A $1000 Digital Marketing Grant

Diligentchef Scholarship

DiligentChef.com is one of the most unprejudiced exhibition reviewing the newest gadgets and products in different categories that helps end users to get the optimal product meeting all their demands.


  1. Best alkaline water filter
  2. Best hot water dispenser
  3. Best alkaline water pitcher
  4. Best Manuka honey
  5. Best meal prep bag

That’s why we are glad to present the DiligentChef.com Digital Marketing Grant award that will help you afford the cost of attending education. It is useful for students of IT, Marketing, Communications and Business courses.

There’s no need to be an expert in the named fields: the main incentive is a passion about IT and Digital marketing.

Terms for Participation

Every student of any United States college/university can take part in The DiligentChef.com competition. The main task is to create a 500-1000 words essay “Digital Marketing and its Importance in 2017” containing following ideas

  • What advantages is Digital Marketing giving to modern companies
  • Why is Digital Marketing essential for Business and Product Owners

The main prize of The DiligentChef.com competition is a $1000 check that can be used for education purposes (tuition payment etc.).

Eligibility and Creativity

The DiligentChef.com competition is open for High school seniors and people studying at any college/university or other educational institutions.

Essay must be written personally and it has to be ‘one and only’ (created specifically for DiligentChef.com competition).

The submitted essays will be evaluated by following criteria: creativity, data used for reasoning your ideas and few others.

How to Apply

Compose an essay about “Importance of Digital Marketing in 2017” containing 500 to 1000 words.

Then send your article at scholarship@diligentchef.com along with all the data listed below. You should attach 2 Word documents – 1st for essay, 2nd for the mentioned details.

  • Personal Details (Full name, Phone, Address).
  • School Name
  • Field of study
  • Scan/photo of a student ID or any other paper proving you are a student.


Submission will be closed after September 30 2017, and the winner will be announced by January 15th. If there is no controversial issues (e.g. you have changed your mind) the $1000 check will be sent directly to your college by mail by January 20th.

Our Grant program is hold annually!