Your Complete Guide for the Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator in 2023

The kitchen is the heart of every home. And while we are used to getting standard appliances, nowadays, it would be more convenient to get upgraded versions of them. For example, you may want a more seamless look among your cabinetry. And a way to save that much space is by using a counter depth refrigerator.

This type of fridge does not stick out among your cabinets except for its door. As you can imagine, it results in a neater finish because the sides don’t protrude. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but you will also not be needing a large space allowance in your kitchen.

But before you get drowned in the deepness of counter depth refrigerator options, we have already reviewed the best ones in the market. All of them are French Door styles as well because we think this design is going to be convenient for most households. You can also have a check on our buyer’s guide in case you have some questions in mind.

Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Comparison Table

UnitWidthCapacityWith Ice Maker?Check Price
Viking 3 Series36 in22.1 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Bosch 800 Series 36 in21 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD36 in21.7 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
GE Profile36 in23.1 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Frigidaire FG4H2272UF36 in21.8 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Fisher Paykel RF170ADX4N31 in16.9 cu. ft.No Check Price
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF36 in21.7 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Thor Kitchen29 in20.85 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Fisher Paykel RF201ADUSX536 in20.1 cu. ft.Yes Check Price
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS36 in22.5 cu. ft.Yes Check Price

Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Reviews

Viking 3 Series RVRF336SS – Best Premium Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

The first unit in this list might deter you because of its price. However, we think this is a great refrigerator if you want something on the premium side. This counter depth french door refrigerator from Viking is the RVRF336SS. It may not look as eye-catching as the other units in this list, but we think its simplicity is what makes it easy to match in any kitchen.

To give you an idea, Viking is 36 inches in width with 24-inch deep side panels. And because this is a counter depth fridge, they look seamless among cabinetry easily. We also like that it comes with rollers and leveling legs. At the same time, the built of the hinges feel durable, and they are hidden and covered as well.

Sabbath Mode

Viking purifies the air inside on its own, which is a trend among refrigerators nowadays to keep odors at bay. You will also like that it has a Sabbath mode, which is a feature to make the appliance usable by those observing Shabbat on the Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Audio Alerts

Other than this function, it also has a digital temperature control that you can manipulate since this unit is not Energy Star-rated. Nonetheless, the fridge will emit an audible alert to inform you if the interior temperatures get too high or if there is no power. Again these alarms are helpful to save on energy and to notify you to take out any food items in case there is no power.

ColdZone Drawer

Viking has a total capacity of 22.1 cubic feet with a so-called ColdZone Drawer at the bottom with 6.7 cu. ft. capacity. Inside, the fridge has a LED light and will show you a total of 4 shelves that are all made of glass and are adjustable. This material can be an issue to some, especially if you accidentally drop a heavy item inside, but they feel solid and are spill-proof as well.

Adjustable Temperature and Humidity

One of them has an adjustable temperature, and two have an adjustable humidity. This control on humidity and temperature is especially useful for products like fruits and vegetables that are sensitive to such factors. There is also a dedicated dairy compartment to avoid contamination of such products.

You can also remove them by sliding them out to modify the interior space. But on the one hand, there are 5 bins on each door with a total of 2 gallons of capacity, although these bins aren’t adjustable. You will also get 2 humidity-controlled crispers to help extend the shelf life of your food items like fruit and vegetables.

Auto Defrost and Self-Closing Drawer

What about the freezer? The freezer automatically defrosts, and the drawer is self-closing. We appreciate these features to save on energy since as we have mentioned earlier, this unit is not Energy Star-rated. There is also an ice drawer with scoop, and the total capacity inside are three levels of sliding baskets. And lastly, you can take advantage of the fast freeze and fast ice settings depending on your intended usage.

  • Durable hinges and solid compartments
  • Sabbath mode
  • Audio alerts
  • Adjustable and spill-proof shelves
  • Adjustable temperature and humidity
  • Dairy compartment
  • Humidity-controlled crispers
  • Auto-defrost
  • Self-closing freezer drawer
  • Fast freeze and fast ice
  • Expensive
  • Not Energy Star-rated

Bosch 800 Series B36CL80SNS – Best Smart Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Next on our list is the B36CL80SNS from Bosch. Are you slowly turning your kitchen into a smart kitchen? If you want your fridge to match the other technology-oriented appliances in your kitchen, we think this unit from Bosch is what you need. It may not look as high-tech, but this 36-inch 4-door refrigerator is packing smart features, including a touch control panel. But first, let us discuss its capacity.

AirFresh Filter and AirCool System

The total capacity of this model is 21 cu. ft. The main fridge is 15 cu. ft. while the freezer is 6 cu. ft. Other than the AirFresh filter, both of these compartments use an AirCool system separately, which is advantageous because you don’t have to worry about taste and odor contamination when keeping items. The dual compressors and evaporators will control the cooling and the humidity better while also minimizing odors.

VitaFresh Pro and FreshProtect

Bosch also has a so-called VitaFresh Pro feature, which is also another cooling feature. According to them, this is unique among other refrigerators because it will keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. Basically, what this feature does is that Bosch automatically balances the temperature and humidity inside so your food items are kept in an ideal setting. And speaking of keeping everything fresh, Bosch has a FreshProtect feature that will slow down the ripening features of your fruit by reducing ethylene through absorption.


You also don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations inside because of the MultiAirFlow function. What this does is that the fridge allows gentle cold air currents to rise evenly among all stages of chilling and freezing areas to maintain the freshness of your food.

You might be thinking that these features will take a toll on your bill, but Bosch is actually Energy Star-qualified, so it is still efficient in energy consumption.

Adjustable Shelves and Frost-Free Fridge

And like the previous fridge from Viking, Bosch has an internal LED lighting for visibility. Your storage is somewhat flexible as well because the tempered glass shelves are adjustable. They feel solid, and it helps that they are combined with stainless steel trim. You will get 4 half-width shelves and 3 gallon storage bins. At the same time, you don’t have to defrost the fridge itself because it is frost-free. You will also appreciate the UltraClarityPro water filter on the internal water dispenser.

Internal Water Dispenser: Yay or Nay?

A potential drawback in the main refrigerator is that the space where you can store beverages standing is limited to the doors. Otherwise, you can stack them horizontally in the main area. The internal water dispenser is also a weird feature to have inside because that means you have to open both the doors every time you’re getting water. It also dispenses quite slowly and automatically shuts off after some time.

Smart Freezer

The freezer, on the other hand, has 3 drawers and ice maker. Now, what makes this fridge smart is that you can control it remotely via WiFi Connect or with the Home Connect App and Amazon Alexa. This means you can actually defrost your freezer even when you aren’t home as long as you use these features. And what’s even better is that you don’t need to use or purchase a separate Smart accessory.


Lastly, know that the doors of this unit do not close on their own. But you will be pleased that it will alert you if you forget to close them all the way.

  • Smart freezer
  • Energy Star-rated
  • AirFresh Filter and AirCool System
  • VitaFresh Pro and FreshProtect
  • MultiAirFlow
  • Frost-free
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Ice maker
  • Water dispenser
  • Weird dispenser design

Frigidaire FGHD2368TD – Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker

If you check our comparison table, you probably notice that there are a lot of Frigidaire models. The first one among them is the gorgeous-looking black FGHD2368TD. It has a total capacity of 21.7 cu. ft. with the freezer having 6.8 cu.ft. of it. And if you want a refrigerator with ice maker, this one stands out the most for us. But first, let us discuss some other notable features of this unit.

Store-More Shelves and CrispSeal Crisper Drawers

First of all, it has tempered glass shelves like our previous unit. But what’s unique with Frigidaire is that they flip up instead of slide out. These edge to edge shelves are called Store-More, and the feature allows you to put in taller food items in the. You can also keep the inside more organized using the CrispSeal crisper drawers by stacking them the way you need. At the same time, you’ll feel confident that the products will maintain their freshness inside them.

Cool Zone Drawer

There is even a large-sized compartment called the Cool Zone drawer where you can keep other food items like beverages and snacks. You can also use the 7 bins at the door for additional storage.

Effortless Glide Drawer

And in the freezer, you can use the baskets and Effortless Glide drawer. The latter has an adjustable divider which, once again, makes everything organized. At the same time, both the freezer door and the drawer close on their own to keep your energy consumption at check.

Adjustable Lighting, Sabbath Mode, and Even Temp

You will also love that the LED lighting inside of the Frigidaire is adjustable. It has Sabbath mode and digital temperature control with Express-Select controls that are very responsive buttons as well. Frigidaire even makes use of a feature called Even Temp to maintain the temperature equally. And if you’re worried about consumption, this model is indeed Energy Star-rated too.

Filters Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

Now, this model has an excellent ice maker feature. It also has an external water dispenser, and both features use the PureSource Ultra II filtration feature. This guarantees you that both the ice and water that you’re getting are free of contaminants like cysts and lead. You can also increase the ice production of the unit by purchasing automatic ice maker kits from Frigidaire called the IMK0023A or IMK0028A. The only drawback we have is that we wish there is backlight on the control panel and that the water has an option for cold temperature.

  • CoolZone drawer
  • Effortless Glide drawer in freezer
  • Auto-closing freezer
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • Sabbath mode
  • PureSource Ultra II filtration on ice maker and water dispenser
  • Energy Star-rated
  • Dispenses room temperature water only
  • Control panel is not lit

GE Profile PWE23KSKSS – Editor’s Choice

The next refrigerator on our list comes from the well-known appliance brand, GE Profile. The PWE23KSKSS is a simple-looking 23.1 cu. ft.-capacity counter depth french door refrigerator. This is our favorite among this list because of the following:

TwinChill Evaporators and Sabbath Mode

Similar to the Bosch unit earlier, GE Profile has a feature called TwinChill evaporators. This means that you’ll get separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer. This is advantageous for you because that means that you’ll be getting the proper temperature for both areas. And if you need this fridge for Sabbath it is compatible with the Shabbos Keeper that will automatically set the unit in Sabbath mode for you.

Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze

For your convenience, you can also take advantage of the Turbo Cool and Turbo Freeze features. These are amazing to shorten the time needed, in case you need to use certain chilled or frozen foodstuffs quickly after you bought them. And don’t worry about energy consumption because this unit is Energy Star-certified as well.

Adjustable Spill-Proof Shelves

What about the storage? GE Profile has 4 adjustable glass shelves and all of which are spill-proof. Now, what’s unique with this refrigerator is that the temperature-controlled drawer offers additional settings.

Temperature-Controlled Drawer

You can set it on the ideal temperature for specific products by selecting Meat, Beverage, or Deli. It also runs the full width, so it is pretty spacious at the expense of having to open both doors when getting an item out. And as for the door bins, there are 6 and 4 of which are adjustable. It has a dedicated dairy compartment and drop-down tray for additional storage as well.

Quick Space Shelf and Crisper Drawers

Other than the main compartment, there is a separate shelf called the Quick Space. This is particularly useful for taller items, so you don’t have to lie them down. And for perishable ingredients, you can use the humidity-controlled crisper drawers for them.


The freezer, on the other hand, has two full-width baskets and a door bin. It automatically defrosts, and it already has an ice maker. Both the freezer and refrigerator have illuminated interiors and make use of digital temperature control.

Water Dispenser with Filter and Filter Indicator Light

GE Profile also comes with an internal water dispenser that make use of advanced filtration system with water filter indicator light. This will remove any contaminants to both your water and ice to ensure their safety. And because of the indicator, you’ll know when to change the filter as well. However, because the dispenser is inside, you have to open the door when getting water.

  • TwinChill evaporators
  • Sabbath mode
  • Turbo Cool and Turbo Chill
  • Adjustable spill-proof shelves
  • Dedicated temperature-controlled drawer
  • QuickSpace shelf
  • Crisper drawers
  • Auto-defrost
  • Water dispenser with filter and filter change indicated
  • Awkward dispenser design

Frigidaire FG4H2272UF – Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator for Families with Kids

Smudge-Proof Doors

The fifth refrigerator on our list comes from Frigidaire, and it’s the FG4H2272UF. It has a total capacity of 21.8 cu. ft. with the freezer taking 8.4 cu. ft. from it. And what’s great with this model is that you don’t have to keep wiping the doors to keep them shiny since they are smudge-proof. These good-looking stainless steel doors won’t keep the fingerprints from curious hands, so this unit is great for you if you have kids.

OpenAccess Door

Another reason why this model is appropriate for families with kids is because it has a lot of compartments for organizing your items. It is also somewhat similar to the Frigidaire FGHD2368TD earlier because of this. You can save some on the energy consumption because there is the OpenAccess door instead of needing to open both doors. To prevent kids who are notorious for always checking the fridge, you can put their food items close to this door.

Custom-Flex Temp Drawer

As you can see, there is a middle drawer in this Frigidaire model. This is the adjustable and self- closing Custom-Flex Temp drawer, and from the name itself, it does have a customizable temperature. You can also adjust the drawer divider to make space for some items inside.

SpaceWise Organization System

Other than these compartments, you can use the cantilever shelving and flip-up shelf under the SpaceWise Organization System so you can keep similar items together. And for much more sensitive items, the CrispSeal drawers has an auto humidity control to keep them fresh. In case these compartments aren’t enough, you can use the dairy compartment, ice and water pocket for beverages, and the 3 adjustable door bins with one of them being expandable as well.

LED Adjustment and TwinTech Cooling System with Filtration

For visibility, you can adjust the LED inside as well. This Frigidaire unit also has the TwinTech cooling system on both the fridge and freezer and the PureAir Ultra II air filter to keep the carbon and odor inside within control.

Quick Chill and Quick Freeze with Alarms

Some other familiar features that it has, and you’ve also seen earlier in the previous models are the Quick Chill and Quick Freeze, and the ice maker and water dispenser with cold drink timer. Both of them use the PureSource Ultra II filtration with filter change indicator lights, so you’ll know when to clean the filters. And speaking of notifying, this model also has alarms to alert you if the doors are open, the temperature is too high, or if there is no power.

The only drawback we have for this model is it is noisy.

  • Smudge-proof doors
  • OpenAccess door
  • Custom-Flex temp drawer
  • SpaceWise Organization system
  • LED Adjustment and TwinTech Cooling System with Filtration
  • Quick Chill and Quick Freeze
  • Alarms
  • Noisy

Fisher Paykel RF170ADX4N – Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator for Small Homes

Small Capacity

We are halfway in the list, and what we have here is the RF170ADX4N from Fisher Paykel. By the looks of it, you’ll notice that it looks very minimalistic. It also has a smaller capacity compared to the other models in this review, so if you have a smaller home, the size of this unit is perfect. It offers 12.1 cu. ft. in the fridge and 4.8 cu. ft. in the freezer, which can be limiting to some, but also just the right size if you have a small kitchen.

Spill-Safe Sliding Glass Shelves, Bottle Holders, and Crispers

Like our previous refrigerators, all the 4 shelves inside Fisher Paykel are glass. They are still removable and spill-safe, but you wouldn’t get cantilever ones. In case that you’ll need additional storage, the doors offer a total of 6 bins that you can adjust. You can also use humidity-controlled crispers for items like fruits and vegetables, and the 2 bottle holders that you can stack. Of course, there are no water dispenser and ice maker with this unit, which are disappointed about.

Quick Freeze and Adaptive Defrosting

As for the freezer, it is indeed smaller by having only one large plastic bin and 2 smaller ones. You’ll also get 2 ice cube trays similar to those of standard refrigerators. However, Fisher Paykel does offer quick freeze and automatic and adaptive defrosting for your convenience.

ActiveSmart Technology

Now, let’s talk about the performance of the unit. While some households might get limited with space, this refrigerator uses features that you might like. For example, Fisher Paykel has a so-called ActiveSmart technology, which is just a fancy term for providing separate fans and temperature sensors on the refrigerator and freezer. The fans have variable speeds, while the sensors will give you a gist on the temperature on both compartments separately.

Features You’ll Love

Other than temperature and cooling, there is also the Humidity Control System, which from the name itself, maintains the indoor humidity of the unit to keep perishable items for longer. Some other familiar features would be the Sabbath mode, Fast Freeze, internal lighting, and alarms if you left the doors open. And speaking of alarm, there is a Bottle Chill function that will notify you once your drinks have finished chilling in the freezer via an audible alarm.

Overall, this unit has some advantages and disadvantages, depending on your household. But a drawback we have is that it isn’t Energy Star-rated, so be mindful of energy consumption.
  • Smaller size
  • Spill-safe sliding shelves
  • Bottle holders
  • Crispers
  • Adaptive defrosting
  • Quick Freeze
  • Bottle Chill
  • Alarms
  • ActiveSmart Technology
  • Humidity Control System
  • Sabbath mode
  • Not Energy Star-rated
  • No ice maker

Frigidaire FGHD2368TF – A FG4H2272UF Alternative

Up next comes from the familiar brand that we reviewed earlier on, and it is the FGHD2368TF from Frigidaire. This model offers a total capacity of 21.7 cu. ft., and it has some similarities with the FG4H2272UF. So if you are looking for a more affordable version of that, you might appreciate this model.

Fingerprint-Proof Doors

First of all, you won’t see the OpenAccess door and Custom-Flex temp drawer in this unit. However, it does still use smudge-resistant doors, so constantly wiping the front to keep it looking nice is a thing of the past.

Glass Cantilever Shelves and Adjustable Door Bins

Inside, Frigidaire uses 6 glass Store-More Flip-Up shelves. They aren’t spill-safe and sliding, but instead, they are split cantilever types. The 7 door bins, on the other hand, are adjustable, so you aren’t limited in terms of height if you use the door storage. And for wider items, you can use the Cool Zone drawer that you’ve seen on the other Frigidaire units.

CrispSeal and Effortless Glide

And for your humidity-sensitive items, you can use the 2 humidity-controlled CrispSeal crisper drawers. You can stack them to save more space as well. And as for the freezer, you’ll get 1 Effortless Glide drawer with adjustable divider and 2 baskets. It is pretty limiting compared to the pricier models, but we think for most households, this capacity is enough. At the same time, the drawer is self-closing, so that you can save on energy.

Even Temp and PureSource Ultra II Filtration

Frigidaire still uses the Even Temp feature on this unit to maintain the temperature inside. And as you can see, this model does come with an ice maker and external water dispenser. Both of which use the PureSource Ultra II filtration function, and as you probably remember, this feature is excellent in removing contaminants like cysts and lead.

However, the ice maker itself is not impressive, and the output is underwhelming. Luckily, you can get the ice maker kits from Frigidaire like the IMK0023A or IMK0028A to solve this problem.

  • Smudge-proof doors
  • Adjustable door bins
  • Cantilever shelves
  • CrispSeal drawers
  • Effortless Glide freezer drawer
  • Even Temp
  • PureSource Ultra II filtration
  • With water dispenser and ice maker
  • Underwhelming ice output

Thor Kitchen HRF3601F – Runner-Up Favorite

What we have here is the Thor Kitchen HRF3601F. It is our pick second to GE Profile PWE23KSKSS because not only is it good-looking, but it is also packed with features that you want in a counter depth french door refrigerator.

Slide-Out Cantilever Glass Shelves

While the 5 glass shelves inside aren’t spill-safe, they do slide-out and are cantilever types. You will also get 8 door bins, but know that you can’t adjust them, so be clever in organizing your items. And of course, Thor Kitchen will also have 2 humidity-controlled crispers, which is usual for any refrigerator that you can buy nowadays.

2 Freezer Drawers

What about the freezer? It offers an ice maker, quick freeze, fast cooling, and auto-defrost like our previous models. At the same time, you’ll not only get one, but you’ll get 2 freezer drawers. Both of them spans the whole width so the space inside is generous, and you can organize your items better without the hassle of them mixing odors.

Separate Air Cycle and Cooling System and Energy Saver

The refrigerator and fridge are using separate cycle and air cooling systems to make sure that you’re maintaining the ideal settings for each of them. You might also appreciate that you can set this fridge in the energy saver mode. What this means is that the unit will automatically set itself in the temperatures that will help you decrease your energy bill. To give you an idea, the refrigerator will be at 44° F, while the freezer will be at 5° F.

Child Lock

Another feature that made us love Thor Kitchen is that it even has a child lock. This will prevent access of your children when you put this feature on. If you have trouble keeping your kids from playing with the door or getting some food items, this fridge is for you.

The only drawback we have for Thor Kitchen is that we wish it has the ice maker outside and not inside the freezer. It might be a minor inconvenience, but this design meant you would need to take out food items when getting the ice container out.

  • Sliding drawers
  • Door bins
  • Humidity-controlled crispers
  • 2 freezer drawers
  • Has ice maker
  • Quick freeze
  • Quick chill
  • Auto defrost
  • Separate air Cycle and cooling system
  • Energy saver
  • Child lock
  • Ice maker is inside the freezer

Fisher Paykel RF201ADUSX5 – Best Value for Money

Other than the RF170ADX4N, we also have another Fisher Paykel unit in this list. This is our top recommendation if you want a good-looking refrigerator and has features that’ll give you value for money.

This model has a total capacity of 20.1 cu. ft. The number of shelves inside the fridge is not as plenty as the ones on the previous models. However, if you are looking for a counter depth french door refrigerator, the space inside of this unit at this price point is reasonable.

Reasonable Capacity

You’ll get 3 glass slide-out shelves. They are not spill-safe, but they are easily wipeable. You’ll also get 8 adjustable door bins and 2 humidity-controlled crispers, similar to those from the pricier units earlier. The freezer, on the other hand, has 3 baskets. It is capable of quick freeze and auto-defrost as well to save you time and effort. However, the size itself is underwhelming for us.

ActiveSmart, Alarms, Bottle Chill, and Fast Freeze

You don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the doors of the unit open. Fisher Paykel has alarms, so you’ll know in case you’ve left them open. Inside, the unit also uses the ActiveSmart technology that you’ve seen in the previous Fisher Paykel. This will monitor the fridge for you and create an environment suitable for preserving your food for longer. You will also get the familiar Fisher Paykel features like Bottle Chill and Fast Freeze that’ll both alarm you when the unit has chilled your items.

Water Dispenser and Ice Maker

Besides the refrigerator and freezer, there is a water dispenser at the door. And while there is no ice dispenser, this unit has an ice maker with ice boost for better production. The model uses a filtration system as well to make sure that you’re using and drinking contaminant-free water.

  • Reasonable price
  • Slide-out shelves
  • Crispers
  • Adjustable door bins
  • Quick freeze with alarm
  • Auto-defrost
  • ActiveSmart
  • Door alarms
  • Bottle chill with alarm
  • Water dispenser
  • Ice maker
  • Small freezer

Frigidaire FFHD2250TS – Best Affordable Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

The last unit in our list comes from Frigidaire, and it also happens to be the most affordable one. But don’t worry because besides the price point, its other features aren’t cheap at all. For one, it has similarities with the previous Frigidaire units.

Spill-Safe Shelves and Adjustable Door Bins

This Frigidaire model has 6 spill-safe glass shelves. They don’t slide-out, but if you need flexibility, the 7 Store-More door bins are adjustable. You will also get 2 humidity-controlled crispers as well that are called Effortless Glide, and you can reposition them depending on your preference.

Cold-Zone Drawer

You might be familiar with the large-sized Cold-Zone drawer in the other Frigidaire units earlier, so we’re glad that this model has it too. And as for the freezer, it doesn’t offer quick freeze, but it is auto-defrosting, and has 2 baskets inside.

Water Dispenser and Ice Maker

At this price point, Frigidaire includes an external water dispenser with filtration feature. You’ll also get an ice maker, which we think are useful additions to any refrigerator. However, the ice maker is not the best among this list in terms of efficiency.

Filtration with Filter Change Indicator

On the bright side, this unit has the features that you have probably appreciated on the other Frigidaire units. For example, the water filter uses PureSource Ultra II and has a filter change indicator light.

While the air filter, on the other hand, is the PureAir Ultra, and also has a filter change indicator light. And lastly, there is a dual-level lighting inside, and the unit maintains the ideal temperature using Even Temp.

  • Fair price
  • Spill-safe shelves
  • Store-More bins
  • Effortless Glide crispers
  • Quick freeze
  • Auto-defrost
  • Water dispenser
  • Ice maker
  • Filter change indicators
  • Even Temp
  • Underwhelming ice maker performance

Buyer’s Guide

What is the Difference Between Standard Depth and Counter Depth Refrigerators?

When shopping for a new fridge for your home, chances are you’ve seen the standard depth and counter depth models. Knowing the differences between these two can help you decide which one is better for your kitchen.

Standard depth refrigerators are so-called because you can see the cabinet sides of the unit. They are also deeper and bulkier than counter depth refrigerators. And because of their size, they look better on spacious kitchens.

Counter depth refrigerators, on the other hand, are distinguishable because you will only see their doors sticking out. This gives them a more sleek finish, which is why most modern kitchens prefer the counter depth refrigerators for the style. However, standard depth refrigerators are probably more popular and offer more storage space in the expense of taking up kitchen space as well.

If you want a more seamless look, there is also a type of refrigerator with an integrated style. Instead of having the doors protruding like the ones on counter depth refrigerators, no door or side sticks out in an integrated refrigerator.

What is a French Door Refrigerator?

French door refrigerators are starting to gain popularity because not only do they look good, but their design is also more convenient to the user. This type of refrigerator style characterizes a side by side main compartment and the freezer at the bottom. Because the primary storage is at the top, you don’t have to bend down as much because you’ll be eye level with the shelves and drawers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

  • Size and Storage Capacity

The first feature that you should consider when buying any refrigerator is its size. Yes, counter depth refrigerators already have an advantage because they are designed to not be as extensive. However, you also have to make sure that they will fit in your existing kitchen space. Be prepared and measure your available space to prevent the hassle of mistakenly buying a refrigerator that wouldn’t fit.

Other than the size outside, the interior size of the fridge itself is also a significant buying factor. Remember when we discussed earlier that counter depth refrigerators have a smaller interior capacity than standard refrigerators. So if you will need to store a lot of items, make sure that the model you’re getting has a bigger width. Some manufacturers also design their models smartly, so they maximize their interior space through a lot of drawers and adjustable shelves.

  • Design

Counter depth French door refrigerators are recognizable with their side by side top and having the freezer at the bottom. This configuration makes it easier to check the inside without having to bend down. However, you can also check other styles and configurations that are advantageous to your convenience.

For example, you might want the locations of the shelves adjustable or for a compartment to be in a certain area. Don’t forget to think if a model’s finish will look suitable for your kitchen. At the same time, maybe an exterior that is easy to wipe will benefit you more if you have children at home.

  • Energy Consumption

Refrigerators are one of the appliances that we always monitor the consumption of. They can be notorious for raising our electricity bills, so we always have to keep them in check. You may look for Energy Star-rated units because this certification signifies the reliability of the fridge to be energy efficient. At the same time, they also don’t cause detrimental effects to the environment. You can even look for features like temperature adjustment and zoned climate control so you can adjust the fridge to work on a necessary condition only.

  • Extra Features

Lastly, like with any appliance, it can be beneficial for you to get something with additional features. For example, an ice maker would be convenient, so you don’t need to buy an additional one. Fridge features like LED lighting and adjustable shelves are also nice, and you can indulge a bit more by getting a model with touchscreen displays.


Nowadays, it’s easy to design your kitchen on your own. And it may not seem like it, but the refrigerator usually draws the attention besides the stovetop. You can get a modern look in your kitchen by using a counter depth french door style refrigerator instead of a freestanding model. They blend seamlessly among the cabinetry, and having the freezer at the lower part lessens the need to bend down when getting food items out.

Our top pick is the GE Profile PWE23KSKSS. It has separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer, so you know that it maintains their internal temperatures in the best levels. At the same time, the spill-proof shelves, crisper drawers, QuickSpace shelf, and temperature-controlled drawers are great for organizing the contents. It also has turbo cool and turbo chill to shorten the time you’ll need in food preparation. And lastly, GE Profile already comes with a water dispenser that filters the water and will remind you of when to clean the filter itself.

Overall, the best counter depth french door refrigerator is any model that will fit with your lifestyle and household. Make sure to keep the factors we discussed in mind, otherwise, feel free to drop any comments below.

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