Best Microwave Bacon Cooker in 2023

Best Microwave Bacon Cooker

Just from hearing the word itself, “bacon,” one can’t help but salivate and think about the symphony of salty, sweet, and smokey flavor in one crispy bite. Pair them with eggs, add them in a burger or top crushed bits onto mac and cheese, and you’re leveling up a dish that already seemed perfect on its own.

However, like all good things, moderation is important so we can keep enjoying them. Let’s be honest, bacon is not the healthiest food there is. But you can lessen the use of oils and make it a tad healthier by cooking bacon in the microwave.

In particular, we are talking about the microwave bacon cooker. Manufacturers have specially designed these utensils to give you perfectly crisp bacon even if you’re not a professional chef. And not only that, you will also be able to get rid of the excess fat, which is unhealthy and a pain to clean. You can say goodbye from oil splatters, burned bacon, and monitoring each slice to get them perfectly cooked.

But before you put those slices onto the nearest microwave-friendly dish that you have, drag this page downward first. Let us introduce you to our top 10 units worthy of the title as the “best microwave bacon cooker.” They each vary in designs and capacities so you can find which model exactly fits your preferences.

Other than our reviews, you can also check our buyer’s guide beforehand for some extra information and pointers.

Best Microwave Bacon Cooker Comparison Table

DesignCapacityCheck Price
Runner-Up Favorite
11.02 x 9.8 x 2.3Tray-like6 bacon strips Check Price
Editor's Choice
5 x 6 x 7Vertical6 bacon strips Check Price
Nordic Ware Freeze Heat10 x 5 x 10Tray-likeN/A Check Price
Presto PowerCrisp8.9 x 8.2 x 5.4Vertical12 bacon strips Check Price
Nordic Ware Tray1.3 x 10.2 x 12Tray-like6 bacon strips Check Price
Emson 5057C Wave
10 x 8 x 0.4Tray-like14 to 28 bacon strips Check Price
The Original Makin'9.2 x 8.8 x 1.6Vertical7 to 18 bacon strips Check Price
Joie Piggy8.5 x 10.5 x 1Tray-like5 bacon strips Check Price
Prep Solutions12 x 10 x 2.2Tray-like6 bacon strips Check Price
Nordic Ware 6010910.2 x 8 x 2Tray-likeN/A Check Price

Best Microwave Bacon Cooker Reviews

Lekue Microwave Bacon & Sausage Cooker – Runner-Up Favorite

Lekue Microwave Bacon Cooker Review

Can Cook Sausages

Our first microwave bacon cooker is from Lekue. And like the majority of the units in this review, the overall design of this cooker is tray-like. This means that Lekue cooks the bacon slices horizontally instead of suspending them vertically. And while we’re at it, you can also add sausages along the bacon strips, and the unit can cook them as well.

FDA-Approved Heat-Resistant Plastic

Because you’re on a search for a cooker that you’ll put in the microwave, expect that the material that they are made from is plastic. With this particular model, Lekue, of course, uses a heat-resistant plastic. We found that the cooker uses Xarec, which is an FDA-approved resin.

And this is important to know since plastic cookers need to guarantee us that they will not leach any harmful chemicals into the food.

Compact Size

The Lekue microwave cooker measures 1.02 x 9.8 x 2.3 inches. It can accommodate up to 6 slices of bacon, which is nice considering it will only require 5 minutes to cook them. We also think that this size is not going to be problematic for most microwave ovens.

Handles on the Sides and Lid

Speaking of which, the cooker has wide handles at its sides so you can take it in and out of the oven seamlessly. There is also another handle on the lid itself, which means you don’t have to pry the Lekue open when it’s hot and risk burns.

Grill-Type and Can Cook 6 Bacon Slices in 5 Minutes

As we have mentioned earlier, this cooker is capable of cooking 6 slices of bacon in about 5 minutes. It helps that it has a grill-type surface and that the bacon pieces lay flat. Therefore, you’d get even heat distribution across the bacon strips. The deep grooves made from the grill design also elevates the bacon strips so that they won’t soak in their grease during cooking.

And when you effectively drain bacon of their fat, you’ll also get to enjoy crispy bacon strips with less guilt. Not to mention, you can even keep those excess fats for sauteing ingredients for other dishes.

May Not Be Best for Fatter and Longer Bacon Products

The only potential downside with the cooker is its overall shape. Yes, it allows you to purchase it without having to doubt that it won’t fit in your model at home. However, this short length also means that you may have to cut long strips of bacon products to fit. You can choose to fold them, but that will contradict the purpose of the cooker, which is to cook the pieces evenly.

And while the grooves are deep, some bacon products might produce more oils in the process. Therefore, you may end up with splattered grease inside your microwave. In this case, we recommend that you put paper towels to soak the extra grease. Perhaps, this is really the major advantage of vertical cookers; better grease containment. The good news though, is that Lekue already comes with a lid to keep the oils contained.

Integrated Grease Spout and Dishwasher Safe

What about clean-up? Understandably, with meat products like bacon, cleaning after the cooking utensils is always dreadful. However, Lekue has an integrated spout so you can collect all the grease and drain them thoroughly. Afterwards, you can wash the cooker with hot water and soap or opt to place it in the dishwasher. You get to save time and effort, and grease is not going to be as challenging to remove.

  • Compact with handles
  • Comes with own lid
  • FDA-approved material
  • Cooks bacon slices fast
  • Integrated spout
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Can cook sausages
  • Might be too short and shallow for certain bacon products

WowBacon Microwave Bacon Cooker P5 – Editor’s Choice

WowBacon Microwave Cooker Review

Our next microwave bacon cooker is the P5 model from WowBacon. Compared to our first model, the WowBacon P5 is a vertical bacon cooker. To be exact, it looks like pitcher complete with a lid and handle that’ll allow you to lift the bacon pieces up. You can even make scrambled and poached eggs with this nifty cooker.

But because of its design, keep in mind to allow at least 7 and ¼ inches of height clearance inside the microwave. The height of the model itself is only 7 inches, but while you can tilt it a bit inside the microwave, you’d get a better experience if it remains upright during cooking.

Some users remedy this potential problem with the clearance by removing the round glass plate inside their microwave.


The WowBacon P5 has an internal rack in which you will hang the bacon strips in. Remember that the fattier side of the bacon pieces must face the center. After you’ve placed a maximum of 6 bacon slices, you can attach this rack to the lid. Lock this lid into the “pitcher” and wait for about 4 minutes to cook. And because of the handle at the lid, you don’t run the risk of burning your fingers when you take the contents out.

Be Careful With…

However, be careful when you’re locking the lid into the cooker. The instructions are helpful, so make sure to read all the steps. The latches connecting the lid into the base felt flimsy, and forcing the top part to attach to the bottom part might break them.

Compared to bacon cookers that have the slices lying flat over grooves, you will have a deeper grease collector with vertical cookers. This way, you can confidently place longer and fattier bacon products without worrying about spills and paper towels reinforcement. You will also know that you’re hanging the strips above their grease efficiently.

Grease Cup at the Bottom

Afterward, you can pour the collected grease from the cup at the end of the cooker. We appreciate this vessel for collecting the grease because sometimes, excess oils can spill at spouts, which can burn you or cause more mess to clean. But if we could add another feature, we would’ve preferred if WowBacon added a handle to this collecting cup. Otherwise, it’s common sense to use mittens when handling something out of the microwave.

Dishwasher-Safe with Extra Diligence

The pieces of the P5 microwave bacon cooker are dishwasher safe. However, we still recommend you to hand wash them to get through all the spaces and spindles. You can easily fit a sponge inside the middle of the spokes that hold the bacon strips. And later on, make sure to wipe the cup and the interior of the unit before letting it them air dry.

Prop 65 and FSC-Certified

Lastly, the WowBacon P5 uses FDA-approved resins similar to our previous cooker. It has no BPA, and it is Prop 65-tested as well to guarantee that it’s not carcinogenic. And as a bonus, the packaging that the unit comes in is even biodegradable and FSC-certified for environmental friendliness.

  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • 7-inch height for deeper grease containment
  • Lid with handle for burn-free bacon removal
  • Grease cup at bottom
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Latches feels flimsy
  • Spaces and spindles need additional cleaning

Nordic Ware Freeze Heat & Serve Bacon Rack – Best Choice for Compact Microwaves

Nordicware Freeze Heat & Serve Bacon Rack Review

Fits Smaller Microwave Units

Our third microwave bacon cooker is the first out of the three units that we will review from Nordic Ware. What we have here is the 8 x 10-inch Freeze Heat and Serve Bacon Rack. And from the name itself, this cooker works similar to a baking rack that you put inside the oven.

This particular unit that we’re reviewing is consists of two pieces of racks. However, you can also purchase only one rack or get the 6-pack if you’re cooking larger portions. The only drawback is that some bacon products might be longer, so you might need to cut them into smaller pieces. Nevertheless, one rack allows us to fit up to 4 slices of bacon, all evenly spaced and not overlapping.

Can Be Used with Other Meat Products

The Freeze Heat and Serve bacon rack is made of high-density plastic. It feels sturdy to touch, and we also like the thickness it has overall. According to Nordic Ware, this material is safe to be put in the oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. We commend the heat distribution in this rack because bacon strips manage to come out nice and crispy. And besides bacon slices, you can also cook sausages and hotdogs with this rack.

Similar to our first bacon cooker from Lekue, Nordic Ware cooks bacon in a horizontal manner. The surface of the rack also has ridges, so the resulting slope will elevate the bacon strips. And as you can assume, this slight elevation will allow the bacon fat to drip and collect “underneath.” This way, you’re also not soaking the bacon slices in their grease, and you can opt to collect the drippings for other uses.

Needs Paper Towels

However, compared to Lekue, this bacon rack is lower and does not come with its own lid. Of course, you would need to add a layer of paper towels on top to compensate for this. Shallow tray-like bacon cookers are prone to leaving the insides of your microwave greasy. Therefore, you need to add paper towels to absorb the excess fats.


On the bright side, once you’ve collected the cooked bacon and drained the grease, clean-up is easy. The Freeze Heat and Serve is dishwasher-safe, but for us, hand washing it will be just as easy because of the lack of tricky grooves.

  • Fits small microwave models
  • Guaranteed microwave safe
  • Leaves bacon crispy
  • Easy to clean
  • Needs paper towels to compensate as lid
  • Might be too short for some bacon products

Presto PowerCrisp Bacon Microwave Cooker – Best Large Capacity Choice

We have included other vertical microwave bacon cookers besides the one we reviewed from WowBacon. However, instead of looking like a pitcher, Presto opts for a combination of a tray with three upright racks.

Cooks Up to 12 Bacon Strips in One Session

To give you an idea about this model’s capacity, the PowerCrisp is about 5.5 inches tall. This accounts for the height that you’ll get for draping the bacon slices. Since the PowerCrisp is basically a line of three racks inside a deep tray, you can cook up to 12 bacon strips in a single session.

The Compromise

Sadly, some bacon products, particularly those with thicker cuts, are prone to falling off their racks. The solution for this is to use a smaller quantity of pieces per rack. Instead of going with 4 bacon strips for each rack, only put two strips if you’re cooking thicker, wider bacon products.

Deep Bottom Pan

The Presto PowerCrisp collects the excess fat at the bottom, where the racks are standing. We have no problem with the strips touching the grease since the racks are pretty high. However, you would also need to use microwave-safe paper towels to cover the bacon products to reduce splattering.

Easy to Hold

After cooking, you don’t have to worry about burns or spilling the hot cooker. The surrounding rims of the unit are wide, so it’s unlikely for the cooker to slip from your grasp accidentally. And once you’ve drained the grease, you can place the racks and bottom pan in the dishwasher.

Quick Clean-Up and Stores Neatly

There are no potential grooves where grease can accumulate, which means you don’t have to do vigorous scrubbing. Now, once you’re done cleaning, you can slide the racks out and stack them neatly inside the tray for storage. They fit well inside the tray, and you don’t have to worry about height clearance.

  • Can cook 12 bacon slices in one session
  • Deep grease pan
  • Easy to hold
  • Quick clean-up
  • Stores neatly
  • Thicker and wider bacon slices can fall off the racks
  • Needs paper towels to prevent splattering

Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray – Best Drainage System in Tray Cookers

Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray Review

Our second microwave bacon cooker from Nordic Ware almost looks similar to the previous Freeze Heat and Serve. However, the model that we’re reviewing right now is slightly bigger and can fit up to 6 bacon slices without them overlapping. This particular tray also has some design modifications which we will tackle later.

As we have said, this cooker is basically a microwave tray. It has a rectangular shape compared to the earlier model that’s also from Nordic Ware with diagonal edges. The tray has the right size for accommodating up to 6 bacon slices without them overlapping or you having to cut each piece. And since it cooks the bacon slices horizontally, then it should offer a slight elevation from the ridges.

Grease Drainage System

Even though the tray’s bottom part seems shallow, the way Noric Ware designed their ridges helps with grease drainage. If you remember the previous bacon rack that’s also from Nordic Ware, the “grill” lines it has run a straight line horizontally. But with this cooker, the ridges it has are in a diagonal orientation in almost like a leaf vein pattern.

The slanted ridges point toward the indentation in the middle, so the excess oil will run towards this indentation. The middle part will then act as a drainage so that the grease flows to the deeper part at the end of the tray.

Overall, even though the bottom part where the bacon strips lie seems shallow, you can still avoid drowning your bacon slices in excess fats because of this drainage system. And because the oils collect at the end of the tray, you can collect or remove them easily without the mess.

Avoid the Dishwasher

The Nordic Ware microwave bacon tray comes with no lid. Therefore, you would need a layer of paper towels to keep the oil splatters contained. Once you’re done cooking, we rather recommend you to hand wash the tray for a better quality of clean-up. Stains and excess grease on the drainage system and on the uneven surface of the tray will be easier to remove this way.

Nordic Ware doesn’t recommend using the dishwasher anyway, so maybe that’s the price to pay for an effective drainage system.

BPA and Melamine-Free

Lastly, in terms of chemical safety, the tray is free of BPA and melamine. We’re sure that by now, you’ve been avoiding cookware that uses plastic with BPA. But melamine is also another chemical to be careful with since it puts you at risk for kidney stones or kidney failure.

  • BPA and melamine-free
  • Effective grease drainage system
  • Can fit up to 6 bacon slices well-spaced together
  • Must be hand-washed diligently

Emson 5057C Wave – Best Splatter-Free Large Capacity Model

We are halfway through our review, and what we have here is a large capacity microwave bacon cooker. The Emson 5057C Wave happens to beat the 12-bacon strip capacity of the earlier Presto PowerCrisp by being able to accommodate up to 14 pieces.

Can Accommodate 14 to 28 Bacon Pieces

However, you can actually stack another layer of bacon strips and cook 28 pieces in a single session. The time that it will require is similar to the ratio of our previous models. One minute is for one bacon slice, so 14 pieces cook in 14 minutes.

Unique Cooking Orientation

Upon looking at the cooker, it might confuse you for a second on how to use it. It doesn’t look like the previous grill-like models nor the vertical microwave bacon cookers earlier. Instead, what you’ll get are three sections of racks sitting on a tray. But these racks don’t work the same way as the Presto PowerCrisp.

As you can see, they are not as tall, and the rack lines on both ends have an indentation in the middle. This indentation in the center is where a skewer sits, which works as a stabilizer for the bacon strips.

You will place the bacon pieces upright on their sides in between the racks. The skewers on both ends will help the strips to stay in place. However, some users prefer to replace them with something more durable since they feel rather flimsy once subjected to heat.

The bacon pieces will have a slight elevation, so the bottom of the pan will catch all their drippings. Emson also designed the bottom surface with raised lines to give it sections for the excess grease. This way, the fats will be more contained and avoid spilling.

What We Don’t Like

While this cooker design is definitely unique, it still has some flaws. For example, thinner bacon cuts might not be able to support themselves well and get ripped apart. And similarly, thicker bacon cuts might overload the racks and not have enough space for even cooking.

Our solution for this is to assess your bacon products and how you’ll put them in the racks. While this defeats the purpose of the large capacity that Emson offers, this decision still depends on the type and size of bacon products you’re using.

Surprisingly Splatter-Free

On the bright side, it’s impressive that the Emson 5057C does not splatter oils exaggeratedly. In fact, you can even skip using paper towels even though it has no lid. We’re assuming that this results from the fact that the cooker orients the bacon pieces upright on their sides. However, this will still depend on the type of bacon cut that you’re using. If you have fattier slices, then it’s better to be one step ahead and put paper towels on top of the strips.


Lastly, you can assume that the spaces in-between the racks will be trickier to reach during cleaning. What you can do is soak the cooker in hot soapy water after you’ve wiped all the excess grease. Afterward, place the bacon cooker on your dishwasher upside down on the top shelf. Some users even use kitchen sprayers on their unit before putting the cooker in the dishwasher.

  • Can cook up to 28 bacon slices
  • Splatter-free
  • Good grease drainage
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Flimsy skewers
  • May not hold thicker or thinner bacon strips well

The Original Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack – Best in Ease of Storage

Camerons Products Microwave Bacon Cooker Review

A somewhat similar bacon cooker to the Presto Powercrisp is our next model called The Original Makin’ Bacon. We say this in a sense that this unit cooks bacon in an orientation where the strips drape over tall horizontal bars.

Can Cook Up to 18 Bacon Strips

Like the previous microwave bacon cooker, Makin’ Bacon also has a large cooking capacity with a duration of 1 minute per slice. The model recommends you to use the drip bar at the center if you’ll be cooking a smaller amount of bacon pieces (i.e., 1 to 6.) And if you want to cook seven up to a dozen of bacon, opt to use the drip bars at both ends of the cooker.

The Makin’ Bacon is even capable of cooking 13 to 18 bacon strips when you use all the three drip bars. However, the length of the drip bars may not be able to accommodate larger portions of bacon products in these numbers.

During cooking, remember to drape paper towels over the bacon strips as well. Given the height of the bars, the cooker does a good job of catching all the drippings without letting the bacon soak in their grease. However, it’s possible that you may need to cut longer pieces when you drape them over the bar.

Comfortable Handle

Taking the bacon rack of the microwave is pretty easy since it has a handle in the middle of one side. Gripping this extended part feels stable and balanced, so you can also use this when tilting the rack for grease removal.

Easy to Clean

The Original Makin’ Bacon is dishwasher-safe, and there aren’t really any crevices that might harbor excess fats. You can also remove the drip bars for easier storage afterward. In fact, the cooker comes with a piece that you can use to hold the drip bars in place when they’re not standing upright.

Stores Compact

A storage option for you is to place the drip bars flat on the opposite end of the tray handle and then secure them with this piece. Otherwise, you can just simply put the T-sections down in the tray if you’re confident that you won’t lose them.

Sadly, the durability of the T-bars themselves is questionable since some users have reported them melting. However, these cases might have been due to counterfeit products.

  • Can cook up to 18 bacon pieces
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable T-bars for compact storage
  • May not accommodate larger and longer bacon pieces
  • Questionable durability

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray – Best for Crispy Bacon

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray Review


The next microwave bacon cooker in our list is the Joie Piggy from MSC International. It is a tray-like cooker complete with a lid similar to our first unit from Lekue. The cooking surface of the Joie Piggy has ridges, and it measures 9 x 8 inches. This size is small enough to fit in most microwave models, but you’ll also be only limited with up to 5 bacon strips per cooking.

We would’ve liked it better if Joie Piggy was a tad longer so it can accommodate longer bacon pieces without folding them. But nonetheless, we are impressed with how this tray delivers crispy bacon with a 1 minute per bacon strip ratio.

Crispy and Tasty Bacon

As we have mentioned earlier, this bacon tray has a grill-like surface. The ridges are not as high, but it’s enough to lift the strips and let their excess fats to drip. We think that the reason why Joie Piggy produces delicious-tasting and crispy bacon pieces is because of this very design.

Since the ridges are quite low, the cooker allows air to circulate underneath the bacon pieces resulting in crispy and not chewy texture. The bacon strips are also slightly contacting their grease, which of course, helps in the overall flavor that they’ll get after cooking.

Piggy Lid Handle

Once you’re done cooking, make sure to use oven mitts since the cooker gets significantly hot. The edges are wide enough to grip, so taking the cooker out or putting it back in the microwave will not be awkward. We also like the pig-shaped recessed handle on Joie Piggy’s lid that’s not only cute but also serves its purpose well.

Top Rack Dishwasher-Safe

You can skip the need for paper towels because this cooker already comes with a lid. But you can also expect that this lid will turn greasy since it receives all the splatters. We recommend that you soak the lid and the tray in warm soapy water after you’ve wiped all the excess fats. You can also scrub the grooves to prevent staining before you put both parts in the top rack of your dishwasher.

  • Compact
  • Produces crispy and flavorful bacon
  • Handles on tray and lid
  • Comes with own lid
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Needs diligent cleaning
  • Longer bacon pieces may not fit

Prep Solutions Progressive Microwavable Bacon Grill – Best Value for Money

Comes with Own Lid

We are nearing the last unit in our review, but first, let us take a look at the Progressive microwavable bacon grill from Prep Solutions. Like the previous Joie Piggy, this tray-like cooker already comes with a lid so you can keep your microwave’s interior splatter-free.

Inclusive Instructions

Prep Solutions also have a smaller cooking capacity of only 4 to 6 bacon pieces. However, this can be advantageous for those with smaller microwave models. And even though it cannot cook a dozen in a single session, we’re still pleased with the resulting cooked bacon slices. The unit might owe this to the fact that the instructions are easy to understand. Just make sure to set your power level to 80 if you’re using a high-wattage microwave.

Good Grease Drainage

As you can assume, this tray-like bacon cooker has ridges on its surface. Like the purpose that it’s meant to have, this helps in lifting the bacon slices away from their drippings. The ridges themselves are horizontally straight, and you will see the extra space surrounding the tray. These spaces at the edges will then act as grease drainage, so you’ll just tit these portions to get rid of the excess fats.

Before cooking, we recommend that you use a cooking spray lightly on the surface. This is just a countermeasure to prevent the bacon pieces from sticking. At the same time, you’ll save some time and effort during clean-up. And depending on your bacon product, you might need to flip the sides so you’d get them evenly cooked.

Vented Transparent Cover

We like that Prep Solutions have also included a transparent cover with their cooker. Of course, this also saves you time from cleaning the interior of your microwave unit. Because it is transparent, you don’t have to lift it out to get a better view of what you’re cooking. We also appreciate that Prep Solutions place some slits at this lid to act as ventilation. The better airflow that this feature provides will give you crispy bacon pieces without drying them too much.

The Handles Could Be Better

Taking the bacon cooker from the microwave might be a tad awkward. It does have handles on the side, but we would’ve preferred if they were wider for better grip. The lid also has a recessed handle, which we find too small as well.

Lastly, for the clean-up, soak the cooker in warm soapy water before placing it in the top rack of a dishwasher. This shouldn’t be too much work, considering that the majority of all bacon cookers clean this way.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Comes with transparent and vented lid
  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • Good grease drainage system
  • Side and lid handles are narrow
  • Some bacon cuts need turning to cook evenly

Nordic Ware 60109 Bacon Rack with Lid – Best Affordable Choice

Our last microwave bacon cooker that also happens to be our third product from Nordic Ware, is their 60109 bacon rack with lid. And like most microwave bacon cookers in this review, you can also use this unit for cooking other foods such as sausages and hot dogs.

Compact Size

Upon first glance, this bacon rack looks similar to the first Nordic Ware cooker that we’ve reviewed. It is mainly rectangle, but the four corners are all diagonal. Overall, this cooker is smaller at 10.25 x 8 x 2 inches, and can only accommodate up to 4 bacon slices.

Like with the previous bacon cooker, you can think of a smaller size as both an advantage or a disadvantage. An advantage is that you can safely purchase the unit regardless of the size of your microwave. And it is a drawback because you might need to fold or cut your bacon strips for them to fit.

Good Grease Drainage

The ridges on the cooking surface of this bacon cooker are nice and high. And similar to the previous Prep Solutions, the surrounding edges are spacious, which helps with the grease drainage.

Comes with Transparent and Vented Lid

Speaking of grease control, you’ll also get a transparent and vented lid with this cooker. And as we have said earlier, the air ventilation will help with moisture retention on the meat. At the same time, you can cook your bacon strips and achieve crunchiness instead of chewiness.

Comfortable Lid and Tray Handles

Nordic Ware also has a recessed lid handle, and side handles for more convenient transport of the track and its contents. And once you’re done cooking, we recommend you hand wash the cooker to scrub the grease off the ridges better. You can also soak it in warm and soapy water similar to other bacon cookers before putting the unit in the dishwasher.

BPA and Melamine-Free

The material of the cooker itself is safe from chemicals such as BPA and melamine. However, the overall durability of this material is questionable in the long run. Nonetheless, this bacon rack from Nordic Ware is one of the most affordable models in the market. It leaves the interior of your microwave clean, while also providing you crispy and slightly moist bacon slices at this price point.

  • Affordable
  • Good grease drainage system
  • Comes with vented and transparent lid
  • Compact
  • Comfortable handles
  • Can’t accommodate larger bacon slices
  • Questionable durability

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Best Microwave Bacon Cooker Buyer’s Guide

Types of Bacon Cooker

Based on Cooking Style

  • Microwave Bacon Cookers

These are specialized dishes that you can put in your microwave for the lone purpose of cooking bacon. They vary in capacities, but most can cook up to 6 bacon strips. And when you compare their cooking periods to other bacon cookers, microwave bacon cookers stand out with having the shortest.

Depending on the brand, these models may look like a deep container or a grill pan. And as you can see in our reviews, there are units that suspend the bacon strips while others just lay the pieces flat on the surface.

  • Oven Bacon Cookers

Just like the previous type, oven bacon cookers are meant to withstand high temperatures. They come in the form of racks and pans, and they can also accommodate other food items besides bacon.

  • Electric Bacon Cookers

Compared to the previous two, electric bacon cookers don’t need other appliances to work. These bacon cookers plug into the outlet themselves and are basically standalone kitchen appliances.

You will have more cooking control, although you will also need a longer cooking period and additional footprint in the kitchen. And because they are a separate appliance, some manufacturers create these cookers to have the capacity to accommodate other foods as well.

Based on Material

You can also categorize bacon cookers based on their materials. The most common type used for microwave bacon cookers is plastic or a combination of having a silicone cooking surface. Of course, both can withstand the temperatures inside the microwave. And with oven microwave cookers, on the other hand, you will typically see metal or even ceramic units.

Based on Design

As we have briefly mentioned earlier, bacon cookers can either hang the bacon strips or have them lie on the cooking surface. The former seems advantageous in terms of draining the excess fat. But the latter usually have their own draining system incorporated in their design as well. Therefore, your choice here will depend on the size of the cooker itself. How much bacon strips would you want to be able to cook at once?

How To Cook Bacon

  • Oven Roasting/Broiling

If you’re looking to make a large portion, then roasting is the ideal way to cook bacon. You can roast bacon by placing the strips in the oven at 400 degrees for up to 20 minutes. However, you can also broil the bacon strips in the middle rack of the oven. Let one side cook for 5 minutes before flipping the pieces and then broiling them again for 2 minutes.

A baking sheet can usually accommodate up to a pound of bacon strips. You don’t have to monitor what you’re cooking, and the resulting dishes that’ll need cleaning are also lesser. Bacon cooked in the oven often has a tender, crispy, and chewy texture that is best paired with pancakes, French toast, or stick to the classic, eggs.

  • Stovetop Pan Frying

Probably the most popular and accessible way of cooking bacon is pan-frying. The renderings from frying bacon are also great for sauteing other ingredients in for added smokey flavor. You can use different kinds of skillets and pans, and some even use grill pans for stovetop cooking.

With frying, start with low heat and cook the strips slowly. This way, you’re allowing the bacon fat to render and distribute the heat to the meat evenly. What you’ll get is a crispy piece of bacon that’s not soaked in too much grease. You can also use a cast-iron skillet to get better heat distribution while also regulating the temperature itself.

However, a disadvantage with frying bacon is that it needs monitoring and practice. It might seem easy on paper, but achieving a perfectly crisp fried bacon can be tricky. And not only is frying time-consuming, but you’re also adding oil to the bacon.

  • Microwave

The fastest way to cook bacon is by placing the strips in the microwave. And the good news is that with this cooking method, you’re also going to have lesser nitrosamine in your bacon. Some bacon products contain nitrates as a means of preservation. They slow down the rancidity of the fat and kill botulism bacteria. However, they can cause cancer in animals, which opens the possibility of them as being carcinogenic to us humans as well.

Cooking bacon at high temperatures for an extended period of time can turn nitrite curing agents into nitrosamine. And while there are nitrate-free bacon products available, we still find cooking in the microwave advantageous. In terms of lesser oil and effort needed (i.e., monitoring during cooking and cleaning afterwards.), we think cooking bacon in the microwave is the best option.

How to Cook Bacon in Microwave

Depending on the model that you have, there might be different steps and durations when using it with your microwave. The number of strips that you can load in the microwave-safe dish or bacon cooker will also vary, especially with the shrinkage that’ll occur during cooking. You should also follow the manual’s direction in placing the bacon strips in the cooker so you’ll get even heat distribution.

In the meantime, here are the general instructions of cooking bacon in the microwave:

  1. Line the rack with paper towels for soaking the grease from the bacon.
  2. Lay the bacon in a single layer across these paper towels. Make sure that you’re not overlapping any piece and that they have spaces in-between them. This will prevent the strips from sticking onto each other or getting cooked unevenly.
  3. Cover the strips with another layer of paper towels. You can use up to 2 layers as long as you have fully covered all the bacon strips. This will ensure you to keep all the grease from splattering inside the microwave.
  4. Depending on how deep your rack is or how much you have to cook, you can continue layering bacon strips and paper towels. Just make sure that the final layer is composed of paper towels without any pieces visible.
  5. Microwave on high power, considering that each slice needs a minute of cooking.
  6. Check the strips and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Be careful not to cook the bacon fully because the residual heat will continue to cook the pieces when they’re out of the microwave.
  7. Transfer the “finished” bacon strips while they’re hot so they don’t stick to the paper towels. You can also lay them on a paper towel to absorb any residual fat.

Again, you can modify these steps and durations depending on the following:

  • Model of microwave bacon cooker
  • Power of the microwave
  • Type, size, and thickness of the bacon
  • Amount of bacon strips
  • Preferred resulting texture of the bacon

Best Cooking Time for Bacon in the Microwave

The higher the wattage of your microwave, the faster you will get to cook your bacon. But then again, make sure to follow your microwave bacon cooker’s instructions; which might also depend on different wattages.

The most common cooking time is one minute per one bacon strip. However, if your microwave is not that powerful, you might need to add 10 to 15 seconds to this period. And similarly, you might need to omit 10 to 15 seconds of cooking period if your microwave has a higher wattage.

The types of bacon (e.g., pancetta, turkey) that you’re using will also affect your cooking period. For example, bacon strips with lesser fat content will probably be needing less time to cook compared to pork belly bacon.

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, do not cook your bacon thoroughly. The strips will continue cooking as they cool down, and you might end up with rubbery pieces if you cook them all the way initially.

What to Consider When Buying a Microwave Bacon Cooker


When buying a microwave bacon cooker, always consider how much bacon strips it can accommodate in a single batch. If you need to cook large quantities (e.g., parties, restaurants), you might want to consider a larger-sized cooker. Some brands even have units for this specific purpose, so they designed them by stacking the cookers or having multiple racks per cookers. These features will save you the time and achieve your desired quantity in a single cooking session.


The last thing you want is getting excited in using your newly purchased bacon cooker only to find out it doesn’t fit in your microwave. We have written the dimensions of each model in our comparison table so you can check if the unit you’re eyeing matches with your microwave.

While browsing for models, have your microwave’s inner dimensions within reach. This way, you can cross out those that wouldn’t fit. This particular step might be necessary, especially for tray-like cookers. Their lengths and shape are prone to preventing the microwave turntable from rotating. On the other hand, those utilizing racks might have a better chance of fitting inside your microwave.


As we have discussed earlier, there are different types of microwave bacon cooker. And what differentiates them the best is the way they are designed. Some cooks the bacon while suspending the strips vertically, while others look like baking racks.

This design difference is something to consider because it will dictate how easy will it be for you to use the unit. And if you’re familiar with the design of your model, you will also have a quicker time cleaning it afterward. Other design features, such as the overall shape and handles will also help you when inserting and removing the cooker in the microwave.

Durability and Materials

Remember that you will be subjecting the bacon cooker into high temperatures inside the microwave. Because the majority of models are made from plastic, opt for a cooker with a sturdier built for it to last long.

And since we’re talking about plastic, make sure that your unit uses BPA-free plastic. BPA or bisphenol A causes detrimental effects on health. And plastics with BPA will eventually leach this chemical when put through high heat. Since the cooker will contact your food directly, be on the lookout for potential chemical leaching.

Drainage for Grease

Ideally, the best bacon cooker should provide you healthier bacon strips while also minimizing the effort it’ll require for clean-up. And these characteristics can be influenced by one feature: effective grease drainage.

If your cooker can efficiently drain as much fat as it can on the bacon, then you might feel less guilty having them for breakfast (or lunch and dinner, we don’t judge.) But other than rendering the fat, your microwave bacon cooker should also be preventing your bacon strips from soaking in grease. Bacon cookers that hang the strips will, of course, be able to drain the excess fat better. And since the strips are elevated, they wouldn’t be soaking in their grease as well.

If you also have collected all the excess grease, you won’t need to worry about them splattering all over your microwave’s interior. Not to mention, you can skip sandwiching the bacon strips on paper towels as well. But if your bacon cooker is not designed to hang the strips, you can opt for models with a grease trap or lid.

Ease of Storage

You’ll be adding new equipment in your kitchen. Therefore, you should have an available space for it, particularly its storage space. Because they are relatively more compact, rack-style bacon cookers are going to be easier to store. You can detach the model into smaller pieces and then place them in your kitchen drawers.


Cooking bacon in the microwave has a lot of advantages. First, you’d get healthier bacon slices. You can drip the excess fat on the strips more efficiently, while also not risking elevated nitrosamine content.

And second, you’ll only need less time and effort during and after cooking the bacon pieces. You won’t have to monitor your bacon slices while cooking, and you’ll also have less clean-up of dirty dishes and grease splatters.

Our personal favorite is the WowBacon P5. It cooks the bacon vertically, so you’re sure that the strips don’t soak and absorb excess oils. And because of its pitcher-like shape, you don’t run the risk of spills and burns as you take the cooker out of the microwave. You can also collect all the grease at the bottom cup for other uses.

Overall, remember to consume all foods in moderation. And if you’re willing to give in to the temptation that bacon offers, why not cook it healthily and quickly?

What about you? What’s your favorite way of cooking bacon? 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below!

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