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Best Coffee Grinder For French Press in 2023

Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

It’s difficult enough to find the best all‐around coffee grinder in general. How much more difficult is it to find the best coffee grinder, specifically for the French press? Very. Producing uniform coarse grounds is one of the bigger challenges in the coffee industry. What models will be up to the test? We find out in this comprehensive review. Continue reading

Your Handy Guide to the Best Food Dehydrator in 2023

Best Food Dehydrator

Horrified by the unhealthy additives in my favorite store‐bought banana and apple chips, I purchased a food dehydrator many years ago. Drying food is a fun, cheap and easy way to make healthy snacks and store excess food. Armed with my dehydrator, I set out to make my own snacks and never looked back. Continue reading

Choosing the Best Hand Coffee Grinder in 2023

Best Hand Coffee Grinder Review

Every coffee lover would know that freshly ground coffee trumps pre-ground every time. And for some of us, manual coffee grinding is the only way to go. Grinding coffee by hand is not just a process, it’s a personal touch that’s accompanied by the fresh, soothing smell and familiar sounds of grinding beans that signals the rich coffee goodness to come. Continue reading

Best Blender for Ice in 2023

Best Blender for Ice

A blender for ice is a versatile must-have in your kitchen. It helps you safely reduce your effort and preparation time in various beverages. Whether it’s summer or not, having a blender for ice can make your desired crushed ice consistency achievable. You can use it to cool your drinks or cocktails, so you even get to save money from buying crushed ice outside. It can also make you feel much better knowing your crushed ice is prepared hygienically by yourself. Continue reading