Best Granite Sealer in 2023

Best Granite Sealer

Have you ever wondered why most people choose granite for their kitchen countertops? If you think about it, granite is more than just a good-looking stone with different colors. It is also a durable material that can resist heat and scratches. However, like with any other surface, granite countertops need maintenance. To keep granite looking pristine, you have to seal it regularly.

You might think of simply wiping off any spillage on your countertop, but granite is porous. Over time, those spills can cause damage to the stone. But here’s the good news, sealing your granite countertop is very easy to do. As a matter of fact, granite sealers not only “seal” your countertop, but some products can even polish, clean, and protect the surface. It’s a simple solution compared to the cost of replacing your counter.

We have reviewed 8 granite sealers, so you don’t have to compare them yourself painstakingly. As you can see in our comparison table, each product has a different protection duration. You’ll also immediately notice the sealers that can polish and clean that we have mentioned earlier.

To make your granite countertop maintenance even easier, we also wrote a comprehensive buyer’s guide. We did not only discuss the different types of granite and sealers in there. We also explained everything you must know when sealing your granite surface. Feel free to give that section a visit, otherwise here is our review.

Best Granite Sealer Comparison Table

ProductAmountProtection Duration (Interior)Protection Duration (Exterior)Check Price
StoneTech BulletProof Sealer
1 qt5 years3 years Check Price
Aqua Mix Enrich 'N' Seal

1 qtN/A15 years Check Price
Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector
24 fl.oz15 years5 years Check Price
Granite Gold Sealer Spray24 fl.oz3 years1.5 years Check Price
Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer1 pint5 years2 years Check Price
TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector
16 fl.oz5 years3 years Check Price
Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer8 fl.oz5 years3 years Check Price
CTP Multi-Surface Treatment, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer
8.5 fl.ozN/AN/A Check Price

Best Granite Sealer Reviews

StoneTech BulletProof Sealer – Top Pick

StoneTech BulletProof Sealer - Best Granite Sealer Review

Our first product will immediately catch your attention. After all, StoneTech called it their “BulletProof” sealer. So what separates this sealer from the rest?

Advanced Microbond Sealant Technology

The BulletProof sealer from StoneTech attributes its effectiveness on water-based fluoropolymers. What is a fluoropolymer? We don’t want to make it sound too technical, so for your ease of understanding, its a compound with carbon-fluoride bonds. This composition of fluoropolymers isis what makess these compounds desirable as a coating.

To give you an idea, fluoropolymers have the following qualities:

  1. Does not absorb water
  2. Reduce friction
  3. Resist corrosion
  4. Non-stick
  5. Temperature-resilient
  6. Does not conduct electricity


Another interesting characteristic of this sealer from StoneTech is that it has a low VOC. You will see the acronym VOC throughout this review. Therefore, it is important that you have an idea about its relevance.

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs are organic solvents capable of evaporating in most conditions. This particular reaction can then lead to smog. Should you be worried about VOCs? Yes, as smog poses several respiratory risks such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. That is why most customers are wary of using sealers that might have a high VOC content.

No Chemical Smells

Back to our product, as we have said earlier, the BulletProof sealer has low VOC content. Upon application, you will not expect any irritating fumes typical to some sealers. To assure you, the product itself is water-based and only includes fluorinated acrylic alkylamino copolymer, and glycol ethers.

Absorbs Better Than Water

What impresses us is that despite being water-based, this sealer is able to absorb deeply into the granite surface. If you checked our Buyer’s Guide, you’d know that absorption is crucial for the product’s effectiveness. The sealer’s microbond technology (that we have discussed earlier) is capable of protecting not only against water-based stains but even for oil-based stains. Of course, oil-based stains are our nemesis when it comes to kitchen countertops. If you have a busy kitchen, commercial or not, the BulletProof sealer is an excellent choice.

Easy Application

Besides being respiratory-friendly, applying the BulletProof sealer is also easy. Like with any other product, make sure that you have cleaned your surface first. If you have just removed standing water, you have to wait for at least 1 hour. After that, you can sponge the product on, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then add another coating depending on your surface. You can then wipe your counter dry to prevent it from forming a haze. Some other important considerations are keeping your area well-ventilated and having the surface temperature between 50 °F and 80 °F.

Overall, a gallon can cover 900 square feet in a single application. You can also expect the coating to last up to 5 years for interior surfaces and 3 years on exterior surfaces. Sadly, it might not be too economical because the shelf-life of the product only lasts for a year after opening.

  • Absorption on stone is excellent
  • Water-based with low VOC content
  • No chemical smell
  • Easy application
  • Lasts for 3 years on exterior surfaces
  • Last for 5 years on interior surfaces
  • Expensive
  • 1-year shelf life after opening

Aqua Mix Enrich ‘N’ Seal – Protects and Enhances Colors

Aqua Mix Enrich 'N' Seal Review

As we have talked about in the introduction, manufacturers are now marketing sealers that also act as enhancers. This means you don’t have to settle on coating sealers that can make your stone look better but wore off quickly. You can now opt for sealers that protect, with the same enhancing effects.

Polycure Technology

The Enrich N Seal sealer from Aqua Mix is a good example. It provides excellent stain resistance, but at the same time, enriches the look of your granite. According to Aqua Mix, these qualities came from their product’s Polycure Technology. And the star here is the moisture-curing reactive polysiloxane.

Enhances Color

Polysiloxane makes an excellent sealer and coating thanks to being resistant to water and oxidation. This particular product deepens the tones of the granite surface without leaving a sheen film. However, the effect you’re seeing is not a chemical reaction. In fact, Enrich N Seal absorbs light deeper into the stone. This will, in turn, results to less light reflecting back on the looker, thus giving the stone a darker tone.

15-Year Protection

As a sealer, Aqua Mix boasts that this product can provide protection for up to 15 years. This is a very impressive number, but it will still depend on a number of factors and on other factors and on your everyday usage. Nonetheless, we’re sure about two things. First, this sealer will not alter the slip resistance of your surface. And, it second, Enrich N Seal allows for moisture-vapor transmission. This product even has low VOC content like the previous sealer, which is something everyone will always appreciate.

Be Careful with Residues

How does it apply? A gallon can coat 500 to 1,500 square feet in a single application. But our tip is to cover your stone surface at least twice, especially if your granite has a darker or richer color. And if you need 2 or more applications, make sure to lend at least 30 minutes of drying time in between each application.

We should also remind you never to overlap each stroke. And if any amount of product failed to penetrate the surface, make sure to wipe it clean. Keep in mind to do this while not exceeding 5 minutes upon application to avoid residues. As we have mentioned in our buyer’s guide, buffing the surface dry is crucial since enhancing sealers are not meant to leave a sheen on the surface.

Enrich N Seal is pretty time-sensitive. Besides the 30-minute drying time (at 20° Celsius and 70% RH), you need to achieve a full cure in a minimum of 48 hours. This might be daunting, especially for those sealing their granite surface for the first time, but the results are worth it. After the initial cure, you’ll see a noticeably darkened surface. And the best part is, this effect is permanent.

  • Resists stain
  • Deepens the stone color
  • Low VOC
  • Allows moisture-vapor transmission
  • does not alter the resistance of your surface
  • You need to be extra careful with buffing time
  • Expensive

Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector – Safe and Shiny

Stone Care International Granite Sealer and Protector Review

Our next sealer is from Stone Care International. Like our previous product, this sealer does not only protects the surface against stains. It even gives the stone a new look as it cancels out dullness. Depending on the stone, this sealer also makes the surface shiny.

Ammonia and Phosphate-Free

Stone Care International needs reapplication every 6 months. And to give you a gist of how much you’ll need, this bottle alone can cover 72 square feet of surface area.

You don’t have to worry about chemicals because this sealer has no ammonia and phosphates. However, you’ll still need a ventilated room while applying the product.

This might sound redundant, but every sealer application needs a well-ventilated area.

Be a Bit Careful With…

Applying the sealer is also as straightforward as the previous ones we reviewed. This includes making sure your granite stone is dry and clean for about 12 hours. Stone Care advises to use their microfiber cloth along with the sealer. You can wipe a hefty amount on the surface with bubbling appearance. Of course, you should not let this first application dry off before the second one. Like the Enrich N Seal, this sealer is prone to haze especially when it’s not buff off quickly.

You can allow 3 to 5 minutes of waiting time before applying the second application. Keep in mind that certain colors of granite might need more coating. Once you’ve finished your final application, let it sit for 30 minutes before wiping off any excess product. If you’ve noticed any hazing on the surface, Stone Care recommends spraying on additional product onto that area, then wipe off immediately. Fortunately, this sealer comes with a sprayer, so pin-pointing any hazy area is quite easy. You can then perform the water test after you’ve let the surface dry for 24 hours.

Note that if you have a resinated granite (or any other color-enhanced stone), the sealer will not leave the same shine it gives to other stones. The reason for this is because the product penetrates below the surface of the resinated granite.

Overall, Stone Care International is a safe, penetrating sealer that can make your stone look shiny and new. You can also complete their whole line and purchase their cleaner and polisher. However, a lot of consumers mention hazing on their surfaces, so you have to be extra careful with the application.

  • Protects against stain
  • Removes surface dullness
  • Ammonia and phosphate-free
  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Prone to hazing

Granite Gold Sealer Spray – Biodegradable and Non-Acidic

Granite Gold Sealer Spray Review

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, and Non-Acidic

Our next sealer is from Granite Gold, and it also comes in a spray bottle. The Granite Gold Sealer has no ammonia or phosphate, making it safe for kitchen surfaces. And aside from being free of toxic substances, this product is also non-acidic to keep your stone safe.

When your granite surface is exposed to any acidic product, you run the risk of etching. While it may show off as dull spots, in the long run, it can cause erosion. The fact that granite is porous does not also help with acidic products.

So far, this sealer proves itself safe both for the user and the surface. And to make things better, the Granite Gold is even biodegradable. We find this amazing as it is about time to make home improvement products environmental-friendly.

While the product itself does not give off any irritating odor, Granite Gold does have a distinct smell. But then again, like with the previous sealers we reviewed, a well-ventilated area is non-negotiable.

Spray and Wipe

The water-based formula of this product is great for spraying and wiping. It is also effective even on polished granite when it comes to combating stains, build-ups, and etching. As the sealer comes in a spray bottle, you can apply it on a 3-foot section of the surface with a dry cloth. But because you’re avoiding residues, you have to wipe it after 60 seconds. Depending on your stone’s color, you can apply more coats with 20 to 30-minute intervals. It should take you about 24 hours to finish curing your countertop.

The Granite Sealer is effective when it comes to surface protection. But for us, you can achieve much better results if you use it in conjunction with their daily cleaner and polish. You can start with the daily cleaner and then the sealer. Then, after 24 hours, you can start polishing your stone regularly. We find this method useful for maintaining surface protection as well as bringing out a better-looking color on the stone.

However, Granite Gold recommends this routine weekly. Even though the application is fairly easy, this can be too time-consuming. And because the product has a bit of an odor, weekly applications might be too much. But don’t worry, the sealing itself only takes once every 6 months.

  • Easy application
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-acidic
  • Also acts as a protectant
  • Has a slight odor

Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer – Goodbye Oil and Water-Based Stains

Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer Review

Another non-corrosive sealer we reviewed is from Black Diamond Stoneworks. Depending on the type of granite you have, this product can result in a shiny and new-looking surface. While you can buy another variation called Granite Plus! (i.e., a 2-in-1 sealer and cleaner), this sealer can still provide you a gorgeous satin sheen.

No Strong Odors

Besides being non-corrosive, this sealer is also non-toxic. In fact, after application, you’d only notice a faint lemon-like smell. But if you must know, this sealer has perfluoroalkyl salts. These compounds are widely used in a variety of household products for their water-repellent and stain-resisting qualities. Nonetheless, Black Diamond Stoneworks guarantees that their product has been tested for safety.

Protects Against Oil and Water-Based Stains

Our kitchen is witness to different kinds of stains. Whether its grease, coffee, or wine, we want to make sure that our granite counters are protected. And this particular product can do that job easily. However, compared to our previous sealers, Black Diamond offers a shorter protection span and will need re-application every 6 months.

As for application, this sealer does not differ too much with other products. This particular volume, which is 1 pint, comes with a sprayer. This container makes it easier to apply, especially for those sealing their countertops. After you spray the surface, let it rest for 1 to 3 minutes. Make sure to wipe all the excess product to avoid a cloudy finish. This sealer usually dries completely at around 2 to 5 hours.

But before you make the mistake of spraying then leaving, we want to remind you that spraying alone won’t give you an even coat. Black Diamond Stoneworks could’ve discussed their instructions clearer, especially for those unfamiliar with sealing.

Instead, what you must do after spraying is wiping the product back and forth across the surface to distribute it evenly. After it sinks in, you can buff any excess with a flat squeegee pad. The final, slightly vigorous rubbing off of excess products will result in a better-looking shiny, and smooth finish. However, we notice that this sealant gives off this finish, particularly on darker colored-granite.

Lastly, similar to Granite Gold, you can also complete your granite maintenance set and purchase the cleaner and polish. You can start with the cleaner, then with the polish, and for the last step, seal the surface with this product.

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • No strong odors
  • Works well against oil-based and water-based stains
  • Instructions are not as detailed

TriNova Granite Sealer & Protector – Precise Coverage

Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector Review

Our next sealer comes from TriNova, and it also provides protection against all types of stains. But more than being a sealer and protector in one, it can also enhance the shiny appearance of your granite.

According to TriNova, their product uses a “powerful blend” of polymers that can penetrate the surface. Polymers are widely used for most stone sealers, as seen in our top pick. They are great for repelling water and preventing any residues from seeping into the stone. While the product’s claim is protection for up to 5 years on interior surfaces and 3 years on exterior surfaces, a lot of factors must still be considered.

Water-Based and Non-Volatile

The manufacturer recommends using this sealer once every month. It is more often than usual compared to our previous products, and the 18-ounce bottle might not last you very long. If your surface is “busy,” you might need to apply every couple of weeks. However, the application of this sealer is just as easy without any irritating smells from volatile chemicals. Yes, it is also a water-based product.

Reach Every Corner

Another unique thing about this product is that you will also get a long tube for reaching certain corners. It’s simple to install on the bottle, so you’ll be covering every target area in no time. All you have to do is bend the tube, then screw the nozzle on.

Glides Easily

It might have been confusing for you when we mention that a product is easy to apply. But TriNova really is something worth praising during application. The formula makes it easy to distribute and even skipping the spray and pouring the product directly is a joy to spread.

As a spray, you’d want to separate your granite surface into 3-foot sections. You can set the sprayer to “spray” or “stream”. We prefer the latter, and you can do more than one spray depending on the size of your counter. We also recommend two microfiber towels (make sure they’re dry), one for application and the other for buffing any product residue one to two minutes after. Overall, the TriNova granite sealer should finish curing in about an hour.

You can use the TriNova granite sealer and protectant as your first cure or as a resealing product. The manufacturer even has a daily cleaner that you can use alongside this sealer. Similar to Enrich N Seal and Granite Gold, you can do this routine to maintain your stone.

  • Gives the surface a shiny appearance
  • No irritating smell
  • Comes with a tube for reaching corners
  • Glides easily
  • Curing time is fast
  • Needs reapplication more often

Supreme Surface Cleaner, Polish and Sealer – Revive Your Stone’s Appearance

Supreme Surface Granite & Quartz, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer Review

Previously, the sealer we reviewed from TriNova can also act as a polisher. And similar to Enrich N Seal and Granite Gold, the manufacturer also have cleaners that you can use daily. However, as we’ve promised in our introduction, you don’t have to buy separate products for cleaning and sealing anymore. An excellent example is this product from Supreme Surface.

You can treat this formula as a granite sealer and cleaner. Oh, and did we mention it polishes very well too?

pH Neutral without Alcohol and Ammonia

Supreme Surface is a biodegradable product that is free from alcohol and ammonia. This means it’s not only safe for the environment, but it will also not irritate the user or the countertop. Since this product is pH neutral, you don’t have to worry about potentially damaging your surface. Remember earlier, when we’ve mentioned the effects of acidic products? Generally, what you want in a product, whether it’s a polish, cleaner, or sealer, is a pH level not lower than 7 (acidic.)

Now, let’s take a look at each of its claims:

As a cleaner, it works at par with typical surface cleaners because it can remove residues and dirt. However, do not mistaken this product for daily clean-up. But didn’t we say that it is a cleaner and sealer in one? Yes, but you would still want to have a daily cleaner for maintenance. What we mean with these 3-in-1 products is that if you want a sealer that can also clean and polish your stone, these are excellent considerations. Think of them as bonus features apart from sealing.

Revive Old Stones

Compared to cleaning and sealing, we think Supreme Surface works best as a polisher.

The reason for this is because it’s able to make the stone’s color more vibrant and reflective. This effect will, of course, depend on what type of granite you have. The surface also feels smoother without any greasy residue, which we think is from its ioSeal components. If you have stubborn dull areas on your surface, we can definitely recommend this product.

IoSeal Technology

How does it perform as a sealer? This product uses Supreme Surface’s ioSeal technology. This feature creates a “strong ionically-charged barrier” that protects against stains and residues. According to the manufacturer, the more you use this sealer, the more good-looking your stone will be. And because it is “self-leveling”, your granite will not have any product build-up.

However, if we compare this product in terms of its sealing abilities with the previous sealers, we can say that it performs pretty average. It takes more coatings to prevent residues from getting absorbed into the stone. But then again, the stone’s individual porosity is a significant factor.

Overall, the Supreme Sealer is an excellent stone-reviving product. And if you love freebies, it also comes with a microfiber towel for application or buffing. Moreover, the company even has attentive customer service if you want to know more about this sealer.

  • pH neutral
  • Alcohol and ammonia-free
  • Can clean and polish away residues and dullness
  • “Revives” the overall look of the stone
  • Comes with free microfiber towel
  • Excellent customer service
  • Average sealing ability

CTP Multi-Surface Treatment, Cleaner, Polish and Sealer – The Haze Remover

CTP Multi-Surface with ioSeal Review

Our final sealer is very similar to the previous product from Supreme Surface. In fact, they are so alike, not just in what they can do but also from what components they are using. Well, they came from the same company after all.

Breathable Barrier

Do you remember the IoSeal protectants? IoSeal is actually a blend of ingredients that forms an ionic barrier. This barrier will then seal the porous surface of your stone. Consequently, any residues or potential stains will not seep through the surface. We should also mention that this IoSeal barrier is still breathable, which is great news.

A breathable barrier is what you would want because it allows moisture to evaporate. Remember, you’re trying to avoid locking the moisture in because it’s a factor that can cause discoloration. You want all these potential stains outside, not inside.

Restores Shine without the Residues

And because CTP uses IoSeal protectants, you’ll also notice that your surface feels smoother and looks more vibrant. This is why this product is a sealer that can also clean and polish the stone. However, even though CTP polishes the surface, you won’t get that annoying residue from a wax-based polish. Similar to Supreme Surface, you don’t have to worry about hazing.

As we have said earlier, there is not much difference between CTP and Supreme Surface. That is why it shouldn’t surprise you to know that it is also a biodegradable, pH neutral product. Again, you want to stay away from acidic products because even though granite is sturdier than most surfaces, over time, acid can still cause damage.

Use on Granite Countertops and Sinks

Where can we recommend this product? If you have an old lackluster granite countertop, make CTP your best friend. As a sealer, it can bead up most liquids so you can just quickly wipe them off. And because it also cleans and polishes, you will immediately notice the smooth, mirror-like finish it gives to your stone.

You could also use this product on a composite granite sink. Granite sinks are notorious for acquiring haze from calcium and limescale deposits. But along with other CTP products, you can easily remove these stubborn residues. You start with the CTP Calcium, Lime, Rust and Soap Scum Remover to remove these deposits and then apply the CTP Multi-Surface as you would on a countertop.

Lastly, another incredibly likable factor about this product is that it doesn’t give off that harsh chemical scent. And to make your application even more pleasant, you’d get the same free microfiber towel from Supreme Surface.
  • Biodegradable
  • pH neutral
  • No harsh chemical smells
  • Comes with free microfiber towel
  • Can clean, seal, and polish
  • Not much review from other users

Best Granite Sealer Buyer’s Guide

Types of Granite Sealers

  • Penetrating Sealers offer two levels of coverage in “standard” and “premium.” From the name itself, this type penetrates deep into the surface of the granite. Therefore, it doesn’t leave a film/coating like the next sealer. The stone will still look the same including its coefficient of friction (COF.) And because this sealer seeps underneath, it will not peel off.
  • Standard Penetrating Sealers cost less than their premium counterparts. They can protect your counter from common stains and spills (water-based), but not from oil-based contaminants. If you’re going to seal a commercial kitchen’s countertop, you would be better off with a premium coverage.
  • Premium Penetrating Sealers cost more than standard performing sealers. They are excellent for commercial kitchens because they can also work against oil-based contaminants.
  • Enhancing Sealers do more than just provide protection from both oil-based and water-based contaminants. This type of sealer enhances the look of your countertop by making the color and patterns of the stone more prominent and vibrant.
  • Topical Coating Sealers are useful if you want your surface to appear more glossy. However, they will wear off over time compared to enhancing and penetrating sealers. It is advised to use more than one coating of topical sealers if you want to protect your surface.

Factors to Consider When Sealing Your Granite Countertop

Types of Granite

As you can see in our comparison table, each sealer varies in their offered protection duration. The lingering factor to consider when choosing your sealer is how long can it last. However, a lot of variables also come into play. For example, what cleaner do you use, and will it break down the product? But more importantly, what kind of granite do you have in your countertop?

  • Giallo Ornamental Granite: primarily white from feldspar and quartz and it has swirlings.
  • Moon White Granite: mainly white with ivory, silver, gray and jet black spots.
  • River White Granite: white base with cream, blue or gray shades. Has light and dark gray patterns with deep red burgundy spots and flecks.
  • Black Galaxy Granite: black with golden specks.
  • Black Pearl Granite: black with silver, gold, green, brown, and gray specks.
    • Uba Tuba Granite: abundant in “mica” which is what gives this granite a dark black color.
    • Venetian Gold Granite: has a dark combination of black and red from amphibole, mica, and garnets. It also has tan and white feldspar.
    • Tan Brown Granite: tanned from feldspar and has a pinkish hue from potassium. It also has amphibole giving it brown and black flecks.
    • Balctic Brown Granite: has larger feldspar grains compared to tan brown granite.
  • New Caledonia Granite: speckled light gray to charcoal.
  • Steel Gray Granite: varying gray shades with light gray patterns.
  • Bianco Antico Granite: mainly quartz, as well as feldspar that gives it pink flecks over its gray base.
  • St. Cecilia Granite: deep red attained from garnets, tannish feldspar, quartz, and dark biotite.

How Each Type of Granite Affects Sealing

Generally, polished stones or those with a shiny finish is going to be less absorbent than those with a matte finish (honed stones.) But more than this tip, the color of the stone is also an excellent indicator when it comes to sealing.

  • Light-Colored Granites

It may surprise you, but the colors of the granite you have is more than just for aesthetics. Light-colored granite needs to be sealed more often than the darker ones. It will still depend on your stone and the sealant you’ve used, but sealing every 1 to 3 years is better.

  • Dark-Colored Granites

Dark-colored granite needs sealing/re-sealing less often than their light counterparts. Blacks, browns, greens, and blues usually need sealing every 3 to 5 years. But similar to the previous type, this duration will vary depending on your sealant and stone.

Different Grades of Granite

Other than colors and patterns, you can also differentiate your granite using grades.

  • Level 1: thinnest, about ⅜ inches. These stones have standard colors and very simple-looking.
  • Level 2: thicker than level 1 at about ¾ inches. These stones are usually from India or Brazil and has more unique colors.
  • Level 3+: these are the top-grade stones. They feature various patterns and colors and are thicker than level 2.

Method of Application

Not all granite countertops are the same. As you have already read, they differ in colors and compositions. Because each granite vary in their porousness and density, their ability to repel water will also differ. What is the importance of this information? Their water repelling capacity is a significant factor for the “water test” that we will discuss in a moment.

The method of application that you do with the sealer dictates how well it can be absorbed by the stone. If you have seen people advising you to spray your surface with the product and then wiping it off, it’s time to quit the browser.

Instead, what you want to do is pour the sealer on your countertop and spread it around. This way, the product penetrates through the surface better without much waste. And before the sealer completely dries, make sure to wipe off any cloudy spots. Of course, it will be harder to remove these spots once the product dries off.

Note that with light-colored granites (e.g., white), you would most likely need to do a second or third coating.

Is it Time to Seal Your Granite? Do the Water Test!

Before we delve deeper on the proper application of sealer, we should introduce you first to the water test. This test will determine whether you need to seal/reseal your countertop. Basically, you’re trying to see if the stone absorbs water and leaves dark areas. Whether it’s for the initial application or re-application, the water test is essential before sealing your countertop.

After you spilled a puddle of water on your countertop, set a timer. Measure how long it will take for the puddle to turn into a dark spot/seeps through the stone. If it takes around 10 minutes to form a stain, you need to apply a granite sealer. On the contrary, if the puddle stays “visible” and just beads up, the stone you have is not as porous. Therefore, the countertop does not need resealing.

You can also perform the water test 30 minutes after applying your first coat of sealer. The effect you want is that the surface should take longer to absorb the water.

How To Apply Granite Sealer

  1. Use a high-quality granite cleaner or acetone to remove all residues on your countertop.
  2. Pour a manageable amount of product on the surface.
  3. With a clean cloth, spread the sealer to create an even, thin coating.
  4. Let the stone absorb the product. This can take around 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the sealer or your granite surface.
  5. Once the thin film is starting to absorb into the stone (i.e., it is beginning to dry), do a second coating. Then, let this second film sit for a minute.
  6. Lastly, wipe off all the excess product and buff the countertop. This step is crucial to avoid forming haze on the surface.

The steps we laid out here is pretty general. It is always better to refer on the product’s instructions about its application and reapplication schedules.

Does Your Countertop Need a Granite Sealer?

We have talked about how you will know if your countertop needs sealing. However, we should also remind you that it is possible for your granite not to need sealing. What we mean by this is that it may not even absorb the product. Ergo, applying a sealer as a countermeasure is not necessary. Instead, you might end up with a hazy film sitting on the surface. While it may not be damaging, it’s a waste of product and effort.

It may seem confusing to you as we have mentioned earlier that granite is porous. But there are varieties of granite that will not absorb liquid effectively because of their tiny pores. These variants may not even be as prone to staining compared to other countertops. This fact is where the water test proves itself vital before sealer applications.

Bonus Tips for Stain Removal on Stone Surfaces

Type of StainFirst Aid
Water spots / Water ringsBuff the mark using dry 0000 steel wool.
Shallow scratches
Buff the mark using dry 0000 steel wool.
Fire damages
Depending on the damage, you can purchase commercial removers.
InkAcetone for dark stones and hydrogen peroxide for light-colored stones.
Small amounts of paintManual scraping or lacquer thinner.
Water-based and oil-based stains (e.g., coffee or grease)Commercial cleansers

What are Poultices?

Note that acidic substances can damage granite surfaces. For us, it is way better to use a cleaner meant for granite. Some professionals also recommend poultice. Poultice is a cleaner with a pasty consistency. Materials such as talc, kaolin, or diatomaceous earth are mixed with gauze pads, cotton balls, or paper towels to act as the absorbent. What the poultice does is draw the stain out of the stone into the absorbent material. But just like what we’ve been mentioning throughout this review, a lot of factors come into play when it comes to sealing. And this fact also applies to cleaning and polishing.


Not all granite stones are created equal. Therefore, maintenance of different countertops will vary depending on what kind of stone you have. As you have seen in our buyer’s guide, you can differentiate granite using their color or grades. And especially when it comes to sealing, you have to know your surface’s density and water-repelling capacity.

Testing your stone is quite easy. You just simply pour some water and measure how long it takes to form into a dark area. This water test is crucial if you don’t want to waste time and the product itself. Our top pick is the StoneTech BulletProof Sealer. Yes, it costs more compared to most sealers in this review, but its efficacy is undeniable. More than being a stain protectant, this sealer is easy to apply without any irritating, harmful VOCs.

However, you can also check out other products that can clean and polish, such as CTP and Supreme Surface. They both came from the same company, and whichever you choose is really going to be just a matter of preference. Another runner-up favorite of ours is from TriNova, if you need to consider a product that is quick to apply.

Overall, granite countertops shouldn’t scare you. They do require some maintenance but at the end of the day, what household area doesn’t? You can opt for products that require re-application every 6 months. But we’re sure you’ll love the thrill of unraveling your new-looking granite top after every sealing.

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