Best Blender for Ice in 2019

Best Blender for Ice

A blender for ice is a versatile must-have in your kitchen. It helps you safely reduce your effort and preparation time in various beverages. Whether it’s summer or not, having a blender for ice can make your desired crushed ice consistency achievable. You can use it to cool your drinks or cocktails, so you even get to save money from buying crushed ice outside. It can also make you feel much better knowing your crushed ice is prepared hygienically by yourself.

Not all blenders are created equal. You have to consider that you are crushing ice, not just fruit slices. Some factors that you should consider are the blender’s motor, blades, pitcher, ease of usage, and noise. You can read more about these factors by checking our buyer’s guide.

If you’re thinking of buying a blender for ice, or if you’re considering replacing that worn-out equipment in your kitchen, we know that researching for models online can be overwhelming. That is why we have created this in-depth guide and review for the best blender for ice. Best of all, we sorted these blenders from the most expensive to most affordable.

Best Blender for Ice Comparison Table

Pitcher Capacity (Oz)Motor (Watts)WarrantyPrice
Vitamix 7500
editor's choice
641,5007 years Check Price
Cleanblend 3HP641,8005 years Check Price
Blendtec Total Classic751,5607 years Check Price
Ninja Mega BL770721,5001 year Check Price
Ninja Chef CT805721,5001 year Check Price
Ninja Master Prep QB1004484501 year Check Price
Oster Reverse Crush486001 year Check Price

Best Blender for Ice Reviews

Vitamix 7500 Blender – Low Profile Powerhouse

Vitamix 7500 BlenderVitamix released the G-series product line in 2013, and the base model for it was the 7500. This product line offers more powerful motors than their previous models. For example, the 7500 has a 2.2-horsepower motor compared to the older models that use a 2-horsepower motor. The 7500 also has the same motor with the more expensive Pro 750 from the same brand.

The 7500 has a simple “start” and “stop” lever, 10 variable speed dial which is larger than those in the older models for easier turning, and a pulse lever. It also has a 2-piece lid so you can add ice while blending. This blender is equipped with stainless steel blades and a tamper to help you push the ice towards the blades.

Because the 7500 only has manual controls, its pulse function can serve as your extra help in controlling the blender’s speed. If you prefer having pre-set blending programs, we recommend you to check out the 750 Pro or 780 from this same brand. These units are priced higher than the 7500, but they offer more technological features than the 7500.

Low Profile Design

Even though Vitamix Blenders are known for their tall, narrow containers, the 7500 is designed by Vitamix as wide and “low-profile.” It is about 3 inches shorter than previous models which makes it perfect for easy storage under a cabinet. One setback of having this new wide 68 oz. capacity pitcher is that it cannot handle small portions unlike the Vitamix 5200 series with tall pitchers.

Users have stated that the 7500 is not as loud as the Blendtec Designer Series. The blender can owe it to being a G-series model that was designed by Blendtec to have a new airflow and internal cooling system. This brand claims that it reduces the noise to as much as 40% compared to their previous models, and also prevents overheating.

Vitamix 7500 is not dishwasher safe, but it is self-cleaning. All you need to do is add a drop of dish soap and warm water inside the pitcher, and it can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.

Note: In the blender’s instructions, they suggest adding water to your ice before blending. Although, we have found that most users have no problem in blending their ice even without liquid. We also recommend turning the variable speed to the highest level (10), then pulse. You can use the tamper if you need to move the crushed ice around.
  • Quiet
  • Internal cooling system
  • Has 2.2. HP motor capable of reaching 37,000 RPMs
  • May be higher than your allotted budget

Cleanblend 3HP – The Newcomer Stainless Steel Ice Crusher

Cleanblend 3HPThe next blender on our list is Cleanblend’s 3HP commercial blender. Many have compared this blender to the Vitamix 5200 because of their somewhat similar look especially with the variable speed control and pulse switch.

The distinguishing difference between the 2 blenders is that the Vitamix 5200 has a rubber grip in its handle. Also, Vitamix has a longer 7-year warranty compared to Cleanblend with only a 5-year warranty.

What we appreciate with this model is its 64 oz. BPA-free shatterproof plastic jar. BPA is an industrial chemical commonly used in plastics that has detrimental effects on human health. A tamper is also integrated into the jar by Cleanblend.

The knob of the Cleanblend 3HP blender is the power speed. You can see the speed go all the way up, but you cannot tell what speed you have selected. The blender has a pulse lever that you can operate by holding it.

Note: The pulse function is useful for removing air pockets while blending. It is also good to start at the lowest speed first then gradually increase it to avoid the ice from being thrown up.

More Stainless Steel

The Cleanblend 3HP commercial blender also has a food grade stainless steel with a 6-blade system with ball bearing. Most blenders have a plastic bearing on top of a plastic casing, so we liked that Cleanblend 3HP used a stainless steel bearing and housing for traction and power.

Cleanblend is still a new brand compared to other household name brands like Vitamix. But what is good for this model is that it has a 30-day free return policy and for its price, we think it’s a good choice.

Take note that this warranty, including the 5-year warranty, it is only applicable to the original purchaser, and if you bought it from Cleanblend or any registered affiliate like Amazon.

The reviews online also say that they have spectacular customer support. Customers have claimed that Cleanblend readily replaces the blenders without any issue. This company continues to maintain its very strong customer ratings for the last five years.

However, we have seen feedbacks about the manual speed dial. People have commented that they have not seen any difference between the high and the low setting except during the startup where it was evident.

It is also quite tall to fit most 19” countertop cabinets.

  • Stainless steel blades, bearing, and casing
  • Sealed ball bearing
  • Shatterproof Tritan plastic jar
  • Spectacular customer support
  • Not much difference between the high and low-speed dial

Blendtec Total Classic with Fourside Jar – Thick Blade Blender

Blendtec Total ClassicThis blender from Blendtec has a 3-peak horsepower drive motor of 1560 watts. It has vented gripper lids, and BPA-free 75 oz. “four side” jar with a 32 oz. wet/dry blending capacity. The Blendtec fourside blender has no tamper, which can be difficult for some users, although their jar compensates for this.

According to Blendtec, their four-sided jar is designed to pull off the ingredients towards the blades. The blending flow of the ice is not disrupted due to the jar’s design including having a wider base. The Blendtec Fourside jar also has a gripper lid that is easy to open and comes with a center opening so that you can add more ice as you blend. But another thing that makes this blender unique is its LCD display and blades.

Note: Their jar has markings, and we recommend that you fill it up to the 32 oz. mark so that the ice can have space to expand when crushed. The jar itself isn’t made from glass but instead is made of BPA-free copolyester plastic jar.

It has 6 pre-programmed blend cycles, pulse, and manual 10-speed control. Its illuminated LCD will display a timer that will countdown to let you know the time remaining while blending. The blender will then automatically turn off afterward; this omits any “off” buttons from it.

You can still blend manually if you want, and you can also use the pulse button to help you. You can also use this button for cleaning the blender by adding a bit of soap and water, then let it clean itself for 1 minute.

Thicker Blades

The company boasts its patented stainless steel blades that are 80% thicker than most blades in commercial blenders. It is a 2-prong 3-inch blade that spins at 29,000 rpm which makes it suitable for ice crushing. It is also safe to clean this because it is dull, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself. The blades are also permanently attached to the jar.

The only drawback we have found about this unit is that users have said that it is noisy.
  • Patented thicker blade than most blenders
  • Auto-turn off timer
  • 7-year warranty
  • Loud

Ninja Mega BL770 – Ice Cube-to-Snow Machine

Ninja Mega BL770The Ninja Mega BL770 is part of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System composed of a pitcher for ice blending, 2 nutri ninja cups for smoothies, a food processor bowl, and the 1500-watt base. For the sake of this review that is about best blenders for ice, we will review it as a blender with pitcher.

The BL770 has a tall and slender pitcher that is BPA free and uses touchpads located on its base. The touchpads are for 3 speeds and pulse. The single-serve attachment is designed to operate at one speed. To use it, you will hold down the single serve touchpad while the blender is running. To stop, simply release the button. Another way to operate the blender if you don’t want it “single serve,” is to press the power touchpad then choose your speed. The power touchpad can be touched again to stop. Meanwhile, the pulse touchpad is useful in pushing the ingredients towards the vortex while blending.

Users have mentioned that when blending ingredients such as ice, the ingredients tend to accumulate at the wall of the 72 oz. pitcher.

Note: To counteract this, stop the blender and then scrape the ingredients from the side to create a better vortex.

Although this is dishwasher safe, its blades are sharp, so you should be careful in cleaning them. We also think this is a disadvantage, as sharp blades tend to weaken over time as opposed to properly constructed dull blades.

Another thing we don’t like is the company made the BL770’s gear shaft, blades, container, and motor couplings from plastic. This base unit itself is lightweight and has a unique lever that you can use to lock the blender in your counter.

The removable blades are also bulky and take too much space inside the pitcher. Adding ice during blending is also tricky because of the blender’s complicated assembling and disassembling process.

For cleaning, the shaft of the pitcher has too many grooves that can collect debris so make sure to use a small brush to clean it properly.

We have seen reviews that this blender can crush ice cubes into a snow-like consistency. But customers have also complained about the BL770 being noisy which is attained by it on its 1500W machine.

  • Can crush ice cubes into a snow-like consistency
  • Sharp blades
  • Noisy
  • Plastic gear shaft, blades, and motor couplings
  • Container is plastic so it might crack if used for ice frequently

Ninja Chef CT805

Ninja Chef CT805The Ninja Chef Countertop Blender features a 10 pre-set programs along with 10 manual mode speeds that allows you to have variable speed control. The blender also has a knob on the middle as the start and stop control. These functions as the selector for the preset commands, and as the controller for the speed of the blender if you choose to do it manually.

We appreciate this design, as spills usually seep through the crevices of the buttons. One thing we also like is that it has a digital timer that will count down the presets, count up when using the manual speed, or just as a countdown.

Built-in Cleaning Preset

Along with the 10 pre-set programs, this unit also has a “clean” program that you can select. Just add warm water a quarter of the way in the container, then some soap and let it do the work for you. Like the blenders we have reviewed earlier such as the Cleanblend 3HP blender, this is BPA free as well.

It has a Tritan pitcher for durability, and the base of the blender itself has suctioned feet, so you don’t have to worry about your blender moving off the counter unattended. This blender also has two orientation alignments, so for everyone who’s left-handed, hurray!

For crushing ice, start with a few pulses and then use the tamper to push the ice down to the 4-prong blades. We have seen a review that mentioned the ice cubes bouncing around quite a bit at the start. But after that, most of the ice was crushed up into small pieces.

Users have also given feedback about the noise of this unit and having a sensitive dial knob. They have complained that a sight touch would turn it up or down.

Note: We recommend drying the bottom of the pitcher with a towel after cleaning because of its limited ventilation; this will make sure you can prevent molds when you put the pitcher back on the base.
  • Tritan pitcher
  • Clean program
  • Suctioned-feet base
  • Two orientation alignments
  • Noisy
  • Sensitive dial knob
  • One year warranty

Ninja Master Prep QB1004 – Simple Function at Reasonable Price

Ninja Master Prep QB1004Similar to the Ninja Mega BL770, the Ninja Master Prep QB1004 has an interchangeable power pod. The only difference is it is 450 watts. Since this review is for the usage of the blender for ice, we’ll refer to this blender using the 48 oz. pitcher.

Motor on the Top, Blade Goes Down

What differentiates its designs to the other blenders we’ve reviewed is that it works upside down as an immersion blender. The motor is on the top, and the blade goes down in the container. It also has a stacked blade system similar to the Ninja Professional blender with the only difference as the QB1004 only having 4 blades.

This stacked blade system makes slashing of the ice faster, but we recommend using smaller pieces of ice to get them into the holders. We have seen a review saying that it can crush ice into a snow-like consistency for only less than 60 seconds.

Note: The blade design of this blender pushes the ice out and up instead of the usual blades that pull the ice down into a vortex which is what you need to achieve a finer consistency.

It features non-slip bases and a splash guard for the pitcher to avoid mess. The mentioned splash guard is as wide as a 40-ounce dish. According to reviews, this blender is not noisy as well. The downfall for this is that we have seen reviews from users saying that there are leaks especially around the handle and the plastic of the units chipping.

It is capable of only operating at a single speed which can be good as it gives you extra control with how you want the consistency of your ice will be. However, we think that because the button must be held down continually for the blades to keep working, it will be too much effort compared to other blenders that you can leave and do the work on its own.

  • Splash guard
  • Not as noisy
  • Stacked blade system
  • Takes too much effort to use
  • Leaks and chips in the long run due to non-durable plastic materials

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender – The Dual Direction Ice Crusher

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms BlenderThis blender has a backlit display control panel with 3-speed settings which are low, medium and high for crushing ice; low and high pulse settings; and 2 pre-set programs called Frozen Drinks and Food Chop.

The unit is made of stainless steel covering on plastic housing with black plastic trimming. We also like that it has a rubber base for stability. The 6-cup BPA free Boroclass glass jar is dishwasher safe, but it has no measuring marks. Instead, this unit comes with a measuring cup. It also has a 2 oz. filler cup that you can use for filling more ice while blending. We should also mention that this blender’s glass jar is temperature stress-resistant.

The low, medium, and high-speed buttons, as well as the pulse buttons, are intended for manual operation and can only work in one direction. You operate the pulse buttons by pressing them, while you can operate the speed buttons until you press the stop button. There is also no tamper in this blender.

Dual Direction Crushing System

What’s unique about this blender is its dual direction 6-point stainless steel blade. The four is facing up, while the remaining two is facing down. Jamming the blades would be avoided because the blades can move in both directions. The reversing 600-watt motor alternates the blades forward and backward.

Ice Crushing Option

The manufacturer calls its blade as “ice-crushing blade”. You can choose the Frozen Drinks option for pure ice cubes whether its on high speed or not. In fact, the Frozen Drinks program is the one that reverses. It starts the blade in one direction, and then shift it in the opposite direction before continuing blending.

Note: For smooth crushed ice perfect for smoothies, run two or more Frozen Drinks cycles or set your manual speed in high for 2-3 minutes.

What we don’t like about this blender is it can get noisier (90-95 dB) when used for ice at high speed. We recommend using the low speed instead or place the blender on a rubber mat.

Note: To get rid of air pockets, turn off and stir when you blend.
  • Frozen Drinks option for crushing ice
  • Dual direction blade
  • Noisy
  • No tamper

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Best Blender for Ice Buyer’s Guide

Before we talk about the factors that you should consider in buying the best blender for crushing ice, let us differentiate first what are the types of blender and which of them is suited for crushing ice.

Types of Blender

Immersion Blenders

This type of blender is meant for hand-held usage by consumers. Their sizes range from 7” to up to 29” long. They are much suited to be used for softer ingredients, or for lighter tasks like mashing potatoes or whipping up cream. This type of blender is not meant to be used for crushing ice.

Bar Blenders

This type of blender has clear jars, with models ranging from small volume capacity to large volume capacity. They are also called either single-serve or full-size blenders. They are much suited for making cocktails like margaritas and even some smoothies occasionally. You might be tempted to use this for ice, but they might not produce fine consistency as good as our next blender type.

We recommend to only use this occasionally for ice as they are not fit for heavy duty use so you can prolong their lifespan. Large ice cubes are not be suited for this type.

Food Blenders

The final type of blender is the food blender or specialty blender. They are much more heavy duty than the mentioned types and are designed by the manufacturers for your frequent usage. They can chop, grind, puree or blend. They can break down harder ingredients such as nuts, carrots, and more importantly ice.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Blender

Now that you are familiar with the type of blender that you need for crushing ice, let us now discuss the factors to consider in choosing and buying a unit.

  1. Motor

Ice is much more difficult to crush compared to soft ingredients like fruit pulp or cream; this is why choosing a blender with a powerful motor is essential to consider. The ideal motor for this needs to range from 400 to 1500 watts. You can check our comparison table to find the unit suited for you. Nowadays, most brands also add more features that would make the blender’s motor efficient and safe. The first blender that we reviewed, the Vitamix 7500 has an internal cooling system which prevents the blender from overheating.

  1. Blades

The next factor would be the blender’s blades. Since this part is the part that will make contact and do the “crushing” to the ice, we should consider that the manufacturers made the blade from a sturdy and durable material such as stainless steel. They don’t necessarily require to be sharp because as you might remember earlier, sharp blades tend to weaken over time compared to properly constructed dull blades.

Blenders with blades close to the sides or bottoms of the pitcher and are placed at a vantage angle would be a good choice for crushing ice. They can easily catch the ice and break them before they pass through.
  1. Pitcher

Sometimes, the pitcher or the jar of the blender gets overlooked when people buy blenders. Remember that as we crush the ice inside the pitcher, they always move in constant motion and are pushed up the sides of the pitcher.

A blender with a wider pitcher can speed up your ice crushing process because the contents would fall to the blades easier. Although, some units have a tamper that you can use to move the ice towards the blades.

If you also want a durable pitcher, you can choose blenders with pitchers that are made of impact resistant glass or with dense polycarbonate material. When it comes to health safety, most blenders sold commercially are BPA-free.

  1. Ease of Usage

Another factor to be considered in choosing the best blender for ice is its ease of usability and convenience. Some blenders seem complicated to use, while some have both manual and pre-set control panels. You can choose to control the speed of the blender on your own, or if it’s more convenient for you, you can select a model with a pre-set function designed for ice crushing. Some blenders also have functions that you can select so it can clean itself after a touch of a button.

  1. Noise

This factor is dependent on the power wattage and speed settings of the blender. Because you are using the blender for ice, you could expect to hear its loudest sound capacity. But did you know that the blender’s characteristics can also affect the noise that it will produce? We recommend checking the blender’s surface hollowness, top lid material, and blade design. If you prefer to sacrifice noise over other functions, you can use a damped rubber as the base or as the top lid of the blender to reduce the noise and vibration emitted by the blender.

If you are keen to have a less noisy blender, you might want to consider blenders like the Ninja Master Prep QB1004 and read our review about it to know more.

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Congratulations on reaching the end of this article! We know that you have become more informed about the different types of blenders and the factors to consider before buying one.

We hope that our reviews have helped you narrow down your choices with the hundreds of units to choose from in the market. We recommend the Vitamix 7500 blender because of its powerful 2.2. HP motor that can guarantee to crush ice easily and effectively. It also has good reviews at top retailers such as QVC, Costco, and Amazon.

Although you can still choose a blender by tailoring it to your needs and features that you want to prioritize. Remember that we have listed the blenders that we reviewed from the most to least pricey so we know that you can find the unit suited for your budget.

We also recommend you to keep updated with the dealers as sometimes they offer discounts. It is true that blenders with more features will come with a higher price, but even blenders that are low in price such as the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender can have ice-crushing functionality.

Overall, you don’t have to rush when it comes to buying and choosing a blender for ice. Feel free to revisit and check the points in this article anytime that you want.

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