light and vent of the microwave using the Chef Connect feature.

Auto Shut-Off, Auto Self-Clean and Control Lock

The unit also offers functions such as auto oven shut-off with override, auto self-clean, delay clean, and control lock. Of course, the auto-shut off feature is best for safety and energy-saving in case you forgot to turn off your oven. You can also override this 12-hour mark if you need to keep the oven on for that long.

Delay Clean

As for the delay clean function, it works the same way as the delay cook. You can have your oven clean itself at your chosen time for added convenience. And lastly, the control lock means you won’t accidentally activate features, and also keep children from using the oven.

6 Burners

GE Cafe CGS995SELSS burners

As for the stovetop, GE Cafe has 6 sealed burners. They all lie under continuous grates, which are always useful for sliding large and heavy cookware across the stovetop. The burner with the highest capacity is a tri-ring burner of 21,000 BTU.

And because it is a tri-ring burner, you can comfortable control it from high to low. This way, you can use it for simmering or searing seamlessly. As for the other burners, they each have 15,000, 12,000, 9500, and 5,000 BTU, respectively. You can also use the included non-stick cast iron griddle for quick breakfast recipes. However, it is non-reversible, unlike the one from Samsung.

  • Two ovens with separate control
  • Sliding racks
  • Convection feature
  • Sabbath function and delay bake
  • Auto shut-off, auto self-clean and control lock
  • Can be controlled over WiFi
  • Delay clean
  • Powerful burners
  • Problems with preheat feature
  • Door not removable
  • Different BTU output can be confusing

GE PGS960BELTS – Best for Busy Cooks


Throughout this list, you will notice that we have a lot of GE appliances. And following our second product immediately is the GE PGS960BELTS. If you compare the previous GE Cafe CGS995SELSS to this unit, you will notice how similar they look. Both have three knobs on each side, and the only noticeable difference is the CGS995SELSS comes in a stainless steel finish.

Convection, Delay Bake, and Sabbath Mode

This gas range also has a higher capacity for its primary oven, compared to the previous range which has a higher capacity on its secondary oven. But enough comparing, how does the PGS960BELTS performs? As an oven, you can still benefit from convection technology, as well as the delay bake and Sabbath mode.

Of course, convection is fantastic for evenly cooked meals quickly. The delay bake is great for those who are on a tight schedule, while the Sabbath mode won’t limit people who are observing Shabbat.

What We Don’t Like

Overall, we had no problem with how both the upper and lower oven heats up. They are true to the time and temperature, so you don’t have to modify your recipes when using this model. However, a trend we’re seeing is that the control panel of this range seems to stop working after some time. And we would’ve also preferred if GE also allows the upper oven to be used for the broiler function for the user’s convenience.

5,000-21,000 BTU

As for the cooktop, you’ll get 5 burners with different outputs. The highest has 21,000 BTU, and the lowest is at 5,000. We have no problem controlling them, and the highest, as you can assume, works best for rapid boiling or searing. But if you need to slow cook, the lower-BTU burners also works great.

Griddle and Grill

Like the previous GE range, you can also use the oval burner for griddling. You will get a griddle for this, but what’s great is that it has a reversible side if you want to use if for grilling. We also like the round burner for steaming, and the fact that the cooktop has continuous grates makes large pots easy to move around.

WiFi Connect and Chef Connect

Remember the remote controlling feature earlier? Well, you can also enjoy the convenience of that technology with this model. In particular, you can control the temperature or pre-heat the oven using GE’s WiFi Connect. The Chef Connect feature that you’ve seen earlier is also compatible with this range. This means you can sync your over-the-range microwave with this unit. Therefore, the fan and lights will start on their own when you’re using the range.

Voice Command-Compatible

Some other impressive use of technology that you’ll enjoy with this range is that its compatibility with both Alexa and Google Home. This basically means you can just speak your commands for remote controlling or monitoring of your range. As long as you’re connected, you can check how much time is left on what you’re cooking.

DiGiorno, Drop, and Innit

If you love pizza, you’ll see that most GE range in this review is actually compatible with DiGiorno. Via voice command, you can choose from 11 popular DiGiorno pizza styles, and your oven will do the cooking for you (e.g., time and temperature control.) The range is also compatible with Drop to keep your recipes organized, and Innit to help you from shopping to cooking your meals.

IFTTT and Nest

And since we’re talking about convenience, why not use If This, Then That! (IFTTT), and connect your smart appliances with each other. This way, you can combine their different commands and allow them to work with each other. For example, you can get your coffee maker to start brewing, as you’re preheating your oven.

And lastly, the range allows Nest Integration, so that you can keep an eye on your appliances for added peace of mind. When you’re not home, you can get notified if you left the appliance on, and also turn it off remotely.

Remote Diagnostics and Self-Clean

For durability, GE also allows Remote Diagnostics. What this feature does is that it will enable certified technicians to check on your range remotely. They can start troubleshooting immediately, so you’ll know what to do when your unit malfunctions. And lastly, you can assume that with all this technology, the oven in this range is also capable of self-cleaning.

  • Convection, delay bake, and Sabbath mode
  • True to temperature oven
  • Varying BTUs
  • Can be used for grilling and griddling
  • WiFi Connect and Chef Connect
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Can be used with DiGiorno, Drop, Innit, IFTTT, and Nest
  • Remote Diagnostics and Self-Clean
  • Questionable control panel durability
  • Broiler feature is only for the lower oven

GE Cafe CGS986SELSS – Best Slide-in Gas Range with Warming Drawer

GE Cafe CGS986SELSS Review

Our fourth slide-in gas range is another unit from GE. However, compared to the previous models earlier, the GE Cafe CGS986SELSS doesn’t have two ovens. Instead, GE opt to keep one 5.6 cu.ft. oven and warming drawer beneath it.

For this oven, you will get three racks, interior oven light, and even a temperature probe. These inclusions are quite typical for an oven in a slide-in gas range. However, the oven door is also not removable, which would’ve been convenient for cleaning if it were.

Two Self-Cleaning Racks and One Roll-Out Rack

On the bright side, if convenience is what you’re looking for, two of the racks inside are self-cleaning, while the other one rolls in and out. And according to GE, you’ll have a total of 6 rack positions, so you can arrange it according to what you’re cooking.

Fast Heating

As for the oven’s performance, it uses convection technology for baking and roasting. It also heats up fast compared to the other GE models. Some familiar features that you’ll get is an audible signal for preheating, time bake, Sabbath mode, delay bake, auto-self clean, delay clean, and auto shut-off.

WiFi Connect and Chef Connect

However it lacks a proof mode seen in the first Samsung model. On the bright side, even if it comes in a lower price, you can still enjoy the WiFi Connect and Chef Connect that you’ve seen in the previous GE range.

Tri-Ring 21,000-BTU Burner

As for the cooktop, the highest is a tri-ring burner with 21,000 BTU. Again, high BTUs are fantastic for getting the perfect sear or temperature for a quick stir-fry. And because it is tri-ring, you can still get a smaller flame ring for smaller cookware.

With Non-Stick Griddle

The unit also comes with a non-stick griddle, although it doesn’t flips for grilling like the one on the GE PGS960BELTS. Nonetheless, GE still went with continuous grates and even temperature-safe control knobs for your safety and comfort on the cooktop. Are there any drawbacks? Well, the fact that it’s metal makes it harder to clean compared to other materials that wipe easy.

Control Lock

Lastly, the range does utilize a control lock to prevent children from activating any function. This way, you’re at peace that your children won’t activate any potentially dangerous feature.

  • Has a warming drawer
  • 6 rack positions
  • 1 roll-out rack, 2 self-cleaning racks
  • Quick heating
  • Preheat audio signal, time bake, Sabbath mode, delay bake, auto self clean, delay clean, and auto shut-off
  • WiFi Connect and Chef Connect
  • Good control on high-BTU tri-ring burner
  • With non-stick griddle
  • Control lock
  • Tricky to clean

GE Cafe CGS700P2MS1 – The GE CGS986SELSS Alternative

GE Cafe CGS700P2MS1 Review

With Storage Drawer

We are halfway on our review, and what we have here is another slide-in gas range from GE Cafe. However, in contrast to the previous unit, the CGS700P2MS1 has a storage drawer instead of a warming drawer. Depending on which is going to be practical for you, choosing between the two might be affected by this one feature since they are mostly similar.

A CGS986SELSS Alternative?

As we have said, this range has a lot of similarities with the previous GE Cafe model. It has a convection oven that is capable of self-cleaning and steam cleaning, as well as cooking modes such as Sabbath and delay bake.

Could Use a Glide Rack

They are also both 5.6 cu.ft. in capacity and hold 3 racks inside. However, we would’ve preferred if this model has at least one glide rack for heavier meals. We also can’t help but compare how tight the racks feel in this unit. On the bright side, it does come with a probe and removable door, which for us are “nice-to-have” features.


Another similarity that this oven has with the CGS986SELSS is that it has WiFi Connect and Chef Connect features. We don’t want to sound redundant throughout this review, but again, this clever use of technology adds convenience to the users, especially when they’re away from the kitchen.

Triple-Ring High-Capacity Burner

When it comes to the cooktop, this unit also has 6 sealed burners under continuous grate. The burner with the highest capacity is at 21,000 BTU, and since it’s a triple ring burner, you can control the flames easily for various cookware.

Flexible Cooktop From Simmering to Boiling

For boiling, we prefer the 15,000 burner because it’s fast enough but not too hot that you run the risk of overcooking your ingredients. However, if you prefer something lower for simmering and the high-capacity burner intimidates you, the 5,000 BTU burner will do the trick. The integrated cast iron griddle is also a nice addition, but note that it’s not reversible for grilling.

The Drawback

A drawback we have for the cooktop is that the porcelain-enamel surface scratches easily even if you’re not doing any rough work over it. After some time, it’s questionable if it can maintain its finish.

Overall, this is a great product and a nice alternative to the previous GE slide-in gas range. If you’re the type who can lose the warming drawer, and think that you’ll benefit from the additional storage, then this range is for you.

  • Has storage drawer
  • Sabbath mode, delay bake, self-cleaning, and steam cleaning
  • WiFi Connect and Chef Connect
  • App Integradable
  • Tri-ring high-capacity burner
  • Varying burner BTUs
  • No glide racks
  • Cooktop scratches easily

Samsung NX58H9500WS – Best Large Capacity Oven in a Slide-In Gas Range

Samsung NX58H9500WS Review

Convection Oven + Warming Drawer

Up next, we’ll be taking a look at this single-oven slide-in gas range from Samsung. In particular, the NX58H9500WS has a 5.8 cu.ft. self-cleaning convection oven and a warming drawer underneath. Among the units in this review, this has the largest oven, so if this factor is important for you, this is your unit.

Sabbath Mode, Delay Bake, and Proof Mode

However, compared to the first Samsung unit, this range is not compatible with remote controlling, monitoring, or diagnostics. Still, it has a Sabbath mode and delay bake feature to assist you during Shabbat or for time-management. And while it doesn’t have a fast preheat function, you can utilize its proof mode if you need to raise the dough.

Illuminated Digital Control Panel

If you compare it with the first Samsung we reviewed, you’ll notice that they only differ in the number of oven compartments. This means you’ll also get the sleek-looking illuminated control panel complete with a digital temperature display.

Three Racks and Built-In Temperature Probe

As for the oven itself, it has no glide racks, but instead, comes with one split and two wire racks. It also doesn’t come with a broiler pan, but you can still use this feature using your own broiler cookware. We also appreciate that you can remove the oven door completely for easier access during clean-up.

For cooking, feel free to roast or bake using convection, then check your meals using the included built-in temperature probe. And once you’re done, the warming drawer is spacious enough to accommodate any food item and maintain their temperature before serving.

5 Burners for Every Cooking Step and Cookware Size

As for the cooktop, you’ll get 5 black enamel sealed burners with the highest capable of 18,000 and the lowest at 5,000. This means you can still have a powerful burner for boiling, but also something that’s low enough to control for simmering.

And if you have larger pans or pots, you can use the oval burner for a fitting heat distribution. Samsung also includes a reversible and removable cast iron griddle. Simply flip its other side, and you can also use it for grilling.

Grate Indicator Marks

You will also notice that the grate of this range has markings. According to Samsung, these marks are helpful so that you’ll know which place to put your pot. This way, you’ll get the most out of the unit’s performance because of the better heat distribution.

Dedicated Wok Grate

In fact, Samsung has a wok grate that’s perfect for accommodating round-bottom woks. This way, you’ll get even and quick heat distribution on your wok. However, for clean-up, stray away from the dishwasher because these grates are not compatible with dishwasher clean-up.

Overall, if we could point to a feature that we don’t like, it’ll be the knobs for the stove. Their finish chip away over time, so eventually you’ll get bare knobs. This can be a hassle because this makes them prone to rusting.

  • Large capacity oven
  • With warming drawer
  • Sabbath Mode, Delay Bake, and Proof Mode
  • Illuminated digital control panel
  • Removable oven door
  • Varying burner size and capacity
  • Wok grate
  • Grate indicator marks
  • With removable cast iron griddle
  • No glide racks
  • Questionable knob durability
  • Grates are not dishwasher compatible

GE PGS930BELTS – Best Slide-In Gas Range with Storage Drawer


Comes with Storage Drawer

Our next slide-in gas range comes from a brand that you are already familiar with. And like the previous Samsung unit, it comes with one convection oven. However, instead of having a warming drawer, GE opted for a storage drawer instead. For us, this is fantastic, especially for homeowners who have limited kitchen space. This location also makes it convenient if you place your cookware on it as well.

True Convection

The oven of the PGS930BELTS has a capacity of 5.6 cu.ft. Specifically, it uses true convection technology. This means that it utilizes a fan plus a third heating element for cooking. What this means for the user is that regardless of the position of the racks, you’ll still get evenly cooked food.

As for the oven features themselves, you’ll get the familiar delay bake, Sabbath mode, and proof mode. GE also comes with a temperature probe and 3 racks similar to our previous units. And for the clean-up, it does the job on its own, and also have the option for steam cleaning.

WiFi Connect

What’s great with the PGS930BELTS is that it comes at a lower price point than the GE PGS960BELTS. Other than the double oven, you can still enjoy the unique features that you might’ve liked from its pricier sibling. For example, it is compatible to use with Bluetooth and WiFi. And you know what that means, you can connect this range to Alexa or Google Home.

Remote Control, Monitor, and Diagnostics

As we have discussed earlier, this connection allows you to control your oven, as well as monitor and diagnose it remotely. We always appreciate this feature because every now and then, we’re bound to get busy (or lazy.) If the technology exists, why not take advantage of it as well?

App Integratable

Other than WiFi connect, you can expect that this GE range also allows app integration with the familiar ones we’ve mentioned. They include DiGiorno, Drop, IFTTT, Innit, and Nest. Each of them offers their own advantage, which can make cooking, and even your daily life easier.

Tri-Ring 21,000 BTU-Burner

What about the cooktop? GE uses 5 sealed burners and continuous grates. We’re pleased that the 21,000 BTU-burner is also a tri-ring style. As we have mentioned earlier, this gives you the flexibility to have a smaller flame circle for smaller cookware.

Dual Purpose Center Burner and Reversible Griddle

And another unique thing with PGS930BELTS is that it has dual purpose center burner. Because it is oval-shaped, you can use it for a variety of pots and pans. You’ll also get a cast iron griddle that reverses into a grill for different recipes.

The Drawbacks

For us, both the oven and burners get hot fast and are easy to control. However, only the center burner does not perform at par with the oven and other burners. It takes longer to heat up, which can be annoying. We also wished that the racks are easier to pull out and allowed one of them to be a gliding rack for heavier meals.

  • Comes with storage drawer
  • True convection technology
  • WiFi connect
  • App integradable
  • Remote Control, Monitor, and Diagnostics
  • Fast heat-up on oven and burners
  • Tri-ring high-BTU burner
  • Oven racks are not gliding type
  • Center burner takes longer to heat up

Bosch HGI8054UC 800 – Best for Novice Users

Bosch HGI8054UC Review


Next on our list is a much simpler looking model from Bosch. The star feature of this slide-in gas range for us is how user-friendly it is. It has a touch control panel at the front, and even novice users won’t get overwhelmed with the selections. The range also already comes with a nozzle set for liquid gas if this is your preferred source. However, when it comes to installation, Bosch sells their trim kit separately for your kitchen island.

With Warming Drawer

As you can see from the looks of it, this range has a smaller oven. It has a 4.6 cu.ft. capacity and uses convection technology. Inside you’ll get three oven racks and a warming drawer similar to the pricier and slightly bigger ovens earlier. However, you should also expect that the racks aren’t the glide-type and you won’t get a temperature probe upon your purchase.

9 Cooking Modes

How does the oven performs? Bosch gives you the option of 9 cooking modes. These include convection roast, half-width variable boil, small hot air broil, dough proving, and even a dedicated pizza setting. However, we notice that the oven has difficulty in maintaining the internal temperature. Therefore, you have to experiment yourself to keep your food from getting undercooked or overcooked.

Not Technology-Oriented

If you’re a fan of the previous technology-driven ovens, you might be disappointed that this unit is not compatible with Google Home and Alexa. But on the bright side, it is worth noting that cleaning the oven is a piece of cake with this range.

Pyrolytic Self-Clean

Specifically, the oven uses a pyrolytic self-clean feature. Pyro, which means fire, basically means this feature burns off the grease and spills inside the oven. This is very useful for roasted and messy foods that are prone to splattering.

As for the burners, Bosch also has a slightly less powerful BTU. The highest that their burner can get is 18,000, while the lowest is at 5,000. For us, this capacity is not bad because it is still powerful enough for rapid boiling. We also like that the unit uses continuous grate over these 5 sealed burners for the user’s convenience.

Auto Re-Ignition

Lastly, we appreciate that Bosch added a safety reinforcement with these burners. The range uses automatic re-ignition, which is very useful for safety. What we mean by this is that they can control the ignition devices if a flame is lit. This way, they’re also preventing the ignition device from sparking, in case it’s already lit.

  • User-friendly
  • With warming drawer
  • Variable cooking modes
  • With pyrolytic cleaning feature
  • Auto-reignition
  • No temperature probe
  • Inconsistent oven temperature

GE PGS930SELSS – Best Oven in a Slide-In Gas Range


With Storage Drawer

The final GE slide-in gas range in our review is the PGS930SELSS. It comes in the usual stainless steel finish that you’ve seen earlier on the other GE units. And like the GE PGS930BELTS, the PGS930SELSS comes with one oven and a storage drawer underneath it.

True Convection

Another similarity that it has with the PGS930BELTS is that this oven uses True Convection as well. This ensures you that heat will evenly circulate through the three racks. Now, if you’re wondering about the capacity of the oven, we think that 5.6 cu.ft. is spacious enough for most homes. And the added storage drawer underneath is also a fantastic space saver for those with limited kitchen space.


For the cooking features of the oven, the PGS930SELSS comes at a lower price point, yet you’ll still get to enjoy GE’s technology-related features. This means this oven is compatible with the remote control, monitoring, and diagnostics that you’ve seen earlier on the other GE products. You can also use it with Google Home or Alexa, as well as with apps like DiGiorno, Drop, IFTTT, Innit, and Nest.

Top-Notch Oven Performance

As for the non-WiFi functions, you can enjoy Sabbath mode, delay bake, proof mode, self-cleaning, and steam clean features. You can also use the included temperature probe to check on your dishes. Overall, this oven works excellent for baking and roasting even if you opt not to use convection technology. We like how easy it is to control and how it doesn’t need modifications with time and temperature.

Too Hot for Comfort Burners?

As for the cooktop, it comes with 5 sealed burners and continuous grates. The highest BTU that the range’s burner can achieve is 21,000. And if you liked the dual-purpose burner and tri-ring burner features earlier on, you’ll be pleased to know that this GE gas range also has them.

However, we think that you should be extra careful with the cooktop because it gets too hot. We know that we’ve been praising fast heating burners, but those that go over the top are dangerous and tricky for novice cooks. Even the simmer burner still reaches a high temperature, which makes it challenging to use for certain recipes.

  • Oven is easy to control and true to temperature/time
  • Has storage drawer
  • Can be controlled/monitor/diagnosed remotely
  • Compatible with multiple apps
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Burners get too hot

Empava EMPV-36GR01 – Best Value for Money

Empava EMPV-36GR01 Review

More Knobs, Less Panel

Our last slide-in gas range is from Empava. Compared to the other units in this review, you’ll notice that it is the widest at 36 inches. It also has 7 knobs and a smaller touch display panel in contrast to the previous models who have larger control screens.

Convertible for LPG

You have a lot of options with the type of fuel that you can use with this range. As usual, gas and natural gas are preset, but you can also use liquefied petroleum gas by replacing the nozzles. However, note that the pipe is not included upon purchase.

5 Burners

The good news is regardless of your chosen fuel, all five burners are able to perform accordingly to their mentioned BTU. The burner with the highest capacity is a dual ring-type with a 17,400 BTU capacity. It might be low compared to the previous units, but at this price point, this will still perform nicely for tasks that require rapid heat-ups.

The Tricky Part

On the other hand, you can use the auxiliary 5,000-BTU burner for other kitchen steps that require low and slow heating. But, if we could improve the cooktop more, we wish it was easier to control the knobs to get into a lower heat/flame setting.

Gas Leak Prevention

All of these burners hold the SABAF brand, and according to Empava, it is advantageous for safety. What this means is that the burners have an auto shut-off feature that’s useful for preventing gas leak. For us, this is an important feature to have, especially if you fail to double-check your burners.

Removable Oven Racks

As for the oven, convection technology is on par with the previous models. It does have a smaller interior at just 3.9 cu.ft., so if you are cooking large portions, this model might not be for you. However, we like that the included oven racks are adjustable, so that you can place your food items strategically in the oven. They are also removable, and therefore, you can clean them thoroughly with ease.

  • Reasonable price
  • Convertible for use with LPG
  • 5 burners
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Quality convection oven
  • Adjustable and removable oven racks
  • Wide but small oven capacity
  • Tricky to lower the heat on burners
  • Not much oven controls

Buyer’s Guide

Freestanding Gas Range vs Slide-In Gas Range vs Drop-In Gas Range

What is a Freestanding Gas Range?

From the name itself, the freestanding gas range does not require additional cabinetry work because it stands on its own. Therefore, you can place a freestanding gas range anywhere in the kitchen. It is also the most common range in household kitchens because it does not require customization, and generally, are more affordable. It has an oven and burners, and its controls are usually situated at the back.

What is a Slide-In Gas Range?

A slide-in gas range, on the other hand, is meant to be flushed into your countertop. You can install it along a wall, but most people have it installed on the island peninsula. Unlike freestanding gas range, slide-in types require cabinets on each side because their side panels are unfinished. The controls are at the front of this range, and it doesn’t have a built-in back panel. The cooktop is also slightly protruding for easier clean-up of food debris.

What is a Drop-In Gas Range?

Lastly, a drop-in gas range gives the most “built-in” look among the three. It is flanked by cabinets and sits above matching woodwork. Because of their overall design and custom cabinetry, a drop-in gas range is going to be more expensive than the previous two. But if you are remodeling or building a new kitchen, you might as well consider this type.

Types of Slide-In Gas Range


A front-control gas range doesn’t necessarily require to get installed among your cabinets. This type is quite similar to a freestanding gas range, but most manufacturers consider them as slide-ins. Some even come with trim kits if you want a more seamless installation, but generally, the front-controls won’t overlap with your countertops upon installation.

True Slide-In

A true slide-in gas range will absolutely require two cabinets at both sides because of its unfinished sides. Compared to the first slide-in type, expect that the edges of its cooktop will overlap your countertops. Because of this design, a slide-in gas range prevents food debris from falling in between the gap of your stoves and cabinets. And like the front-control range, some manufacturers offer a trim kit with their models, so that you won’t have a gap between the back of the stove and your wall.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Slide-In Gas Range

Your Kitchen and Available Space

The first factor, and probably the most influential of all, is your kitchen space. Before buying a slide-in gas range, you have to keep in mind where you intend to put it in your kitchen. A true slide-in gas range requires fitting between two cabinets because its sides are not finished. If you only have one cabinet, chances are your slide-in model won’t fit.

Depending on your unit, you also have to make sure that the spaces between these cabinets are wide enough. Usually, 30 inches or wider is good enough for most slide-in gas range units. We recommend checking either your model or your kitchen space before purchasing, so that you can avoid the hassle and expense of remodeling.


You should also consider your existing backsplash (if you have one). Remember that a slide-in gas range doesn’t have its own back panel, so there is no barrier to keep splatters away from the backsplash. However, the lack of back panel will also accentuate the backsplash, so make sure that you’re using a material that’s easy to wipe.

Safety Feature on the Control Panel

You will find the control panel at the front of a slide-in gas range. This location is an advantage because you don’t have to risk accidental burns when you have to reach over the hot surface. Splatters or accidental spills are possible when you are reaching for the controls, so this front location is more convenient. However, this position also makes it easier for children to touch the controls, so make sure your unit as a safety feature/child lock.


Depending on your intended use, the number of burners and quality of them can affect your decision. If you’re going to be multi-tasking a lot, then, of course, you should get models with a lot of burners. And depending on the unit, you might even find special burners for specific tasks.

The burner layout is also a must to consider for safety and efficiency. For example, you might want a strong burner at the far back so you can do tasks such as boiling in it. This way, your children won’t be able to reach this hazard. However, you might also prefer for the powerful burners to be at the front because they’re what you’re going to use most of the time anyway.

As for the quality of your burners, BTU is typically used as the measurement of a cooking element. It basically equates to how much heat output that element can manage. A BTU of 17,000 is strong enough to handle most household tasks. This should heat fast, which saves you on gas.

Fast heating is important not just for busy individuals who have limited time, but some recipes also require it. Other than this, you should also have good control over how low your burner gets for simmering and other kitchen tasks. Regardless, make sure you’re getting the best on both ends of the heat spectrum. You can find units that have a maximum of 20,000 BTU for cooking tasks that require high power, but low-power burners shouldn’t also be neglected.

What about the grates? Typically, you’ll see steel or cast iron continuous grates. For us, this is way better than single-burner grates, especially when you just want to slide your heavy cookware along the surface. The continuous style is also safer because you don’t have to balance large cookware as you would in a single-burner grate.

Some slide-in gas range models will also sometimes include a griddle for their oval-shaped burner. Depending on what you’re going to do in the kitchen, this additional burner might be something worth considering.


Other than the burners, the oven can also make or break a slide-in gas range. In particular, a significant factor that buyers check is its capacity. Commonly, you’ll get at least 4.8 cubic feet or more in the oven of a slide-in gas range. With three racks, it is spacious enough for most recipes (e.g., pizza, turkey), and can accomodate large roasting pans and baking sheets. It can also help if the oven has sliding racks.

Nowadays, some units also have a convection cooking mode, which is advantageous for even and fast cooking. The fan in the back of the oven helps for equal heat distribution resulting in well-cooked recipes without drying them out. And lastly, choose whether you want to manually or automatically clean the oven.

We all know that cleaning the oven is time and effort-consuming. That is why, at the expense of a higher price, some users choose a unit with an auto-clean feature. This may either be pyrolytic or via steam, with the former being more ideal for deep cleaning. However, some technicians recommend that you use the pyrolytic mode sparingly to avoid damaging your unit in the long run.

Design and Durability

Like with any other kitchen appliance, you also have to check the design and durability of the range. These features go hand-in-hand and not just for aesthetic purposes. For example, you may want a glass touch screen for the control panel because they look sleek. At the same time, they are straightforward to use and have no crevices for spills to seep into.

Metal control knobs feel sturdy due to the bit of weight in them, and over time, they’ll still maintain their appearance. You can also check the resistance of the oven door, how secured the grates feel, and how easy it is to remove any parts for clean-up.

Lastly, look for models that offer different finish options. This way, you’ll have a higher chance of finding what looks best for your kitchen. But if you’re not sure with the theme you’re going for in your kitchen, a stainless steel option is your safest bet.

Ease of Cleaning

The gas range is prone to spills and other food debris during cooking. Therefore, you will end up cleaning it more than other kitchen paraphernalia. But the good news with slide-in gas range is that they have a slight elevation. This prevents the mess from falling in the gap between the range and the counter. However, as we have mentioned earlier, the oven and stovetop should still be easy to wipe to save you time and effort. Racks that slide in and out, as well as grills that remove easily, are also something worth having.

Additional Features

Lastly, you can compare various models based on what other features they possess. While some of these aren’t necessary, they are still nice to have for the added convenience. You might find modern options in certain models, such as delayed start cooking mode, food presets, and even remote commands via WiFi. And in a less modern sense, inclusions such as a temperature probe or other cooking accessories are also appreciated because you won’t have to buy them separately.


Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or you’re just building one, why not consider a slide-in gas range? It is the perfect middle between a freestanding and a drop-in gas range. With the right unit, you can achieve a clean, seamless look across your cabinetry. At the same time, you won’t have any gaps in between the cabinet and range where food can fall into and make a mess.

There are a lot of amazing units on the market, but our top choice is the Samsung Appliance NY58J9850WS. Because of the removable divider, you can use its oven as two or as one. If you opt to use it as two ovens, you’ll still get to control them individually. But if you’ll need a larger capacity oven, all you have to do is remove the divider. The range also has a powerful stovetop and even a warming drawer, so it’s basically enough to use for all kitchen tasks.

But at the end of the day, your choice should depend on the factors that we’ve talked about in our guide. Make sure that you’re getting the slide-in gas range that will be convenient and easy to use without much compromise on your part.

Do you have any questions? Let us know by leaving them below!

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