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Guide to Shortening Substitutes for Your Kitchen

Substitute for Shortening

It is the bane of every dedicated frequent home cooks and bakers when a recipe calls for a specific ingredient and then finding out that you don’t have the said ingredient in your pantry. Especially if the recipe calls for something specific and hard to find ingredients like shortening. Shortening is a crucial ingredient that when mixed into the dough, makes the pie crusts, tarts and other baked goods crumblier and softer. Although many seem to believe that it is irreplaceable, there are a few products you can use as a substitute for shortening. Continue reading

Guide to Paprika Substitutes for Your Kitchen

Paprika Substitute

They say that man has three basic needs: shelter, clothing, and food. Out of the three, food is an essential commodity we all need to survive the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As much as we need food to live, we also need spices to give the food we eat that nice kick and much-needed flavor. Did you know that spices have been used by people from all around the world for thousands of years? Spices are not only known to add seasoning, but they also possess microbial properties. Continue reading