Top 10 Best Brown Rice Brands 2023

Best Brown Rice Brand

Brown rice has become a go-to source of incredible nutrition for health-nuts and food lovers alike. The trend follows a growing pattern where health is craved without comprising on flavor. As far as nutrition goes, this unique form of rice can give you all the key features you’re looking for.

Besides being certified organic, this product is grown using System of Rice Intensification Practices. This reduces the carbon footprint of each crop and significantly reduces the amount of water required. Furthermore, it’s also certified by the non-GMO project as well.

Even though rice is one of the most affordable foods on the entire planet, there are differences in pricing.

Whatever your goals are, the following guide will list the best brown rice brands out there and explore their various benefits—or shortcomings.

Best Brown Rice Brand Comparison Table

ProductTypeCountry of OriginUSDA Organic CertificationWeightCheck Price
Lundberg Family FarmsShort-grain, Black JaponicaUSAYes16 Ounce (Pack of 6) Check Price
Brown Rice by GerbsLong-grainUSANo2 lbs, 4 lbs Check Price
Planet RiceMedium-grain, SproutedUSANo22 Ounce (Pack of 6) Check Price
NishikiShort-grainUSANo15 lbs Check Price
DynastyLong-grain, JasmineThailandNo5 lbs Check Price
SukoyakaShort-grain, JapaneseUSANo4.4 lbs Check Price
Pride of IndiaExtra Long, BasmatiIndiaNo1.5 lbs Check Price
RiceSelectLong-Grain, BasmatiUSANo32 Ounce (Pack of 4) Check Price
Lotus FoodsLong-Grain, JasmineChinaYes25 lbs Check Price
TamanishikiShort-grainUSANo4.4 lbs (Pack of 2) Check Price

Best Brown Rice Brand Reviews

Lundberg Family Farms – Best Short Grain Brown Rice

Lundberg Family Farms Brown Rice

Lundberg Family Farms has a unique brown rice that offers a solid balance between quality and price. This is not necessarily isolated to their own offerings, but given the number of alternatives in the market, it’s quite telling.

First of all, Lundberg Farms insists on organic rice as a default. Ensuring that quality is not just in the flavor, but also in the fundamental health of the product is a top priority. Ironically, Lundberg Family Farms has been around for so long, they once produced rice in a world where most things were organic as a default.

Besides being certified organic, this product is grown using System of Rice Intensification Practices. This reduces the carbon footprint of each crop and significantly reduces the amount of water required. Furthermore, it’s also certified by the non-GMO project as well.

Another feature that is often overlooked but cannot be ignored with this brand is the packaging. Harkening back to older era where all-natural was the norm, the first impression from the appearance of the package is quality, reliability, and trust. Certainly, the company has operated for years and has earned its reputation, though it is important to note that there’s more to this product that just its cover.

Another feature you might enjoy is the rice’s stickiness, allowing it to stick together and be molded to your needs. One of the most obvious uses for this is in sushi, where the rice needs to maintain a consistent shape and form. In addition, some people prefer their rice soft and sticky, as opposed to firm and grainy. In either case, Lundberg Family Farms offers the flexibility you need to achieve any number of cooking goals.


Overall, this product is recommended because of its affordable price, great taste, malleable cooking capacity, and bulk packaging.

  • Great taste
  • Works great in many different recipes
  • Unique degree of softness/firmness
  • Vegan/Kosher (could disenfranchise some consumers)
  • Lacks features of long-grain rice

Brown Rice by Gerbs – Choice for People with Food Allergies

Gerbs brown rice review

Rice is already considered to be one of the most affordable foods on the planet, and Gerbs brown rice absolutely lives up to this reputation. So much so that they blow much of the competition out of the water by providing some great quality grains with an ideal price.

This is also true with regards to bulk purchasing, which often comes with certain pricing nuances that most would prefer to avoid. In the case of Gerbs, however, that they manage to maintain these quantities at low prices over consistent periods of time, despite local marketplace conditions.

Brown rice by Gerbs comes in two-pound packages, is a Top 11 Allergen Free category, and is non-GMO. For many consumers today, being non-GMO is non-negotiable; anything with genetically modified ingredients is often deemed unacceptable, so Gerbs could be an optimal choice.

The rice is also organically grown — another non-negotiable feature nowadays for many. Interestingly, the organic state of the rice is also based on how it is grown. There are many layers to organically-processed foods and sometimes the nuances can get confusing.

But with Gerbs, the standard is straightforward and simple: it is organically grown — it’s also a product of the United States.

Health is key for Gerbs and their long grain brown rice is absolutely no exception. In many ways, the quality is dependent on a number of key factors that they brag about on the product description itself. These include their “All-Natural Pledge”, which points to where their priorities when it comes to food safety, sustainability, and health.

The “All-Natural Pledge” include the absence of trans fats, chemical, preservatives, GMO, and artificial ingredients. Their emphasis is on how “mother nature” wanted things to be — which is a noble goal that many conscious consumers respect nowadays.

The absence of allergens is also an important mission statement for Gerbs and is something that could be critical for some consumers. Food allergens can be particularly nefarious when it comes to rice — including where it is produced and packaged. These create limitations for some buyers that are much more than just a petty preference — Gerbs has an answer for these problems.

The company says you will not find any allergens relating to milk/dairy, mustard, gluten, tree-nut, egg, wheat, soy, peanut, shellfish, crustacean, and sesame. The broad spectrum of commitment to being allergy free is undeniable with Gerbs. This adds to the value gained from purchasing the product. A large quantity is offered for a surprisingly low price — especially considering that it has all of these many health specifics.

Carbs are another big consideration for many food enthusiasts and one of the features boasted is a low number of carbohydrates per serving. This is a factor often ignored because of how naturally carb-rich rice is at a basic level. As a result, it is often viewed as a health nutrition food for gaining energy when it is needed, as opposed for losing weight. Still, Gerb’s long-grain brown rice is low in carbs and also touts being heart-healthy.


As far as recommendations go, Gerb’s is highly-recommended because of its price, size of bulk packaging, and numerous health considerations. In many ways, this product seems like much more than a meal — it has many of the traits associated with specific health foods. This could be a great feature for some, especially if they are concerned about things like allergens. In such instances, there are a number of factors that could come into play, but they are not limited with the Gerbs brand.
  • Great Price
  • High quantity
  • Health-conscious
  • Could be too health-oriented for some
  • Lack benefits of short-grain rice

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Planet Rice – Best Sprouted Brown Rice

Sprouted Brown Gaba Planet Rice

The benefits of GABA have become increasingly clear over the last few years as nootropics have boomed in popularity. So why not combine GABA with delicious rice?

It seems like a fairly simple and obvious formula, but it works quite well and does not skimp on many of the features you’d normally find in a standard rice brand.

Planet Rice has decided to infuse all-natural GABA into their whole-grain, gluten-free product and the result is very unique.

The key benefits of GABA include decreases in anxiety, the ability to sleep longer, decreased blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It’s a great calmer at the end of a long and hard workday. Imagine coming home to a delicious dinner with a side of rice—and not only will you feel nice and full, but also very calm and relaxed.

GABA is often included as an ingredient in many popular nootropics, so the inclusion of it into one of the most delicious and commonly-consumed foods — rice — is kind of a no-brainer.

Naturally, though, the inclusion of GABA does increase the price tag a bit, making it more expensive than some of the competition. Nonetheless, it is a feature that many are willing to commit to, if not for the simple benefit of having the GABA embedded into your meal.

The consumption of nootropics can become burdensome in many instances, consuming a number of pills daily. However, having it directly available in your rice is a unique convenience that helps Planet Rice stand out from the competition. Whether or not the increased price is something perceived as beneficial depends from person to person, though increasing health trends make this a viable option.

You will also find that this version of Planet Rice is gluten-free and non-GMO — two features that have become almost ubiquitous in the health market. Stemming from this is the fact that you are getting a product great for the whole family, and also easy to cook.

Health is not just for you — if you’ve got kids to feed, this could be the best option, especially considering that the company boasts the lifespan of their rice. They mention that it tastes great even on the second day, and you can cook your meals at the start of the week so they are consumed throughout the next few days. This can minimize the burden of cooking in ways that most overlook, which is generally beneficial for anyone with a busy work schedule.

There is something to say about the packaging of this product, as well. It comes in a convenient zip-lock style that allows for easy storing and preservation. Simple strip the top layer off, unzip, then re-zip to keep things lasting longer and fresher. Additionally, the name “Planet Rice” harkens to an all-natural feel and considerations for environmental sustainability.


As far as recommendations go, Planet Rice’s GABA rice is an ideal choice for veterans of GABA or anyone newly looking into it. With this added nootropic ingredient, there is a natural inclination towards better mood and reduced stress—as if a bowl of rice wasn’t enough already to bring a smile to your face.

  • Inclusion of GABA
  • Great shelf life
  • Somewhat pricey

Nishiki – Most Economical Choice

Nishiki brown rice

When it comes to authenticity, few brands match the vibe sent off by Nishiki products. This is true, as well, with their premium brown rice, which comes in high quantities for a very affordable price.

Bulk buying will not disappoint with this option — a 15-pound bag can last you for weeks, and there are very few limitations on the kinds of dishes you can create. Inherent to this is the fact that you’re also getting a taste of the rich cultural background.

It’s called “premium” brown rice for a reason: the quality is unmatched with regards to its grain. Specifically, it touts a malleable cook outcome that is very sticky, working very well with sushi. Naturally, this makes it somewhat limited and does polarize a certain group that prefers alternative styles.

However, if the goal is to have sticky-textured rice — either for sushi or just out of personal preference, then this could be the ideal choice. Additionally, there is the consideration that different textures are suitable for their own situations. This is especially true with regards to the recipes being used, though Nishiki has a very specific focus.

Brown rice in sushi has diverse uses, but Nikishi does offer a specific recipe that requires certain cooking methods and parameters. Some of these include the need for a water-to-rice ratio (1 ½ to 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice). Other factors include the style of cooking, such as the rate of boiling and overall temperature. Technically, these can become very specific and must be followed closely in order for the food to come out ideally.

Nikishi’s Premium Brown Rice packaging is very attractive with traditional Asian connotations. This could be a pleasant little addition to the overall experience, especially considering the longstanding tradition that this food has had in those regions of the world. Coming in a whopping 15-pound bag, of course, will make for suitable bulk purchasing and cooking.


Nikishi’s brown rice is recommended but specifically if you’re seeking stickier rice. Additionally, if you’re using it for sushi, you’ll find that it has an ideal texture and composition for those needs. Whether it’s rolling, compacting, or simply layering, it has a suitable substance and consistency that is very reliable. In many cases, sticky rice is almost like an art form, especially when it comes to sushi, so maintaining these proper conditions cannot be avoided.

  • High-bulk quantity
  • Great quality and texture
  • Lower than average fiber content
  • Not ideal for consumers of non-sticky rice

Dynasty – Best Jasmine Brown Rice

Jasmine rice has seen its popularity rise in recent decades as its spread from various regions became a norm around the world. Dynasty Jasmine brown rice touches upon this rich history with a unique grain.

Boasting itself as “top quality” jasmine rice, the combination of both brown and jasmine qualities separates it from many others in the market. The various ways in which grains are bred in order to create the ideal cannot be overstated. In this case, the rice can be cooked in a variety of ways.

If your preference is for grainy, drier rice, then altering the rice-to-water ratio while cooking will help create the desired outcome. Similarly, if the goal is stick rice that clumps together, Dynasty’s brand works great. All too often, a product must compromise in either of these opposite extremes in order to meet quality standards. However, this jasmine rice—coupled with the fact that it is brown, not white — allows for a unique cooking capacity that is versatile.

The packaging is fairly standard and even dull, though. This does not necessarily take away from the quality of the rice itself, yet it still diminishes the overall experience. Dull colors and a simple design makes the packaging unapproachable. Still, you can enjoy the 5-pound pouch that comes in at a very affordable price.


Describing itself as “top quality” is natural given its versatility for various cooking conditions and outcomes, and on those merits alone, it is recommended.

  • Versatile cooking outcomes
  • Great price
  • Dull packaging

Sukoyaka – Best Genmai Rice

Sometimes, calling something by a different name can help make keep refresh an old category — and this is definitely true with Sukoyaka’s brown rice, also known as “Genmai.”

“Genmai” simply means brown rice, but it just does sound much cooler, right? This certainly ties into the package design, which exhibits foreign letters indicating the authenticity of the product. Additional layers and colors add an appreciated depth and dynamic that is generally overlooked in many other competitors.

The inclusion of long grains indicating the origins of the product helps humanize and relate. In terms of the functionality of the packaging, it has a zip-lock feature which helps ensure preservation of the product over the long term. Opening is as easy as stripping off the top layer seal, and then unzipping and re-zipping whenever it is needed.


Describing their product as “premium quality”, Sukoyaka’s brand has a reputation behind it that is unrivaled in the industry, though you might end up feeling this in the wallet, because the price is a bit higher given the amount you’re getting. Coming in at 4.4 pounds, it’s a humble amount of rice at that price point.
  • Nice packaging
  • Premium quality
  • Price

Pride of India – Best Brown Basmati Rice

Basmati rice offers its own unique experience, texture, and taste, which is why Pride of India’s extra-long grain version is so unique.

As if the brown rice grain was not enough, there’s the additional layer of being grown in the basmati fashion.

Uniquely, you will find that this product is actually aged for two years, a fascinating feature often found in the basmati category. Furthermore, it’s a totally raw food, providing the additional level of authentic texture and taste that some crave.

The grains are very long and also very thin. The combination makes them uniquely suited for your favorite Basmati dishes. You may be also pleased to know that this product is GMO-free, vegan, gluten-free, and BPA free.

In some instances, these features could be polarizing for some consumers. However, health-consciousness has seen its rise in recent years and the basmati option is very applicable.

Packaging for this version of Pride of India’s rice is very unique, coming in a jar rather than a plastic bag. This has a number of benefits — though it is first important to restate that the plastic is BPA free. In other instances, competitors have unique packaging but they rarely use plastic containers. Still, for these purposes, Pride of India has ensured that you are not being exposed to BPA when buying and consuming their product.

A convenient spin-off lid allows you to open and close easily, with the added bonus of sealing it shut for added preservation and easy storage. Plastic bags often come with a number of limitations, especially the inability to store them effectively. A large bag of rice, for example, weighing in 15 pounds or more, may not even have a means of sealing it shut. This can create exposure conditions that will ruin shelf life and freshness.

Also of importance to mention is that the rice is grown in the Himalayan valleys with what the company describes as “immense care.” The additional aging process may be off-putting for some, but it is a very common — and time-tested — practice. The aging process lasts 2 years, allowing the grain to reach an ideal state for both texture and nutrition.

Added benefits of this brand of rice include three grams of protein for every serving and a high level of manganese. Anti-oxidants are very abundant and, as a default, brown rice has much more fiber than its white alternative — double the amount!


Though this product is on the pricier side and lacks the health benefits of high fiber content, the benefits still outweigh the drawbacks. This choice may be a perfect fit for your favorite curry dish and it comes in a package that is easy to reseal.
  • Unique packaging
  • Aged for 2 years
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Bulky bottle packaging

RiceSelect – Best Texmati Brown Rice

RiceSelect Texmati Long Grain American Basmati Brown Rice

Of the many brands on the market today, RiceSelect has established a big reputation. Of their many iterations is their Texmati Brown Basmati rice, which boasts a wide range of features.

Due to its unique blend, this product still contains large amounts of spicy flavor and aroma that are present in traditional basmati rice. With the addition of several long-grain blends, the dietary fiber content of this brand is increased significantly.

Furthermore, the product is certified by the non-GMO project.

Please note that since this is a blend of different rice types, the flavor and scent are somewhat weaker compared to traditional basmati rice.

The packaging comes in a convenient plastic bottle, offering better portability and storage. Freshness is maintained as much longer rates thanks to an easy and convenient open and close lid. Pouring some rice out is as easy as unscrewing the cap, and sealing it up for freshness is as easy and closing it up. Storage is simple and its shelf life is sustained for longer periods.

You will discover a rich assortment of vitamins and minerals in RiceSelect’s Texmati brown rice. For a 32 ounce jar, it is quite the nutritious meal and can be ideal for those seeking something filling or energizing. Fitness goals can be aided by offering that extra carbohydrate kick before a workout.

There are also no additives in this product and it assures being all-natural.


With the slightly weaker flavor and aroma issue in mind, this is a great product to try out for yourself. It contains eight percent the recommended daily value of fiber and is fully grown in the United States.

  • Great packaging
  • Additive-free
  • High fiber content
  • Grown in the United States
  • Lengthy grain not ideal for all preferences
  • Weaker flavor and aroma than traditional basmati rice
  • Plastic container

Lotus Foods – Best Organic Brown Rice

Lotus Foods Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

Brown rice meeting jasmine is a unique combination that offers a different experience. This is true when it comes to cooking but also with regards to the tastes that can be brought out.

Lotus Foods, which prides itself on being organic, has created a unique grain of rice that comes in bulk packaging — twenty-five pounds of it, to be precise. These bulkier packages are great for those looking to save money and get more out of a meal.
There is no wheat in this rice and it is 100% vegan. Protein, fiber, and zinc are default added nutritional properties that can work with anyone concerned about the health benefits. In addition, each serving provides approximately ten percent your recommended daily fiber intake.
Besides being certified organic, this product is grown using System of Rice Intensification Practices. This reduces the carbon footprint of each crop and significantly reduces the amount of water required. Furthermore, it’s also certified by the non-GMO project as well.

The biggest problem we found is that the packaging is not resealable once it has been opened.

  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Nutritious
  • Grown using sustainable practices
  • Package is BPA-free
  • Not ideal for sticky-cooked rice
  • Many will find the packaging to be too bulky
  • Package is not resealable once it has been opened

Tamanishiki – Premium Japanese Style

This product is another suitable choice for fans of Japanese style cooking. It is a genmai rice type that holds its shape well due to its slightly sticky consistency.

There is plenty to like about this brand of brown rice, including its beautiful packaging with a convenient zip and unzip opening. In addition, it is very affordable for a hefty amount of rice—4.4 pounds. Furthermore, this rice is suitable for use in most standard rice cookers.

Although the rice is raised in the state of California, you might not think that given the unique packaging designs. With foreign letters and cultural symbols, it somewhat misleads from the fact that it is cultivated in the United States.

Still, the outcome is generally the same, as the rice maintains a delicious flavor while remaining all-natural.

Unfortunately, we did find a few big issues as well. The biggest problem we found is that this choice doesn’t contain any dietary fiber. Furthermore, the rice is not non-GMO friendly as well.


For the purposes of having a simple and delicious meal that does not skimp on quality and freshness, this is one still a recommended.
  • Affordable
  • Convenient packaging
  • Very enjoyable texture and flavor
  • Grown and packaged in the United States
  • Not non-GMO certified
  • Plastic packaging

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Best Brown Rice Brand Buying Guide

What’s The Difference Between Brown Rice and White Rice?

Many of you may not know what the difference is between brown rice and white rice. In short, brown rice is the rawest version of rice that has had the husk removed during processing. It retains many nutritional qualities that are very beneficial to human health that will be discussed further below.

With white rice, it has undergone further refinement to remove the mill and germ. This strips the rice of several vital nutrients. To fix this, white rice is often fortified to help restore the vitamin and mineral content that is lost during processing.

The Health Benefits of Brown Rice

In general, brown rice has many health benefits associated with it. One of its biggest advantages is that most types contain large amounts of dietary fiber. The American Heart Association has a great article that discusses the benefits of increasing your fiber content. Currently, the recommended daily intake of fiber is around 25 grams for a healthy adult.

In addition to fiber content, brown rice also typically has higher values of vitamins and minerals. For instance, brown rice typically has twice the amount of manganese and phosphorous as traditional white rice. You will also find that it is a rich source of micronutrients like selenium as well.

Short-grain and Long-grain – What’s The Difference?

Though brown rice is usually healthier than refined white rice, it can be confusing shopping the various types of rice grains. The two most common terms you will see on rice packaging are short-grain and long-grain.

  1. Short-grain rice has a tendency to be more starchy and fluffy. It usually clumps well and is best used in dishes like sushi, paella, and risotto.
  2. Long-grain rice contains less starch and has a tendency to be somewhat drier when fully cooked. This makes this type of rice a great choice for dishes with lots of sauce and pilafs.

Speciality Brown Rice Types

In addition to long-grain and short-grain types, there are specialty varieties to consider as well. Two of the most common you will find are jasmine and basmati, both of which have been featured on our list.

  1. Jasmine rice is traditionally grown and cultivated in Thailand and has a distinct slightly sweet flavor when fully cooked. It sticks well to itself and is a great choice for many Asian style dishes.
  2. Basmati rice is a very long grain that gets even longer when fully cooked. It has a very unique aroma that is slightly spicy and is primarily grown in the middle east. It pairs well with a variety of curry dishes as well as grill items like kebabs.

Don’t Forget The Importance of Packaging

While shopping for the perfect rice for you, it’s important that you understand the importance of proper packaging and storage. Due to its slightly higher essential oil content, brown rice does not keep quite as long as refined white rice. This is why it is particularly important to choose a product that is fully sealed and to store your opened packages correctly.

Rice should always be kept in a cool and dry area. For packages that do not reseal on their own, a great idea is to store your unused rice in a ziplock container in your refrigerator, This will help protect it against contaminants like insects and preserve its shelf life significantly.


Brown rice comes in a variety of unique flavors and styles that can perfectly complement your favorite dishes. It also has a variety of health benefits that make it a superior choice for many consumers. When shopping for the perfect brand, make sure you pay attention to the fiber content and the type of packaging it comes in. With a little bit of time and effort, you will be well on your way to picking the perfect product for you.

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    • Michael Simmons says:

      Hello Ann,

      This kind of rice can be cooked in different ways. To do this, you can use pot, crock pot, pan, steamer and, of course, a rice bowl. You should look at package and follow recommendations, such as rice and water ratio. If you want to eat perfect rice, rinse it and then dunk not less than for ten minutes before preparation. To get amazing and very tasty brown rice, don’t forget about cooking time, suggested by your rice bowl. When you’ve finished with it, leave the lid closed for five minutes.

      How to make delicious sprouted brown rice in a rice cooker?

      1. Water and brown rice ratio could be as follows:

      • 1.5 cups of water + 1 cup of brown rice
      • 3 cups of water + 2 cups of brown rice
      • 4.5 cups of water + 3 cups of brown rice

      2. Take the right amount of rice and rinse it, then put it in a rice cooker (see paragraph 1).
      3. Pour appropriate amount of water (see paragraph 1).
      4. Add salt to taste.
      5. Switch on the rice cooker.
      6. Cooking time – 1/2 hour.

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