Your Complete Guide in Finding the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker in 2023

Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate a good cup of coffee. And you also don’t need to shed a tremendous amount of money if you’re craving a quality-tasting cup. How nice would it be to smell freshly brewed coffee right at the comfort of your own home?

Nowadays, you can step up from your usual coffee maker and get a model that will grind the beans for you. Fresh coffee grounds make a huge difference with the taste, and getting a grind and brew coffee maker isn’t even as complicated as it seems.

Gone are the days where you have to buy separate kitchen appliances. Below are our top recommendations when it comes to the best grind and brew coffee makers in the market. We also wrote a comprehensive buyer’s guide, so you’ll surely get your best tasting coffee cup ASAP!

Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

ModelGrinder TypeBrewer TypeCup CapacityPowerCheck Price
Breville the Barista ExpressBurrEspresso1 or 21600 W Check Price
DELONGHI ESAM3300BurrEspresso141150 W Check Price
Saeco HD8645/47BurrEspresso2N/A Check Price
Breville BDC650BSSBurrDrip1 or 121100 W Check Price
Cuisinart DGB-900BCBurrDrip121025 W Check Price
Capresso CoffeeTeamBurrDrip101000 W Check Price
Barsetto Grind and BrewBurrDrip10900 W Check Price
KRUPS KM785D50BurrDrip10200 W Check Price
BLACK+DECKER CM5000BBladeDrip121025 W Check Price
Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1BladeDrip121025 W Check Price

Best Grind And Brew Coffee Maker Reviews

Breville the Barista Express BES870XL – Editor’s Choice

Let’s start our review with a slightly intimidating-looking model from Breville called the Barista Express. We chose this machine, yes, we’ll call it a “machine”, as our top pick because, for us, it captures the essence of the best grind and brew coffee maker. It isn’t perfect, but the inclusions and features it has can make your every coffee cup experience amazing.

It Means Business

From the looks of it, calling the Barista Express as a machine is an understatement. In fact, having it in the kitchen alone will surely break the ice among your visitors. Why own something very upscale-looking? The illuminated control panel, the brushed stainless steel finish, and size itself is like having your very own barista at home.

Complete with Accessories for Functioning and Cleaning

With this purchase, Breville is being generous by including a handful of accessories to make your coffee-making experience even more convenient. In particular, you’ll also get both single and dual wall filter baskets for 1 cup and 2 cups, a stainless steel port filter, stainless steel milk jug, integrated tamper, coffee scoop, water filter holder, and even the interchangeable filters themselves. You will also appreciate the included cleaning brush, tool, and Allen key for the maintenance of the unit.

We love that Barista Express already comes with those cleaning materials so that you can do your deep cleaning confidently. The tool is very useful in cleaning the filter basket thoroughly, and the Allen tool opens the showerhead efficiently. And in case you need to put the unit in a cleaning cycle, Breville also includes a cleaning disk and tablet.

Is it for the Novice User?

As we have discussed in our buyer’s guide, most espresso machines are not going to be easy to operate. You might spend some time learning the manual and experimenting with each part in order to get the hang of your electric barista. We advise that you stick with a much simpler drip coffee machine if you are not thinking of utilizing the additional features that an espresso machine offers.

This fact is also true with Barista Express. Because it has a lot of parts, you’ll have to read the manual thoroughly to get familiar with each of them. In fact, there are some few steps required before you can use it straight out of the box, so this can be a potential drawback. Nonetheless, with some practice and patience, the cups that you’ll get with Breville are worth the practice and studies.

Manual or Automatic Operation, You Choose

What’s fantastic with this coffee maker is that once you have the gist of how to use it correctly, you can choose from manual or automatic grinding. If you want it hands-free, you can just let the grinding cradle do the work for you and grind the beans directly into the espresso port filter.

After you have filled the bean hopper and water tank, you can drop your choice of filter into the portafilter basket and push it back towards the grinding cradle. Once you hit the button at the back of the cradle, this will trigger the grinder according to the setting you selected via the dial. On the other hand, you can also grind manually by pushing and holding the portafilter in place.

Overall, we like that the grind size dial is simple to use and how the machine effortlessly grinds the beans. Like with all the units in this list, the fact that you can grind the beans right before extraction surely makes a difference in the coffee taste.

Control the Dose of Grinding

Breville also allows you to customize the flavor of your coffee because you can control the grinding dose. If you want something not as strong, you can go under 19 grams of ground beans. Otherwise, using up to 22 grams will give you a rich and intense coffee.

Water Temperature Control

You will also feel content with the quality of this unit’s espresso extraction because of Breville’s digital temperature control. This way, you’re sure that the machine is using the optimal water temperature suitable for the extraction. At the same time, having this PID technology gives you flexibility when it comes to the consistency of your coffee.

More Than Espresso

Lastly, other than a shot or two shots of espresso, you can also use the unit’s steam wand to create other coffee shop drinks without leaving your house. This wand works well in micro-foam milk texturing, so you can enhance the texture and flavor of the milk. You don’t have to drive for a take-out or spend your lunch money to enjoy macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos.

  • Heavy-duty built
  • Comes complete with accessories and maintenance tools
  • Option to manually or automatically grind coffee beans
  • Dose control grinding
  • Water temperature control
  • Grind size dial
  • Steam wand
  • Needs some practice before using

DELONGHI ESAM3300 – Best Easy to Maintain Espresso Machine

One of the reasons why most households avoid getting an espresso machine is because they are not that easy to maintain. However, this unit from Delonghi begs to differ and might change your mind about espresso machines. This is our top pick if you’re the type who is slightly lazy when it comes to maintenance.

What’s Included?

The exterior of the ESAM3300 may not be stainless steel, but the plastic material is well-built. The design is not as overwhelming as our top choice, with the panel having a few buttons and knobs for the controls as well.

Large Water Capacity with Refill Indicators

If you have limited counter space, you might also like that this coffee maker is slightly compact. However, it still has a 60-ounce water tank capacity, giving you the flexibility to make coffee that requires a lot of hot water.

You can access this tank conveniently at the front, and there are even indicator lights, so you’ll know when it needs refilling. Sadly, Delonghi doesn’t accommodate a water filter, so be careful of using potentially hard water to prevent mineral deposits. But on the bright side, the lack of filter also means that you don’t have to replace it periodically.

With Cup Warmer and Thermoblock Boilers

You will see that the ESAM3300 has a cup warmer at the top. We love this part because it will keep your coffee hot and fresh if you have to do something. The unit also has dual stainless steel thermoblock boilers for brewing and steaming, which we will discuss later on. And lastly, you don’t have to worry about forgetting this unit on because it will automatically turn off after 3 hours.

Is it for the Novice User?

While using Delonghi isn’t as easy as your usual drip coffee maker, we are surprised that the mechanism is simple. You can customize how you want to grind your beans with the 13 settings in addition to having additional adjustment control. This way, you can grind your beans accordingly to make strong cups or lighter coffee. However, note that the unit’s conical burrs tend to be noisier compared to other units.

Intuitive Control Panel

Other than that, you also have control over the temperature, coffee strength, water amount, and cup size all in the panel at the front. Now, if you find yourself needing decaf for a change, the hopper has a pre-ground coffee bypass that you can use too.

As we have mentioned earlier, this model has dual thermoblock boilers. There is a limitation to this because you can’t simultaneously brew espresso and then use the frother. However, Delonghi has an impressively quick reheat feature so you won’t even feel the waiting between brewing and steaming. This instant reheat function also maintains the coffee maker in the ideal temperature; you can immediately brew one cup after another.

Cappuccino System

The unit also has a so-called Cappuccino System manual frother. What this does is that it will mix the steam and milk for you to create the perfect froth for different types of drinks more than espresso. You can control the froth levels so you can make lattes or macchiatos. You can also adjust it so you’re not limited to the milk container size that you can use, so no more need to transfer.

What Makes this Coffee Maker Unique in Terms of Maintenance?

For starters, you can altogether remove both the water tank and bean container of the ESAM3300. For usage, this makes it convenient to refill the tank and remove the coffee grounds without actually moving the whole unit. At the same time, this makes clean up much easier and quicker.

And as we have mentioned earlier, the ESAM3300 uses stainless steel thermoblock, so you can easily descale them. Remember that you can’t use water filter with this unit, so make sure to check the manual on how often you should do descaling.

Descaling Interval Program

You might be raising an eyebrow on why we still love this unit in terms of maintenance, even if it doesn’t have a water filter. Well, some households already use filtered water anyway. And don’t worry because this unit comes with a water hardness test strip.

The result will allow you to program the machine accordingly so that it will set a descaling interval suitable for your water. A light on the control panel will notify you if it’s time to descale and then simply follow the instructions in the manual. You won’t need chemical cleaning tablets, unlike most espresso machines in the market.

  • Quality overall built
  • With cup warmer and dual thermoblock
  • Removable water tank and bean container
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Water tank refill notification
  • Pre-ground coffee bypass for decaf
  • Cappuccino system
  • Descaling interval program
  • Does not accept water filter

Saeco HD864547 – Best Compact Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

XSmall for a Reason

Even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy an amazing cup of coffee. In fact, the next unit in our list, the Saeco HD864547, is a good-looking, simple espresso machine with a small footprint.

This coffee maker actually has the word “XSmall” in its name, and it is definitely intentional. While you might find smaller models in the market, we think that this machine’s overall built is one of the best. It doesn’t just look good, but the plastic material and metal drip tray also feel sturdy.

What’s Included?

Because Saeco is smaller than other coffee makers, you also have to expect that it will have a smaller water tank. It can only hold 33 ounces and loads at the front. This means that for certain types of coffee that requires a lot of hot water, you will refill more.

To Filter or Not to Filter?

Unlike the previous DELONGHI model, you can also use a water filter with Saeco. But sadly, this purchase doesn’t come with filters. Nonetheless, you can opt to skip using them and just use distilled water to prevent mineral build-up.

5 Grinding Settings

As for the grinders, Saeco uses high-quality ceramic grinders. You can choose from 5 settings so you can have finely grind beans to a coarser grind. Overall, we are pleased that this model doesn’t sound too loud, as well. And if you want to make a variety of coffee drinks with various milk foam textures, Saeco comes with a milk frother just like our previous two coffee makers.

Is it for the Novice User?

We can safely say that using this compact coffee maker is easy to use. Of course, it is still better to review the manual, but the control panel is pretty simple to understand. It may not offer a lot of grind settings like other models, but we think those options are enough for most coffee drinkers. However, note that you can’t control the dose strength with this coffee maker.

As for the steaming function, this unit uses a single aluminum boiler with thermoblock technology. However, Saeco doesn’t allow control of the temperature settings both for the milk and coffee. We’re not sure if this limitation is significant to most users, but it would’ve been nice if there are temperature adjustments.

How Easy is it to Maintain?

On the bright side, while this unit feels very basic, this also works to your advantage when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For starters, there isn’t many buttons or parts that can accumulate debris.


But if we’re talking internally, you can completely remove the brew unit at the right panel for easier cleaning. And more than that, this coffee maker itself is self-cleaning. What we mean by this is the unit cleans its coffee circuit with water once you turn the machine on or off.

Overall, you might miss having controls on certain characteristics of your coffee, especially after the first 2 models. However, this compact and simple model might be the perfect fit for someone who enjoys espresso and other coffee types. In exchange for not needing for deeper customization of their cup, of course.

  • Compact and good-looking
  • Simple control panel and easy to use
  • Can be used with filters or not
  • 5 grinder settings
  • With milk frother
  • Self-cleaning coffee circuit
  • Removable brew unit
  • No temperature and dose control

Breville BDC650BSS – Best Grind and Brew Drip Coffee Maker

The fourth grind and brew coffee maker in our list is not an espresso machine, but a drip coffee maker from Breville. If you are not much of an espresso or latte drinker, you will appreciate a simple coffee cup with drip coffee makers instead. They are much easier to use and maintain, but with models like this, you still have additional control over how you want your coffee.

What’s Included?

Like the first Breville model we reviewed, we like that Breville has included some accessories in this purchase. You will get a Gold Tone filter and a cleaning brush alongside this brushed stainless steel unit.

As for the other parts, we appreciate that you can remove the bean hopper for cleaning and transferring. The thermal carafe is also effective in maintaining its temperature for up to 3 hours so you can enjoy your hot coffee for longer. We like its insulation capacity and its overall durability.

Another part that we appreciate in this Breville unit is that it has an LCD screen with backlight. This will give you a gist of the time of grinding and brewing, water level, grind size, and strength of the coffee you’re making. This way, it’s much easier to control your coffee, without the guesswork. You can refill the water when you need to, and you can assume how strong your coffee will be by selecting a button.

Is it for the Novice User?

As we have mentioned earlier, a drip coffee maker is going to be easier to use compared to an espresso machine. First of all, it is worth mentioning that you can program it in a so-called auto start mode. Simply put, you can set it to make coffee for you whenever you like. It will start grinding the coffee beans for you, and you can get it freshly brewed whenever you like. And once it is done grinding and brewing, it will automatically shut off at a certain time to save energy.

Choose Temperature and Grind Size

We may have also spoiled earlier the number of things that you can control with Breville. You can choose the grind size from 6 settings of the burr grinder. And as for the strength settings, you can choose from 8 levels or opt for the pre-ground coffee option if you want more control.

And compared to the Saeco HD864547, you have a say on the water temperature as well. This way, you don’t have to use hot water for brewing. However, a limitation with the reservoir is that you can’t use demineralized water. This is a rule you have to follow in order to protect the lifespan of your unit.

Breville is not compatible with distilled or reverse osmosis water. So in order to protect it from deposits, it already comes with a Gold Tone filter basket. However, you can also use paper filters if you have no time to wash the filter frequently.

Carafe or Cup?

Another flexibility that you’ll get with Breville is that you can choose to use the carafe to make a bigger batch or stick to a cup of your own choice. There are different cup size options so you can personalize how much coffee you need. Simply remove the carafe, select the cup size, and then put your chosen mug under the drip. You can also remove part of the drip tray if you are going to use a bigger mug.

  • Easy to use
  • With filter and cleaning brush
  • Stainless steel body
  • Control on grind size, temperature, and strength
  • Option to use carafe or cup
  • Good insulation on carafe
  • Auto start and stop
  • Can’t be used with distilled water

Cuisinart DGB-900BC – Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for Busy People

Up next is another grind and brew drip coffee maker, and this time, it’s from the ever-popular Cuisinart. For us, this is one of the most good looking drip coffee makers in the market, thanks to its matching stainless steel body and carafe. If you need a modern-looking piece in your kitchen, this model will surely be fitting.

What’s Included?

Just like the previous model from Breville, this unit has a well-insulated thermal carafe. The bean hopper, on the other hand, we appreciate that it is sealed for easier clean-up and less waste. It also comes with a measuring scoop for the coffee, which is a nice inclusion. And if you’re wondering if Cuisinart includes a filter, this model comes with a charcoal water filter and a Gold Tone filter.

Is it for the Novice User?

More than just good looks, Breville is also easy to use. In fact, it is also equipped with some features similar to Breville earlier. As you will read later on, you’ll know why we recommend this model for the busy people out there.

These features include auto shut-off, grind off, and brew-pause. The first two are self-explanatory. You can let the machine do the brewing and grinding for you for up to 24 hours in advance. Imagine waking up to a fresh cup of coffee. And don’t worry because the machine will turn off itself once it’s finished.

Brew Pause System

On the other hand, we also like the brew-pause. This just simply allows you to take the cup already, even if the unit isn’t finished brewing yet. You can already remove the carafe mid brew, so you don’t have to wait for the full pot of coffee. Therefore, you can save time, especially in the morning when you don’t need large servings. Cuisinart will stop the coffee flow itself for up to 30 seconds when you remove the carafe. And then you can simply place the carafe back for it to resume dripping.

Choose Your Serving

Of course, you can expect that you can also control the grinding and strength of this unit. You can also use pre-ground coffee with Cuisinart by disabling the automatic function of the grinder. And if you don’t need to make a large pot of coffee, simply select the appropriate setting, and the machine will adjust the water amount for smaller serving.

What About the Filters?

Lastly, we like how easy it is to remove the Gold Tone coffee filter. Simply push the lever of the lid, and you can also take the filter holder for deeper cleaning. If you prefer paper filters, you can also use them as well. And for maintenance, the charcoal water filter is pretty effective for 2 months until they need replacing. However, it’s not required to use this charcoal filter.

The only drawback we have for this coffee maker is that the grinder receives the steam directly. This moisture is a hassle to clean every time you’re making a new pot.

  • Easy to use
  • Control on serving size
  • Comes with charcoal and Gold Tone filters
  • Well-insulated carafe
  • Auto shut-off
  • Grind off
  • Brew-pause
  • Design flaw on grinder location

Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam – Best Easy to Maintain Drip Coffee Maker

We are halfway through our list, and what we have here is the CoffeeTeam from Capresso. For us, this unit looks like the perfect combination of a classic drip coffee maker with modern touches. It has a simple look with the transparent grinder machine for added aesthetics and convenience of cleaning.

What’s Included?

The CoffeeTeam comes with a bean container that has a capacity of 6 ounces and a glass carafe that can serve you 10 cups. At the same time, Capresso includes a dishwasher-safe Gold Tone filter, so you don’t have to purchase paper filters every time. As for the water filter, on the other hand, you’ll get a charcoal filter similar to the previous Cuisinart DGB-900BC.

Programmable Grind and Brew

As you can see from the buttons at the front panel, you can select different programs for using Capresso. In fact, if you are busy, you can simply set it to grind and brew for you at your chosen time. And not only that, you can customize your cup as well, similar to our previous drip coffee makers.

Grind and Aroma Control

First, you can choose how coarse or how fine you want your beans to be from the 5 grind settings. You can also modify how strong you want your coffee is with a push of the designated buttons. Capresso allows you to have your cup as mild, medium, or strong. We like the control we have in the coffee’s aroma because you can adjust the flavor and darkness of your coffee, depending on your beans.

However, we noticed that this model doesn’t wet the beans as easily as the other units in this list. You might want to skip this coffee maker if you are fond of using oily beans.


A trend that you would see among this list is that the majority of brands include the brew-pause feature in their units. This is a very convenient feature to have because it cuts the time you have to wait to get your cup. Simply get the carafe and then place it back so the machine can resume brewing.

Auto Shut-Off

If you’re worried about accidentally leaving the unit, you’ll be pleased to know that the heating element will turn off after 2 hours. This saves you on energy and also adds in safety because you prevent the carafe from burning the coffee. And remember how you can program it to start grinding and brewing for you? The auto shut-off function also acts as a safety mechanism for that feature.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

What about the clean-up? We have probably spoiled it for you earlier that this unit is one of the easiest to maintain in the market. For starters, the cover is both detachable and see-through. You don’t have to guess how the ground coffee flows for easier clean-up of the grinder channel.

And as for the interior, the filter basket itself easily swings out so you can wash it without taking the whole model. Besides, Capresso doesn’t grind the beans in the filter basket anyway. Because of this, no residual steam will get on the grinder.

  • Easy to clean because of separate compartments, swing-out filter basket, and see-through cover
  • Easy to use
  • Programmable grind and brew
  • Control on aroma and grinding
  • Brew-pause
  • Auto shut-off
  • Does not brew oily beans effectively

Barsetto Grind and Brew – Best for Hands-Free Coffee-Making

Up next on our list is from the brand, Barsetto. It has a similar 10-cup capacity, like the previous model, and we also think that it is appealing and stylish. But do not be fooled that Barsetto is all just nice looks since the metallic design feels solid as well.

What’s Included?

As we have just mentioned, Barsetto comes with a metallic finish. It also uses a 10-cup well-insulated carafe, and a hopper that can hold beans good for up to 4 pots of coffee. You can use paper filters if they are more convenient for you, but the model comes with a Gold Tone filter as well.

Auto-Brew with Ringtone

The control panel matches the sleek metallic look of the model. And just like the Capresso, you can program this coffee maker to do the grinding brewing for you as early as 24 hours in advance. The matching LCD clock makes it even much easier to set. And once the model is done brewing, it will notify you via an audible alert.

Customizable Grind and Strength

As for your coffee’s customization, you can choose from different grind settings via the dial at the top. Again, we appreciate this control because some types of coffee will need coarser or finer grinding. At the same time, you can also control how strong you want your coffee is.

Auto Shut-Off

We have mentioned earlier that you can program the model so you can just wake up to freshly brewed coffee. Of course, while this is convenient, you don’t want to accidentally leave it on. Barsetto solves this potential problem because this model also automatically shuts down after 2 hours.

Brew-Pause and Keep Warm

Does this model also use the brew-pause function? Yes, simply remove the carafe, and it will automatically stop until you place it back. You can also keep the machine warm for up to 2 hours to have fresh coffee throughout the day. However, we think it’s still better if we have control to raise the temperature itself.

Removable Brewing and Filter Basket, Funnel, and Dishwasher-Safe Carafe

Lastly, a lot of the parts of Barsetto are easily removable. You can completely take out the brewing basket, filter basket, and funnel. At the same time, the carafe itself is dishwasher-safe.

  • Simple to use
  • Few parts for clean-up
  • Programmable coffee-making with ringtone
  • Auto shut-off
  • Brew-pause
  • Keep warm
  • Customizable grinding and coffee strength
  • No control on coffee temperature

KRUPS KM785D50 – Best Energy-Efficient Coffee Maker

If you are particular with your energy consumption, you will appreciate this model from Krups. It has the lowest wattage in our list, but it’s still capable of giving you quality cups.

What’s Included?

Even if Krups doesn’t consume as much electricity, you can still make yourself a large amount of coffee. It comes with a 10-cup carafe that is easy to pour and a 5.3-ounce capacity grinder. The body of the model itself feels solid and thick. At the same time, you can also see the beans with the transparent cover. And for the filter, it comes with a Gold Tone filter just like our products earlier.

Programmable Coffee-Making and Keep Warm

Like our other drip coffee makers in this list, Krups is pretty easy to use. There are not many buttons at the front screen, so you won’t get confused. Now, if you’re thinking if it’ll be convenient for busy users, you can also program Krups to start grinding and brewing for you. Therefore, all you have to do is come back once it’s done. You can even keep the carafe warm for up to 2 hours as well.


And as we have expected, Krups does have a brew-pause setting. Again, we always appreciate this feature because you won’t need to wait for a large batch to finish. The only thing we don’t like is how Krups designed their lid on the grinder since it is quite hard to take off.

Choose Your Grind Settings and Strength

For the coffee itself, there are 5 grind settings to get your ideal coffee grounds. You can make 2 to 10 cups, and you can select from mild, medium, or strong for the coffee strength. This way, you can choose both the quantity and flavor profile of your coffee.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Intuitive usage
  • Programmable grinding and brewing
  • Keep warm
  • Brew-pause
  • Adjustable grinding and coffee strength
  • Tight grinder lid

BLACK+DECKER CM5000B – Best Value for Money

Before we take a look at our last product, you might also want to check out this affordable model from Black and Decker. We all know that this brand is quite popular among kitchen appliances, and we think the CM5000B gives you great value for money.

What’s Included?

At this price point, you’ll get a durable and solid carafe with a capacity of 12 cups. It has a minimalistic body, and while the grinder isn’t see-through, it is still easy to clean. It also comes with a permanent filter, but unfortunately, there is no filtration system for the water.

Is it for the Novice User?

As you can see at the front panel, there are only 7 buttons. They all have labels, so you don’t have to guess the symbol’s function as with other units. The features that you can enjoy with Black and Decker includes programming it when to make coffee for you. Afterward, simply check the indicator light when it’s ready.

Choose the Amount and Strength

You can also adjust how much you want to grind so you can make as much or as little cups, while also adjusting how strong you want your coffee is. However, there is no control over the water temperature.

Brew-Pause and Auto Shut-Off

For other convenience-related features, Black and Decker has both brew-pause and auto shut-off. It will automatically stop the flow of the coffee when you take the carafe and will resume once it is replaced. And for your safety, it will automatically shut-off when not in use as well. 

Easy Removing Parts

Lastly, you can quickly remove both the grinder and filter for clean-up. They are not dishwasher-safe, but the brew basket is to save time and effort.

  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Removable parts
  • Programmed coffee-making
  • Adjustable amount and strength
  • Brew-pause
  • Auto shut-off
  • No water filter and temperature control

Cuisinart DGB-550BKP1 – Best Budget-Friendly Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds to get yourself a good-quality grind and brew coffee maker. This model from Cuisinart is not just affordable, but it also gets the job done. It also has a slim profile and combination stainless steel and plastic built so space and durability are not going to a problem. And would you believe it that the bean hopper is transparent as well? It looks at par with the more expensive models in this list.

What’s Included?

In this purchase, you’ll get a double wall insulated stainless steel carafe. It has a fantastic design that is easy to grip. At the same time, you don’t even have to manually open the lid, and it can effectively keep your coffee warm for up to 8 hours.

We also like that Cuisinart already includes a Gold Tone filter and a charcoal water filter to eliminate the need for separate purchases. And speaking of separate purchases, save your shopping for the measuring scoop and brush because they are all included in this unit.

Is it for the Novice User?

With the very simple control panel, you already know the answer to that question. You can also let it do the coffee-making for you and just come back when it makes the audio alert. And you don’t have to worry about burnt coffee because it also notifies you when it automatically shuts down.

Grind-Off, Brew-Pause, Coffee Strength and Amount

Like the other pricier models in this list, you can set it only to make the amount you want. You can even set the grinder not to work if you already have existing pre-ground coffee. And just like majority of the coffee makers in this list, it has a brew-pause feature to save you the waiting time. And as for your coffee itself, you’ll get the usual say on the coffee strength as well.

Safe Grinder

It is also worth noting that Cuisinart has a safety feature for the bean hopper. The grinder can be dangerous, especially if you have kids, so it’s great that the container locks to the machine. The grinder wouldn’t start if you didn’t place it perfectly and will continuously beep until you do it correctly. This feature is also true with the reservoir cover is it is open.

What about the clean-up? Cuisinart has a separate grinder and filter area. This makes it much easier to add or remove the grounds. The reservoir is also easily removable, but a potential drawback is that you might spill water when refilling the reservoir.

  • Affordable
  • Quality built
  • Ergonomic carafe
  • Programmable coffee-making with audio alert
  • Grind-off
  • Brew-pause
  • Adjustable coffee strength and amount
  • Safety measures
  • Easy to clean
  • Awkward reservoir design

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Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a coffee maker that can grind and brew for you, you have to be aware first of the two main types of coffee bean grinders and coffee brewers.

Types of Grinders

  • Burr Grinder

If you want to have more flexibility in the consistency of your grounded beans, we recommend getting a coffee maker that uses a burr grinder. Compared to the more traditional blade grinder, this type crushes the coffee beans instead of cutting them. Therefore, you can choose from different grind sizes, which makes it easier to find the appropriate one for the type of coffee that you’re making. Some coffee like Turkish coffee requires really fine grinds, but you might also be doing French Press coffee, which, on the contrary, uses coarse grinds. Overall, crushing the coffee beans allows them to give off a more flavorful cup, in exchange for it being pricier than a blade grinder.

  • Blade Grinder

From the name itself, a glade grinder cuts coffee beans using blades. This mechanism is quite similar to how a blender works, which uses fast-spinning blades. But unlike the burr grinder, you can’t get a specific grind size, which can affect the flavor of certain types of coffee. The only thing that might push you to get a coffee maker with blade grinder is that it is cheaper. At the same time, most households can do with inconsistent coffee particle sizes anyway.

Ceramic vs Steel Grinder

Another thing we want to differentiate for you is that you might find ceramic and steel grinders. Most of the time, the blade grinders are the ones using stainless steel, while burr grinders use ceramic.

If you think about it, a stainless steel grinder is going to be durable, especially against foreign objects included in your coffee beans. However, stainless steel grinders tend to lose their sharpness over time, so the ceramic countertype might be better in the long run.

Types of Brewer

  • Drip

Simply put, a drip brewer is suitable for you if you just need to make a classic cup of coffee. It is affordable and easy to maintain. But of course, you’ll be limited in customizing your cup, especially when you want a strong coffee.

  • Espresso

Compared to a drip brewer, an espresso machine can give you a richer and stronger cup of coffee. This is because an espresso machine is able to use boiling water under high pressure onto finely ground coffee beans. Some machines will also allow you to customize the grind, steam wands, and even the frothing systems. You’ll need to learn more settings, but if you’re the type who wants to do lattes or cappuccinos more than a simple coffee cup, the additional price of an espresso machine is worth the investment.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

  • Grinding and Brewing Mechanism

As we have discussed earlier, there are different types of grinders and brewers. You might want something simple to use and easy to maintain that comes with an affordable price tag. On the other hand, some of you might prefer some flexibility on what you can do with your coffee maker, and perhaps you want to experiment with your coffee cup.

A blade grinder and a drip brewer are both easy to use and can give you a classic, simple coffee cup. On the contrary, a burr grinder and an espresso machine allows you to customize how you want to grind and brew your coffee beans. Therefore, you can also make different types of coffee, in exchange for them being pricier and requiring a bit of a learning curve. Overall, choosing a grind and brew coffee maker all comes down to your lifestyle and flavor preferences.

  • Maintenance

Getting a coffee maker requires maintenance in order for it to continually perform at its best. You might need something that can withstand some wear and tear, or you might prefer something durable in the long run. For example, because you’re brewing, the steam will go directly onto the grinder. This can damage the blades, so make sure to check their quality. At the same time, you want your machine to be easily detachable so you can clean its parts easily. The design shouldn’t feel flimsy, and the instructions must be easy for you to understand.

Other than the grinder and brewer, you might also want to take a look at your machine’s filters. Paper filters need constant replacement, but they are easy to find and comes with a lower price tag. On the other hand, reusable filters lessen your waste and won’t have moments where you forgot to buy new filters. And if you’re someone who is keen on getting a good-tasting cup, a charcoal water filter is great for effectively “filtering” your water for improved taste.

  • Additional Settings

While not all coffee makers offer different programmable settings, it’s still a nice feature to have. You might prefer to have control over the coffee strength, the type of coffee you want wish to make, or how coarse you want the beans to be.

  • Timer

With any kitchen appliance, it’ll be convenient for you if it has a timer. You can program it using the preset times and just come back once it’s done, making your fresh cup of coffee. This is best for those who are busy, and you can multitask while waiting for your coffee. And other than the timer, you can also check units with an auto shut-off function. This way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the unit off.

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It is definitely more convenient to have your coffee maker do the grinding for you. This way, you’re sure that the beans won’t lose their flavor because you can immediately brew them after being grounded. Besides, you are saving so much more by buying whole coffee beans and even losing the need to purchase a separate grinder.

Our top pick is the Breville the Barista Express BES870XL. This espresso machine might be intimidating to use, but it is well-built and already comes ready with accessories for use and maintenance. At the same time, you have control over the dose, grinding, and water temperature. And if you are a fan of other beverages like macchiatos and lattes, you’ll have fun with Breville.

However, you can also check our other drip coffee makers that made it on our list if you don’t need an espresso machine. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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